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  1. Guess more customization isn't all that popular an idea?
  2. So we have the wolf, but, I was thinking about who may be next to show up. Why not Derf Anyo? He was supposed to be a thing a while ago, but maybe now would be a good chance to add him? It's just an idea. He could even show up with a hired goon squad using his father's/uncle's money. Just imagine the new toys he'd use to try and beat the tenno as the event progresses. I imagine it gives a lot of creative freedom as well.
  3. Valkyr used to gain a tail like attachment when using Hysteria with a whip weapon equipped in her standard melee slot. This tail like attachment would essentially be the extended version of the whip itself but as a tail. Does this not work anymore or was it removed? If it's still a thing it doesn't work at all, and especially not on Valkyr prime. I really hope it's not gone, it was a neat little thing that added a bit more character to the frame.
  4. Artilla: The Arsenal Another idea of mine. Nother dumb one probs. Lol
  5. Arkxad


    Idea one. Recycling. Ideally, being able to melt down or sell relics you no longer need would be the choice here. The reasoning behind this is farming void traces is tedious. It's not fun. And I understand getting premium items for free shouldn't be easy, but it should at least be fun right? This would mainly be for folks who want to melt down a bunch of relics they don't need or want, and get traces to put into other relics. This is more along the lines of having a plethora of relics from events or things like that, ones that are typically junk, and giving them a better purpose than sitting in your inventory never to be used. Idea two. Higher level relics should award more void traces, rather than just ten for each level. You spend 100, get a radiant, and get 10 back? That's hardly a level exchange. This would make Sanctuary Onslaught more readily useful due to outright getting radiant relics there. There just needs to be some form of better return on investments for time and resources. And I understand, monetization and all that, but these are just suggestions for balancing a system that is tedious, more than fun or difficult. You grind places that MIGHT drop your relic, and then it's only a might out of a drop table of multiple relics on that rotation. Then you need to grind void traces. Then you need to grind the relic. Don't get the part you wanted or needed? You have to go do more grinding on each of those tiers of grind. Yes you can stockpile relics by grinding enough but the tedium gets to people. And again, you can get relics from relic packs and things like Sanctuary Onslaught but it's not enough. All that's being asked for here, is just a look into the balance of the grind. Relics CAN be fun. But, with so many variables it's near maddening keeping track of it all. The system needs simplified or balanced better. Bringing some form of fun back into grinding would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. What's the furthest away from a space ninja you can get? A walking artillery arsenal of course. Artilla, The Arsenal would be a slow moving, incredibly bulky warframe loaded to the teeth with combat power. Artilla would be a heavily armored warframe with very poor movement speed. Bulky looking with many weapons. As a result, artilla would have a reduced jump height and overall reduced bullet jump capability. Artilla's arms sport compartments that would open up to reveal Gatling cannons. On the warframe's shoulders and hips are boxy looking missile pods. The biggest weapon is a charge fire energy cannon in a chest cavity. On Artilla's back is a detachable barricade that is placed before him for the use of allies and himself. This barricade becomes a brace when Artilla is truly fed up. Passive. Energy use builds up pressure in Artilla's systems. Upon reaching a certain threshold the auto-vent system activates and releases the built up energy as a burst of excess energy that restores allies' energy reserves.This does not restore Artilla's energy. Ability 1: Altered Gatlings. A channeling ability that can cycle between impact, puncture, and slash damage. This ability starts with a slow wind up time and progressively speeds up as it's channeled, at the cost of more energy. This ability has Artilla raising their arms and popping out their gatling attachments. Starting with a slow wind up they would eventually be doing a lot of damage but energy cost would need to be kept in mind. Ability 2: Missile Barricade. This ability would provide cover but stops Artilla's movement. Increases armor for Artilla and allies, fire rate and reload speed is increased for allies in the area of effect. Artilla attacks with missiles from his missile pods while in this mode. Missiles do blast and impact damage and have minor tracking. Ability 3: Obliterator. Artilla's opens his chest compartment and begins charging the cannon hidden within, once charged a sphere of arcing energy is fired forth to explode on contact with any surface or enemy in an area of effect. This ability can be fired sooner for less damage, and later for more damage. Holding down the button charges this. This cannon does blast and radiation damage. As the shot travels the sphere has arcing radiation procs that latch onto enemies temporarily before breaking away upon passing them. The explosion's area of effect is affected by range once it makes contact. Ability 4: Unleashed Arsenal. Artilla drops all pretense of mercy. All weapons become activated in this mode but artillery is once more made stationary like his barricade. However, his back mounted barricade instead becomes a brace to hold him steady. Gatling, rockets, and his obliterator cannon are all active in this mode. Gatlings use the damage type from the first ability and fire at a medium rate, never reaching full speed like the first ability. Rockets have more tracking but less damage overall. The Obliterator cannon charges while holding down the fire button, but rockets and gatlings fire while charging. Once released the obliterator fires. In this mode it loses its arcing ability, and explosion area of effect is reduced. Overall damage is mildly reduced as well. However, charge time is reduced as a result. Overall this is a durable but slow moving warframe. Movement would be reduced compared to other warframes. But versatility with its arsenal would be potentially ideal. Probably a dumb idea but eh. I think it sounds neat.
  7. Oh, and the ability to copy color schemes from weapons to warframes would be neat too. You can copy warframe colors to weapons, but not the other way around? It's a bit strange that it's not a thing. But it would make creating matching palettes for multiple warframes more viable.
