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  1. I wish the duration of Duality augment matched Metamorphosis ability duration. (But then again I believe ability Augments should also be slotted on the Abilities tab so we can see what stats are being augemented)
  2. Nekros Ghost Augment please

    Especially since no matter what energy color is chosen: Eximus Shadow Clones look just like the enemy with unaltered Red Eximus-highlight borderlines. Would also be immensely helpful if Artic Eximus and Nullifier Bubbles did not block friendly projectiles...they are the main reason I want Soul Punch to dispel targeted Shadow clone. (Like casting Freeze on a Snowglobe to blow it up)*
  3. Updating Valkyr

    1) Ripline and Swing line Augment could use Quality of Life changes : 1-handed Cast, faster animation cast. Allowing Ripline on terrarin to reset Air-Glide & Wall-Latch duration to cater to Spider-frame players. 2) Rescastable WarCry would be awesome for actual CC application of enemy slow 3) Have to correct you but you only need Shields if you are using Paralysis for damage. The stun happens whether you have 1200+ Shields or No Shields (like NM alerts)* Paralysis should definitely have more friendly melee casting like how Volt Speed can be cast without disturbing Melee combos. Normal Paralysis is absolutely amazing for Cache/Medallion/Ayatan Statue finding if you build for near max Range with Animal Instinct or Loot detector plus Vaccum on Sentinel: If something does not get pulled by Vaccum when breaking containers by spamming Paralysis, then it is a Context-use interaction loot 4) I personally don't like Hysteria and thus don't use the ability unless testing. So I will not comment on the ability. 5) Cannot argue this: mainly why I run Quick-Thinking instead of Vitality/P.Vigor/etc.. 6) Aesthetics are personal flavor, so nothing to persuade otherwise. (I pray we get a Hooded Valkyr Skin)* Surprised to see you are a Valkyr Main from U11. Guessing you do not like Paralysis, though or you would have not have said she needed Shields to stun enemies. (She never has needed shields for the CC, just for the damage part...which was nerfed from dealing Auto headhsots when DE removed auto-headahots on Launchers/AoE)*
  4. KHORA

    Originally - it would have been different because of Khora changing Impact/Puncture/Slash on the fly. That ship has sailed and aside from Cosmetics and the Ability-Kavat we basically got an entirely different Khora than what was previously talked about or showcased. Honestly, if that was the price to be paid to not have Damage 2.5 implemented ...then it is fine. Maybe they will keep the damage changing idea in vault until they decide to do Damage 3.0 or whatever future Damage rework comes about.
  5. Anyone else seen Mesa in Hydrolyst runs?

    The Mesa Player: Mesa still has buff. Operator has Shooting Gallery and transfers back to Warframe: Maintaining Shooting Gallery Buff before it jumps to next player. I think it is coded to only consider "current player controlled character" as eligible for the Shooting Gallery Buff. If we had Operators before Shooting Gallery was changed to permanently give Mesa a buff for full duration, I believe the Shooting Gallery would have also been able to boost Mes's Operator. I believe the ability is coded uniquely in that perspective. It was terrible in Lor for a damage buff as the 8 players dividing the duration made it decent CC but not long enough for a viable damage boost.
  6. Anyone else seen Mesa in Hydrolyst runs?

    Shooting Gallery affects all but the casting Mesa's Operator. So if the other players are in Operator when Shooting Gallery is cast the ability goes to their Operator. Player who is Mesa will not get the Shooting Gallery buff on Operator because it remains active on Mesa for entirety of duration. Easier to see it working in a normal mission like Hydron. Where you can see Operator with Lasso, jamming the Grineer weapons in range. We had a 78% damage buff from Mesa Shooting Gallery plus the 100% from Wisps then doubled Crit damage from Electric Shield and due to Shooting Gallery determining Void Strike Rotation; seemed to always have a 8x to 17x Void Strike Multiplier when getting ready to drop Shields. What made the run a little different was Mesa was the player that gathered and charged Lures, either providing Wisps, or I assume, charging Ballastic Battery.
  7. My best group composition on PS4 with all players going to Cetus gate and not aborting group to speed up loading; was 2 Volts, 1 Oberon, and 1 Mesa. (I was one of the Volts) In a night run we did 3 Hydrolyst Captures and 1 Gantulyst kill (sunrise dispatched Lures) Myself and the other Volt were using Lankas, Madurai Void Strike and Shraksun. Oberon was using Buzlok, Madurai Void Strike with Hallowed Ground and Renewal. (they always had health, I think they were running Arcane Grace with Rage & Hunter's Adrenaline) Mesa was using a Rubico buffing us with Unairu Wisps and Shooting Gallery. Then Building Ballistic Battery on the the Synoivas and then releasing as 1 Shot on Ediolon. We, Volta, placed Shields on opposing sides of Ediolon and then whomever had Shooting Gallery would be the one firing at Shields and Mesa would provide Wisps near whichever Operator was buffed by Shooting Gallery. Due to duration and randomness it made it easy to either abstain from shooting or only use a couple Void Strike charges at a time and without formal communication needed. Was rather surprising how efficient and effective it was. Has anyone else seen Mesa utlized for Ediolon runs?
  8. Best Endgame Weapons?

