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  1. As a tenno whomst most used Gun(Primary or Secondary) is the O.G. Spectra check the 2020 usage list: https://www.warframe.com/2020stats Just outside top 20 Secondaries in usage at 21 for 2020 as a whole.
  2. In addition to this: Would it make more sense for Sonic Boom and Silence to trade places for base Range at rank 3. So Sonic Boom would be 20m base and Silence would be 15m Base. I personally have been okay with Silence being 20m at 100% Range but I do feel the kit would work better if Sonic Boom had more Range even if it meant Silence had less range.
  3. I am in full agreement that Condemn slots very nicely for replacing Sound Quake. Allows Shield Gating and the Chained Root performs better than Ensnare/Airburst/Larva for keeping enemies in place after a Sonic Fracture Armor Strip shove. @(PSN)FK2P At the expense of sounding like a broken record: My fixes for Banshee's kit are as follows: Allow Sonic Boom casts on enemies in Silence Aura to reset stun instead of Ragdoll enemies out of melee range* Would also allow positive range not being a downside on Silence Aura Allow Sonar to be applied to Bosses as many hav
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