  8. So, I would like to run this by folks. Could we get more than three cosmetic slots on things? A B C is too little for the creative sorts. This is namely an issue with Chroma, who can only have THREE of his FOUR elements at any time saved in these slots, it seems a bit like an oversight by the development side of things. It's a tad annoying having to wipe a palette you spent time on just in case you wanted to try something else on the frame, even if its' not 'meta'. Though this color palette thing can apply to those who want to tweak more than three slots as well. Along with this, could we get a separate tab for customizing helmets in different colors as well? It's a bit frustrating when particular parts of the helmet don't quite match the flow of the colors on the main body. Having the ability to tweak the helmet would be delightful as you could get it to match the body better. Anyways, it would be neat to see. And hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to implement.
  9. Hanran/Asura The text is the link to the post. One of my ideas.
  10. Hanran/Asura. The Rebellious. Hanran/Asura is a warframe focused on fighting back against the authority and bonds that would seek to control it. And in so, lashing back with brazen and brave willpower. Hanran's focus would be in buffing itself via taking on damage, status effects, or crowds control. On retaliating they would be in a state to fight back. Rebel against the very gods themselves if need be. For this warframe to work it would need to be decently tanky on its own so it could reliably build up resources. It wouldn't benefit much from flow or other energy boosting mods. Due to it's design it should benefit from health/shield/armor boosting mods. This would be a warframe meant to take on a lot of damage. Passive: Hanran/Asura builds up Rebelling Spirit. Rebelling Spirit is gained based on a percentage of damage taken and crowd control effects received. Rebelling Spirit acts much like a resource and is used for the first three abilities. This is not a stack based passive, but more of a resource meter that abilities draw energy from. A secondary meter would be filled for Hanran's 4th ability. This meter fills at a slightly slower rate and would synergize in tandem with the primary meter. Ability One: Focus Presence. Hanran/Asura draws enemy attention toward itself. Enemies affected by this ability focus solely on Hanran/Asura. The warframe gains a bit more armor/shields/health as well for durability. This ability accelerates the rate at which resource is gained for its duration. Ability Two: Guardian's Glare. Hanran/Asura emits an aura that cause enemies to stumble and falter in its wake. This would leave enemies temporarily open to finishers or just damage in general. This ability also gives nearby allies a bit more armor and minor health and shield regen. Resource drain is moderate for the duration. Ability Three: Shake it Off. Hanran/Asura, on having absorbed a decent amount of damage, uses built up resources to buff himself and become immune to crowd control and status effects but NOT normal damage. This includes things like knockdown or disruptions and tethers. Normal and elemental damage is still taken. This theoretically should synergize well with his first ability. Resource drain starts low-moderate but increases to high after the first few seconds. As stated, normal damage is still taken. This ability would work well with his fourth. Ability Four: Absolute Beatdown/Exalted Fists. Hanran/Asura has built his second resource meter to full. Upon activating this ability the resource meter begins to drain, but can be canceled early to preserve resource. Upon activating this ability Hanran/Asura gains exalted fists. These appear as six other arms upon the warframe's back in ethereal form. He folds his normal arms over his chest while using this skill. While active, this ability makes Hanran immune to damage but NOT crowd control or status effects. Though this immunity comes at the cost of reducing the resource meter more quickly. Resource lost this way recharges a bit of the standard meter. Exalted Fists are a rapid speed brawling weapon that specialize in allowing the warframe to move towards enemies and pummel them. Combos with this weapon aren't full of spins or twirls, it's simply a heavy brawling beatdown. All abilities should theoretically synergize well. The focus is that this warframe manages both meters in tandem to hopefully be able to use both resource meters together and synergize the effects. To clarify as well. Normal damage applies to things like elemental damage and slash/impact/puncture damage types. When Status Effects and Crowd Control are referenced it refers to the effects of elemental damage types (like magnetic draining energy and disrupting the screen, for example) and things like tethers, knockdowns, etc. Just a concept, but I thought a lot about it. Please be as gentle as you can be with your critiques.
  11. I know it's incredibly unlikely, but does anyone think that once ALL of Stalker's lore/story is done, that he possibly hands his warframe off to us? Or something similar to it. It could be a decent quest line to sort of end his storyline if they pull it off well. Maybe something involving the acolytes as well? Prove we can handle the new mantle of that frame or the like. Again, highly unlikely to happen. But it is another warframe they could introduce without much work.
  12. I am unsure if this concept has already been discussed, but I like the idea of a Kitsune themed warframe. In terms of the illusions and soul eating type. Anyways. Kitsua, the fox of spirits and illusions. An oriental fox myth themed warframe that specializes in Damage and CC. Abilities Passive: Kitsua generates soul orbs on certain damage thresholds she or her illusion trapped enemies inflict. This build Soul stacks. Soul stacks are consumed on certain abilities. 1. Soul Reave: Kitsua swipes the very life force from foes, generating soul orbs. 2. Illusory Intake: Kitsua emits an aura around herself that draws in all soul orbs. This ability also traps nearby enemies within illusions. Health is regained off the amount of spirit absorbed. 3. Familiars: Kitsua uses soul stacks to generate up to two spectral familiars. These familiars attack enemies and trap them in illusions on death. 4. Forest of Illusions: Kitsua manifests a realm of illusion. Within this area enemies are trapped in a maddening fantasy world and attack ally and foe alike with abandon. Enemies lost in illusion attack anything on sight for a time before collapsing. BIG WIP concept. It's probably stupid but I thought it sounded neat.
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