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  1. It’s definitely an issue with Prime abilities that have metallic gold in them. Nova and Frost suffer from the same problem with their 1st and 2nd abilities respectively. Would love for this to be looked at for sure.
  2. Harrow’s abilities: Condemn: Harrow casts a wave of energy that immobilizes enemies. Each target hit by the attack buffs Harrow’s shields. Penance: Harrow sacrifices his shields to boost his attack speed and reload speed. A portion of the damage inflicted on enemies while Penance is active is converted to health for Harrow and allies within affinity range. Thurible: Upon activation, Harrow will start draining energy into his Thurible. Activating the ability again (or running out of energy) will cause the Thurible to generate an aura around Harrow. Any kills by Harrow while the ability is active are converted into energy for anyone inside the aura (boosted by how much energy you sacrificed during the first phase), with even more energy rewarded upon headshot kills. Covenant: Harrow temporarily makes himself and any allies within affinity range invulnerable. Any damage taken during this invulnerability period is converted into an additive critical chance buff that activates once the invulnerability period expires. Headshots during this buff get an additional critical chance bonus. For specific information on the abilities and how mods affect them, I would browse the abilities section of Harrow’s page on the Warframe wiki. Hope that helps.
  3. There’s a new cosmetic item near the beginning, Arlo’s Flame Decoration. Plus there’s the usual assortment of useful items like slots, forma, Kuva, and even another Umbra forma. If you don’t want or need any of those then yeah, this one is definitely skippable.
  4. Despite being caught up on Nightwave, I’m still getting useful stuff out of the Intermission like slots, forma/Umbra forma, and potatoes so I don’t really mind for the most part. It’s nice for those that missed out on the WoS6 items and Eidolon Ephemera, though offering alternate rewards for those who already own the items would have been pretty cool.
  5. It’s not the same as Season 1. For example Eidolon Ephemera, Intermission II Cred, and Liset Athari skin were not in Wolf of Saturn Six.
  6. Just catapult Umbra into the Sentient Mothership and things will sort itself out. It’d be like Angry Birds but with more anger, less birds, and a lot of dead Sentients.
  7. DE doesn’t hate the community. Buffs and nerfs are a natural part of balancing and updates. Try looking at all the positive changes they have added as well instead of only seeing the negatives. Also Channeling stats are being move to affect Heavy Attacks, so that Riven will probably give +Heavy Attack Damage and +Combo Point Efficiency instead. I imagine the Sancti Magistar will have its passive linked to Heavy attacks as well. Hope your favorite style of play remains intact after the changes.
  8. I’m hoping we eventually get a space M1 Garand. Complete with that ping upon clip ejection.
  9. Life strike is being changed to heal upon hitting with a heavy attack, as opposed to channeling. The other channeling mods are also being changed to affect the new combo counter system and/or heavy attacks. More info can be found in the Developer Workshop for Phase 2 of Melee 3.0: Exilus slots are currently only being added to Primary and Secondary weapons, as seen in the upcoming mainline update announcement thread:
  10. DE doesn’t want to encourage players to do endless runs, they’ve even said as much on Devstreams. Not sure why people are surprised at nerfs to our damage ceiling at this point.
  11. Doesn’t look like you’ll need combo to use heavy attacks, you just won’t get the full damage/benefits of the attack without combo meter to consume. Though I’m not sure glaive throws will be linked to heavy attacks.
  12. Hydroid got a Deluxe skin announced in today’s Devstream, maybe that explains any hype you’ve been seeing: The Hydroid Prime trailer was supposed to be released around the time when Hydroid Prime first came out in August 2017. It was delayed for various reasons, and to this day has yet to release.
  13. We have also seen Stubba, Seer, and Kraken as well as a “Kuva Scythe”. Maybe there’ll be Kuva Grineer melee weapons as well. RIP my slots.
  14. The upcoming Equinox, Zephyr, Ivara, Garuda, Titania, and second Ash and Nova Deluxe skins aren’t being done by Liger.
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