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  1. My feedback on Hildryn: I feel the Shield Gate mechanic should be applied system wide: enemies, objectives, specters, companions, Sentinels, etcetera I also feel Hildryn could use a better reliance on her Shields for scaling her abilities, similar to how Valkyr's Paralysis converts current Shield value to damage. To save me from retyping: With the change to her Abilities doing damage on current Shield value while draining same Shield or (Capacitor) value it would have diminishing damage over-time as the balance trade-off for Shield management. Passive would make more sense with above change as Shield Matrix Capacitor I would leave Shield Pillage as not being able to be cast while Aegis Storm is active. Only because Aegis Storm does lock enemies down in place and thus hinders the speed of progression (gameplay) which can be troll-worthy. I have resorted to only using Aegis Storm to baby-guard Index goal and kill with Operator as Hildryn floats there holding trespassers in suspended animation.
  2. I was hoping Balefire would have been a blend of Ocucor and Battacor. Primary Fire dealing AoE seeking beams and Alt-fire being the Nuke explosion. That way the status would make sense with Beam weapon to deal with Armor. (Scaling) And the Alt-fire Explosive Projectile could have used a combo mechanic and been, as you commented, more critical and less status. (Like opposing Euphona Prime stats)*
  3. Are Wall-attacks getting the aimed-ground slam coding to be more fluid/intuitive than the current melee 1.0 wall lunge? Also can Glaives get ability to throw multiple times if remaining airborne? ✓ Currently need to touch wall/ground in between airborne throw attacks. (I will have to double check if thrown Shields follow same behavior. Ideally Gunblades would also benefit from airborne charged shots.)
  4. Any chance of future Syndicate Warframe Quests? Steel Meridian, Arbiters of Hexis, and Tenshin(Conclave) are missing quests. Darvo and Mario are missing Warframe Vendor BP Quests similar to Baro. Baro - Sands of Inaros (Inaros) New Loka - Silver Grove (Titania) Perrin Sequence - Glast Gambit (Nidus) Red Veil - Chains of Harrow (Harrow) Cephalon Suda - Octavia's Anthem (Octavia) Cephalon Simaris- The New Strange (Chroma) P.S. Really thought Arbiters of Hexis would have made sense for Garuda...with the dripping blood synandana to go with Blood themed melee frame. On a different note: Perhaps Vitus Essence can be used to purchase(reacquire) Quest Frame BP's.
  5. Any chance of Arcata or Lunaro PvE coming in the form of a Heavy Weapon or Conclave (Tenshin) themed frame? Also will we see new Syndicate/NPC quests? Steel Meridian and Arbiters of Hexis are missing Warframe Quests. (Really thought Garuda would have been Arbiters of Hexis to match the blood dripping Telos Syandana...Syndicate Synegry) Since Baro had Sands of Inaros, perhaps we can get Darvo, Maroo, and Tenshin Warframe Quests BP's. (Maroo could charge Endo or Ayatan for Quest BP, Tenshin can charge Conclave Standing, and Darvo could possibly ask for some Orokin Ciphers. (Since Orokin Ciphers are not currently serving a use outside of Mirage Quest)
  6. This right here is how I feel in regards to Hysteria's Invincibility ...I would be happier with 90% Danage Reduction and Status immunity, then allow her high Armor to mitigate what remaining incoming damage.
  7. Thank you Matriarch Danielle. Looking forward to Frame Fighter and Phantasma. Patiently awaiting more Blade&Whip unique Idle stance to return... @[DE]Danielle Also will Codex hidden Audio message activation be fixed in this update: The new UI changes have made some of the activations nigh-impossible to trigger hidden Audio messages.
  8. Agreed that would be super helpful That definitely sounds like a bug.
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