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  1. (PS4)MrNishi

    Umbral Mods and You - AKA Primed Set Disappointment

    Still awaiting Sacrifice to hit console, but how come Umbra Polarities are not a secondary Perma-polarity? Would still leave Umbra mods for Umbra equipment if that is DE's intention on Umbra variants. However it would not completely punish a player for wanting to have a Traditional build on an Umbra frame. The worst implementation DE could make would be making each Build Tab A, B, C be forma'd independently of one another. I don't have the Forma to go repolarize multiple slots for each weapon/pet/build tab, not the patience to manually switch mods for each run due to a different tab having missing polarities.
  2. (PS4)MrNishi

    Valkyr's rip line doesnt fit her character

    As a Prologned Paralysis spammer: Bullet Jump is better for horizontal gap closure. But in multi-tier (leveled rooms) like Orokin Derelict, Void Tower, Lua, and Kuva Fortress: I prefer Ripline towards roof and then spam Prolonged Paralysis. Raining Enemies down to be melee'd : that is gap closing. If Ripline at the very least reset Bullet-Jump/Double Jump/Wall-Latch duration with any terrain target it would allow for more creative mobility. Seems like it would pair well with DE's proposed Aimed-Ground Spam allowing Valkyr to easily reposition with a Ripline cast resetting Aim-Glide duration, maintaining Aerial prowess.
  3. (PS4)MrNishi

    Valkyr's rip line doesnt fit her character

    Nov 11th 2014 was when DC voted on Ripline Augment (You can check Archives : Augment Mod Design Project: Polls Round 1) Update 18.5 on March 4th, 2016 is when Valkyr's Ripline got the combo mechanic to lower energy cost when combo-casting. We did not have the combo-mechanic Ripline when Swing-line Augment was being voted on. Nor did we have Parkour 2.0. In the same update that brought Rip-line's combo mechanic: WarCry got nerferd by having diminishing affect on bosses Paralysis (Prolonged Paralysis) was made to be immune to bosses Literally was a nerf to all Valkyr Augments except Hysterical Assualt (which debuted later in 2016) Made Swing Line more useless to slot, Eternal War became even worse for bosses, and Prolonged Paralysis no longer affected bosses or mini-bosses (Juggernaut, well event Behemoth/Corrupted Vor)
  4. (PS4)MrNishi

    Valkyr's rip line doesnt fit her character

    Yeah, that was also before they changed Rip-line to have combo cast where damage went up and energy cost efficiency made it cheaper for subsequent casts. Even some players wanted AoE as for targeting. Valkyr adjustements have mainly been around Hysteria and I think DE feels that is where the majority of Valkyr players have concerns. From Hysteria with Hysterical Assualt augment: she gains better mobility(close gap) than Ripline making that ability useless, WarCry armor buff is useless with Hysteria and too much attack speed makes it easier to get stuck in combo animation lock with Hysteria so no need to cast WarCry in Hysteria, Normal Paralysis has too long of a Cast animation to land follow up Finishers compared to just doing a Hysteria Charge attack for single Target argey finishers....DE has basically buffed Hysteria to overshadow her other abilities even with Hysteria immunity to knockdown negating her slight handspring passive. Basically Hysteria build or all abilities but Hysteria. There is not really a cohesive approach for her entire kit at the moment.
  5. (PS4)MrNishi

    Valkyr's rip line doesnt fit her character

    Mag's Pull does not group enemies up together, unless combined with pulling them into a Magentize bubble. Mag's pull no longer pulls enemies to her feet like in the early days. It Ragdolls them all over. Paralysis oddly used to Ragdoll enemies with the abilities Knockback mechanic which was not melee friendly. Knockback enemy ragdoll sometimes still happens if enemy is killed by Paralysis, but Ragdoll is no longer a Parlaysis Crowd Control effect. (Paralysis used to be like a 360° Sonic Boom Ragdoll)
  6. (PS4)MrNishi

