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  1. As the title indicates, the Depth of Field option seems to blur and exaggerate certain particle effects. I first started noticing this after Update 25.7.0 with the new Bow visual effects, as with Depth of Field on the particles were quite obnoxious. After testing, I discovered that this issue wasn't exclusive to that weapon type. Examples below, taken with no Anti-Aliasing and maxed GPU Particles/Particle System Quality settings. Please note that all of these were captured while I was using hip-fire:
  2. You can also obtain fully built ones from Sortie mission rewards, but I agree. It’s costly to build one and arguably easier to farm platinum in trade chat. Regardless though, the option to make or earn one plat-free does exist so I don’t see why these new weapon Exilus items would be any different.
  3. Exilus Adapters also can be obtained in-game without needing to pay anything, so I’d imagine the new weapon Exilus slots will be similar.
  4. I agree, that week-long wait time is a bummer. An option to immediately cure an infected warframe would be great. Also if this thread is meant for the devs then I’d suggest asking a mod to move it to the relevant Feedback section of the forums (maybe General or Art, Animation, & UI).
  5. I’d be all for it, especially it opens the door for Excalibur to get fancy new exalted effects like the new opening trailer.
  6. There are several easy methods of dealing with this problem: Use a crowd control ability to minimize the amount of enemies shooting at you. Kill enemies in the immediate vicinity before summoning your archgun. Summon your archgun behind cover as opposed to out in the open or next to a group of enemies. I’ve never had issues getting killed while summoning my archgun during the fight using one or more of the above strategies.
  7. It would be nice, but I don’t see it happening with all the stuff DE has on their plate currently. There’s always the Frost Harka Deluxe skin if you’re looking to play Frost with normal-looking legs.
  8. It’s impossible to say really, unless you can see into the future. The most likely scenario is a separate mobile version spearheaded by a different studio like they did with the Switch version, but “most likely” isn’t saying much when they’ve never indicated an interest in releasing a mobile version. I wouldn’t be expecting anything soon. There are various methods of streaming Warframe onto your mobile device if you’re truly desperate for space ninja action on your phone.
  9. I think it might be nice for some of my builds that are strapped for mod space due to “mandatory” mods. I tend to look for Riven rolls that include QoL aspects for this reason but depending on what mods are allowed in the Exilus slot, I may be free to look for rolls that focus more on damage capabilities instead.
  10. I’m hoping I’ll be able to have my own private army of reformed Kuva Liches. Outer Heaven will rise again!
  11. I’d to see adjustments to slash dash for sure. The current “connect the dots” targeting behavior has always felt kinda clunky, especially when I’m trying to go past enemies but still end up slowly dashing up to a bloke that I wasn’t even trying to aim at. A toggle would be great or even another Augment imo. I’d love to see these additional changes to the mobility-focused version: Reduced/removed ending lag. That “dead-time” at the end of the animation where you’ve stopped but can’t do anything for a split second feels horrible imo. Preservation of the momentum you gained during the dash (at least if you are in mid-air). Pierces through enemies while dealing damage, as opposed to having to attack them one-by-one. More vertical mobility. Let us go straight upwards if we’re aiming to do so (with the initial dash at least, not trying to make Zephyr 2.0 here).
  12. As far as I know, this is correct based on my experience.
  13. For future reference, you should be able to see which mission nodes a certain relic can drop from if you take a look at the “Relics & Arcanes” section of the Codex. I’ve had decent luck with Xini myself, but it’s all RNG in the end. I’ve heard Hieracon Pluto can be faster, or if you solo perhaps Marduk in the Void.
  14. This is great, and made even better with the comprehensive Notes detailing how you worked around the in-game limitations. A lot of the musical terms and descriptors went over my head a bit but I can certainly appreciate the amount of skill and effort that went into this project. It would definitely be deserved after an undertaking like this! Thanks for all of your musical contributions to the Warframe community.
  15. This would be an awesome option to have for sure. I would love to fly my Railjack with my flightstick controller.
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