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  1. Played as a 4 person party, did phase 1 of the fight, went to go to the door to fight the exploiter orb outside, the group was stuck waiting for over 5 mins. Thanks for the updates though, the game has come a long way and i'm digging the new orb fight 😄
  2. "we fought with honor" Inaros: POCKET SAND *flash* *backstabs enemy*
  3. 1. When can we expect a new quest (cinematic or otherwise) and will this involve a Warframe if this is the case? 2. Is there any news of redesigning some of the older Warframes since a side by side comparison of older frames and newer frames shows their look to be rather dated. (Mag prime, Valkyr prime, Nyx prime) 3. Since the Fortuna drop saw everyone capturing wildlife, is there any news in the works for incorporating the same system within Cetus for the birds and land wildlife. 4. Will there be any further lore/functions or role of the helminth chair room in our orbiters?
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