    Valkyr's rip line doesnt fit her character

    Ripline "Originally" was going off the Corpus theme and thus repurposed her Bondage tubes as an ability. Like she broke free from Corpus cuatody/captivity and then used whatever she had access to as an ability. 1) Restraints were used to Range Offensive Rip-snipe or to assist her fleeing via mobility. 2) Painful cry that struck fear into those nearby slowing them down 3) Her repurposing what little Shields she had left to damage and stun enemies. 4) Her fit of rage ability. Then DE went and discarded that lire to where none of those Abilities really fit what was once the origin or theme. The only ability Valkyr has that really fits a Bezerker for trading Survivability for enhanced damage is Paralysis as she literally repurposes a Survivability stat for offensive damage. Hysteria makes her immune to damage and thus is not Bezerk-like at all. Conflicts with her having high armor, an armor boosting Ability, and Hysteria innate life-steal when she is immune to damage except for losing Shields by casting Paralysis. Valkyr is a mess, in regards to traditional Bezerker. Original Corpus captive theme wise : Ripline fit them of Valkyr being a lab experiment that has gone bezerk and fleeing: repurposing restraints for both mobility and offensive ranged attack. But times have changed...
  7. Recently have been playing with revised Khora and noticed Ensnare works on Bosses(Ambulas/Hyena/Stalker/Juggernaut/Sentients) to gather helpless enemies for easy pickings. There have been lingering abilities that still affected bosses like Radial Blind, Prism, Stomp, M-Prime, and others. Then there are Abilities that are some of a particular Warframe's only CC ability and these same bosses are outright immune: like Banshee Silence, Sonic Boom/Fracture, or Valkyr's Paralysis/Prolonged Paralysis. I consider myself an avid Prolonged Paralysis player and have now given to the temptation to just use Max Range Ensnare. Both Abilities can pull Nullifiers and not be dispelled by their bubbles. Both ignore line of sight and thus allow easy melee enemy-group gathering. But Ensnare works on Bosses and flying enemies where Prolonged Paralysis is useless against these enemies. Also Ensnare works on enemies under other Warframe CC effects. Prolonged Paralysis is not fun with other players that stop enemies in place (Stomp, Larva, Bastille, etc..) I am okay if this is the direction being taken going forward, just wondering if abilities like Silence, Accelerant, Paralysis, etc... will receive an update to affect boss and flying enemies(drones) in regards to crowd control effects. Oddly Paralysis and Accelerant can deal damage to the flying Drones but not CC. *I'm pretty sure I missed a plethora of affected abilities.
  8. (PS4)MrNishi

    Valkyr's rip line doesnt fit her character

    Ripline is outdated on Valkyr, but back before Melee 2.0 in GU13 Ripline combo'd into the hardest hitting base melee damage attack. Using either Kogake, Obex, or Hysteria : Ripline allowed for a base 1,100 Wall-attack. Wall attacks can still easiest to perform using Ripline, since a normal Wall attack requires you to wall cling and not wall-hop to perform. -However Wall attacks have an animation lock, robbing momentum, and also having only single target cleave range...thus useless in current combat. Post Parkour 2.0: Ripline could be changed to reset Aim-glide/Wall-Latch duration each time terrain is hit with Ripline. Would also be much better if Rip-line pulled/traversed Valkyr the entire range distance instead of only a fixed short distance. This would allow for greater useful mobility to get her closer to enemies. As much I don't want to steal from Khora: Ripline + Prolonged Paralysis combo could be a great way to remove Paralysis cast Animation and let those two Abilities comboed together behave similarly to Ensnare. With the difference being the AoE grouping would be when casting Paralysis while Valkyr is in Paralysis-Transit. Like how Hysterical Assualt allows Valkyr to close the gap on enemies to easily continue melee. Ripline could always pull Valkyr to terrain or targeted enemy and casting Paralysis would combo to an AoE pull that ends the mobility-pull.(This means if a far enemy was targeted by Ripline, while you are being pulled to that single enemy you happen to pass over a mob-> You can choose to cast Paralysis to exit the Ripline-Trabsit and attack the now grouped together enemies.) Currently this is how I play Valkyr using Prolonged Paralysis spam to group together melee enemies and then using Ripline to assist with Parkour mobility. - Parkour durations not being reset by Ripline means I lose ability to chain multi-Bullet Jumps and double flips in-between each Ripline casts For better full kit Synergy: When casting any of Valkyr's Abilities while in Ripline-transit there could be a large 300% Casting speed animation. Meaning casting WarCry, Paralysis, or Hysteria while in Ripline-transit would be almost instantaneous, allowing for more fluid transitions to aid melee combat. In short Ripline is in need of a long overdue update/rework, that is Parkour & melee friendly.
  9. (PS4)MrNishi

    Melee's Major Flaw: Why Quick Melee/Spin Attack is "Meta"

    All flying Drones are immune to Silence (regardless of Faction) but Sonic Boom works to keep them at Bay. Solo Banshee endless is a situantional rotation of Silence(Savage), Resonating Sonar, Sonic Fracture (If Armor removal is beneficial other wise normal Sonic Boom), and occasionally Transference...I've not a found a reason to use Sound Quake/Resonating Quake in Solo endless play. 90minute solo MoT Axi Survivals with only Okina, not real endless but definitely Sortie viable.
  10. (PS4)MrNishi

    Weapon swapping feels slow.

