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  1. The charged throw is only possible when you are dual-wielding a one-handed pistol and glaive together. To perform a charged throw, simply press and hold the melee attack key to start charging the throw. Release the melee attack key to throw the glaive.
  2. Melee stance animations still have a lot of visual issues. Odd transitions, dated animations (especially in the finisher department), missing weapon trail effects and so on. Can we expect some polishing up in that department for an upcoming melee rework phase?
  3. I heard that you can actually shoot the crewship missiles down with Railjack turrets, but I haven’t really tested it. If that’s actually the case and the same goes for Archguns then it might make dealing with them a bit more bearable. I do wonder how we will access these, and what the lore behind them will be. Mainly since their stylings greatly resemble the restored “Old War” items featured in the Empyrean Grand Bundle.
  4. Yup, he definitely inserts his tastes prominently into his designs. I can understand that as a result they will largely be hit-or-miss for many viewers.
  5. That’s why I say it’s a matter of perspective. One could make a case for Frost Deluxe being edgy, sure. Others might disagree, because everyone has different tastes and opinions. Everyone draws a different line between what they see as a cool cultural/mythological reference as opposed to an “edgy” design element. To one viewer, Viking horns. To another, demonic horns. Personally I feel the “edgiest “ part of Zato is the helmet since it looks like a skull combined with a kasa hat. Equipping a different one makes Excalibur look more like a weathered wanderer imo. What “red mark”are you referring to by the way? Looking at Zato with default colors, the only red elements I can see in-game and in the concept are his ponytail and silk cloth attachments.
  6. Looks like you only get half of your resources back, at least judging from my (and some of my clanmates) cases in regards to scrapping some repaired MK1 parts.
  7. It’s a matter of perspective, really. I checked out that Wander Everlast skin concept you mentioned earlier in the thread. It looks fantastic honestly, but I also noticed that the concept surprisingly shares a lot of similar design motifs with Zato: Horned helmet. Spiky demon face shoulder pad (with glowing eyes even). Spikes protruding from body/clothing. Imo Wander Everlast looks much more menacing then Zato in this regard since it has much larger spikes. Fur collar/lining. Asymmetrical cloth elements. Red silk dangly bits. If I were to assume Zato was “edgy” based on the above criteria, then Wander Everlast would certainly be comparable in that department.
  8. I like the general look of the Zato skin. There’s a lot of detail too, which is a nice change of pace from the simplicity of Excalibur’s base skins. My main issue with the skin is coloring it. The main portion of Zato’s coat takes from the primary channel as well as the tertiary channel. Parts of his sash/wrappings also take colors from the primary and accent color channels. As I’m not the most creative person, all this serves to do is blend together color combinations that I picked to highlight certain areas. It’s a cool skin though, and I’m definitely looking forward to the Hydroid deluxe after seeing Zato in-game.
  9. After modifying Avionics in the Dry Dock, I invited another player to my dojo in order to sell them a mod. Unfortunately, the only mods I could select in the trade menu were Avionics. After leaving and reloading the dojo, I was able to select my usual assortment of mods.
  10. Can we expect changes to Exalted melee weapons and updates to stances with missing combo strings for the upcoming Melee Phase 3?
  11. I’m still waiting for DE to give us decorations for scanning all the Fortuna and Jupiter codex fragments, like they did for the Kuria and Glass Fish.
  12. Wasn’t actually expecting Orbiter visual wear-and-tear to become an option. Thanks for that.
  13. Thanks for the quick fixes! I tried imitating the Excalibur fashion on the launcher, but it’s not achievable with Excalibur Umbra due to armor positioning not changing when you toggle his Prime Details off. Hopefully we can see a fix for this issue eventually:
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