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  1. When melee combo multiplier is changed to only applying to heavy attacks; isn't that the beat opportunity to allow all mods to effect exalted weapons and Weapon-Mod dependent Abilities? (Landslide/WhipClaw/Slash Dash/Iron Jab/etcetera so that they don't just receive a massive Nerf when combo-multiplier is altered)
  2. Yeah seems like she should steal Health with a multiplier to her shield generation. That way it is reliable against all factions. Hoping you PC players can convince DE to make changes before Hildryn arrives on console. Perhaps a vote on tweaks to be implemented
  3. @birdobash On PS4, so don't have Hildryn, but based on : Did DE decide to not use a 1:1 Shield to Energy ratio for Hildryn? That would seem odd given the 1st part of Hildryn's defensive stats to sustain damage is also her source of energy for abilities. I was thinking it would be like Nekros switching from energy to health with Despoil. If it was similar than an Energy orb should replace an equivalent ratio amount. That seems like a huge oversight. Could even be like Scarab Armor where Efficiency is fixed for the health to armor conversion. Hopefully this can be addressed soon
  4. I was hoping Balefire would have been a blend of Ocucor and Battacor. Primary Fire dealing AoE seeking beams and Alt-fire being the Nuke explosion. That way the status would make sense with Beam weapon to deal with Armor. (Scaling) And the Alt-fire Explosive Projectile could have used a combo mechanic and been, as you commented, more critical and less status. (Like opposing Euphona Prime stats)*
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