    I am all for near-instant weapon swapping...if paired with a base global longer reload speed for guns: to further promote weapon swapping. Looking at it from a balance perspective. Others may not share my view*
  11. (PS4)MrNishi

    Melee's Major Flaw: Why Quick Melee/Spin Attack is "Meta"

    I frequently run Furax Wraith or Tekko with Banshee on Corpus - Fissure Axi Survival. Entering the bubble is preferred rather than staying outside and trying to shrink it with melee attacks. (That also plays into Silence being dispelled allows for it to recast for the stun, so it is not cumbersome to be dispelled.) I was surprised to not see Banshee on your list of melee apporved Frames - she is pretty decent for gap closing, striping armor, and just outright giving a large enough damage buff that simply touching the enemy will suffice. Very easy to run Okina (yes dual Dagger) with Banshee on solo run in MoT or lesser Axi Survivals. They don't have great AoE coverage but the stance combos work with hit'n'run tactics. Agreeing with your marks about Survivability: I am all for a change where weilding Melee actually protected the Warframes from lethal Damage at all enemy levels: To differentiate Warframe from normal Shooters, I personally would prefer a larger push to Melee having better Survivability than Ranged shooting for the Space Ninja game. - Also allowing Melee combat to be Warframe independent in terms of weilding melee Survivability. On the flip-side I would like that the enemies that pose the largest threat be Melee Enemy units and not ranged Toxic/Heat spewers. Edit: Also it does not help to have enemies be immune to melee attack attributes: I used to love doing the Sparta sparring Slide-attack kick to no-man's-land. Especially on old Tyl Regor.
  12. (PS4)MrNishi

    Stug still needs some love

    Oh yes: I would like the increased explosion radius along with removing stacking blovs extending explosion timer delay and Environment placed blobs becoming proximity. (Even if that was the change made to the Alt-fire: letting it toggle between Proximity and time delayed shots, since we no longer need the super slow charge shot when they made the change to Primary fire being Auto rather than semi-auto (tap) hold for charge.) Revised Crit and Status stats would also be most welcomed. @Matak-FR (Hystrix - I had hoped would be inverse of other weapons where innate Quill elemental would be added 1st to other Elemental mods - thus allowing actual in-game Elemental composition changes....welp, maybe that will be implemented in a future Primary weapon.)
  13. (PS4)MrNishi

    Why is there no Mk 1 Sniper?

    This makes the most sense. With Sniper being the only Sortie-weapon restriction class without a market credit purchable fully built weapon & Snipetron being event only reward as an OG retired weapon. Letting the Snipetron act as a starter Sniper like Mk-1 weapons, would be a good fix to both make the weapon available in the game freezing up an event Reward Table to have a newer weapon in place. Giving newer players access to Snipetron for both Mastery and if credit purchasable allowing a players to still run Sniper only Sortie with out being restricted to crafting a weapon. (There really is no in-game mention that a player should have 1 Shotgun, 1Sniper, 1 Bow/Crossbow, and 1 Other Primary considered to be an AR (Launchers that use Sniper Ammo mutation are counted as AR) in inventory to be able to complete Sorties. It is something we as the community expect to be know as gospel.) Given that we have Frames that can perform fine in Sorties without needing a strong weapon: Octavia & Nidus immediately ✓ the weapon independent box. I don't see why the Snipetron cannot be reintroduced as a Fully-built Market Credit purchase.
  14. (PS4)MrNishi

    Make Tonkor Great Again

    Strongly agree with this. On topic of just Tonkor though: The auto-AoE headhsots remival which also removed Headshot capability from Powers like Paralysis and skill/time based Air burst from Penta for headshots. Even with the damage change I still find the Tonkor to be potent for damage without a Riven. Mainly due to stacking Hunter Munitions with Vigilante Mods on the Tonkor: So you get large Multi-tier Red Crit Bleed Procs. Serration, Split Chamber, Vigilante Armaments, Point Strike, Vital Sense, Hunter Munitions, Bladed Rounds*, Vigilante Supplies/Fervor* (Or 2 Elementals (Most likely for Viral), Riven with Viral/CC/CD/MS/DMG, Terminal Velocity, Firestorm (for those willing to expand explosive radius) Vigilante Pursuit on Warframe for more chance of higher Crit damage tier and Enemy Radar(If only they would allow Vigilante Pursuit to be an Exilus mod) ✓I do strongly suggest we get a Riven disposition reset since almost all weapons have recently been retouched. Well not the Acrid or Stug. Mutalist Quanta is the only weapon that actually feels worse than pre-recent rework just do to weird mechanics like elemental mods reducing damage and no getting Electricity instead of Radiation...that is for another thread. Resetting Riven Disposition would definitely help the Tonkor, even though the Tonkor seems to not have enough Mod slots to actually maximize potential. If we get a Wraith, Night watch, or Prisma Tonkor variant with increased Flight Speed & reload, I could see players giving it more of a chance rather than just writing it off. The capped self damage (gate) could also make the weapon more forgiving with players no longer one-shotting themselves into Oblivion. TL; DR I see Tonkor like Galatine in regards to Riven Disposition where there is a choice of better mods for the low disposition slot especially with Hunter Munitions and Vigilante Mods giving Tonkor higher tiered Crits and AoE Bleed procs. Resetting Disposition and capping self-harm will always be most welcome.