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  1. So, I would like to run this by folks. Could we get more than three cosmetic slots on things? A B C is too little for the creative sorts. This is namely an issue with Chroma (in my opinion), who can only have THREE of his FOUR elements at any time saved in these slots, it seems a bit like an oversight by the development side of things. It's a tad annoying having to wipe a palette you spent time on just in case you wanted to try something else on the frame, even if it's 'not meta'. Though this color palette thing can apply to those who want to tweak more than three slots as well. Along with this, could we get a separate tab for customizing helmets in different colors as well? It's a bit frustrating when particular parts of the helmet don't quite match the flow of the colors on the main body. Having the ability to tweak the helmet would be delightful as you could get it to match the body better. The ability to copy color schemes from weapons to warframes would be neat too. You can copy warframe colors to weapons, but not the other way around? It's a bit strange that it's not a thing. But it would make creating matching palettes for multiple warframes more viable. Even the ability to copy color palletes and save them in a 'color loadout' sort of thing would be great.Anyways, it would be neat to see. And hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to implement.
  2. Artilla: The Arsenal Another idea of mine. Nother dumb one probs. Lol
  3. Hanran/Asura The text is the link to the post. One of my ideas.
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