    Not sure what your mastery Rank is, but the early underrated weapon for a Primary is Torid (MR4)(put Corrosive + Blast and Hunter Munitions on and it will do work well into mutli-hundreds) Works best with Warframe Abilities that group enemies up. Pox similar to Torid except can not currently imbue with Slash Bleed procs and does not stick to enemies and instead is a placement cloud. Enter the Zakti... (Torid attached to enemy will damage then as they move about - Vor/Vayhek/Kela/Raptor) If you can Aim, Knelll/Arca Scisco/Dual Toxocysts these can provide lethal results but they are also higher MR. Regular Bronco Prime or AkBronco Prime with 100% and lots of Multishot will also trivialize enemies; inbetween frequent reloads. Same for either Detron Variant.
  9. Kuva Fortress Survival...You Know This is WRONG, DE

    Er...wait The old Void system allowed players to stay and keep getting Prime rewards for only 1 key. Which was literally exploiting certain builds or spamming single-ability builds to maximize the rewards from a single Void Key being used. The Relic system initially did away with any scaling reward. Then DE implemented some scaling to enedless rewarda for Fissure missions: literally regarding players using the same aforementioned mechanics to stay in endless missions: this time getting scaling boosters which increase the amount of resources they get by using "cheese" mechanics & they can be rewarded with relics that are already refined. If there was a Kuva Survival Fissure: then the scaling Boosters would literally allow just what you mentioned about decreasing the time needed to collect resources because that is currently what Endless Fissures do. Players are wanting endless missions to have the same as bonuses that Endless Fissure and Dark Sector missions have which is increased rewards. Dark Sectors have fixed percentage bonuses for the duration of mission. But Endless Fissures actually have some scaling built-in to further reward the player for staying longer. While I think DE can allow Kuva Survival to be in the Fissure rotation, I don't fully believe they should just make normal Kuva Survival have the same endless fissure type of scaling rewards.
  10. A lot more augment mods deserve to be exilus compatible

    Yeah Valkyr's Swing Line not being an Exilus and Hysterical Assualt is where Augments as Exilus gets weird. (And [DE] Pablo has stated Swing Line will not be an Exilus mod) Hysterical Assualt allows for damage and allows Valkyr to fully close the melee gap. (Where as Rip-line pulls a set distance towards terrain or Ragdolls an enemy out of melee reach...) Swing Line was introduced before Rip-line relieved combo-mechanic change where it gets stronger and cheaper to subsequently cast. Swing Line requires you to remain Airborne for the 4 free casts. - Rip line landing on Terrain does not reset Air-Glide/Wall-Latch duration - Rip line being used as an attack locks Valkyr in an animation that cause her to fall to the ground Meaning you cannot use 4 Free casts of Rip line for attacking and thus the Augment would only be useful for mobility. But alas, Swing Line is not an Exilus mod... I believe all Augments should at least be Exilus Mods or even better Augments should slot on the abilities tab: Some Augments add scaling to stats that do not effect the base ability (Duration on Ice-Wave Impedance, or Duration on Seeking Shuriken vs normal Shuriken). Treating these as actual ability augmentations, would mean they level when the ability Ranks up front Warframe level: Currently you could slot Hysterical Assualt on a lower than level 10 Valkyr which means you have slotted an ability-mod that cannot be used. -With Augments treated as ability-augmentation would also let the stats and description change on the fly and let players know which stats affect a base vs augmented ability As for the Exilus: I really just want Vigilante Pursuit to be Exilus eligible.
  11. Reach Stats

    Ground Slam attack damage done during combos is affected Ted by the combo counter but still not affected by Range(Reach) mods. Ohma -Soverign Outcast & Gemin Cross; also Obex Brutal Tide Rushing Fire's ending double fist. Ground finishers like Roaring Drums are affected by Range mods. But that is also like Exodia Contagion as an air-attack not being affected by Range mods. Nor Glaive/Gunblade charge attacks not scaling with Range mods. I'm guessing there is just a large inconsistency of which mods fully effect all melee attacks. In comparison attack speed truly works as an animation modifier. Perhaps the best plan would still be to have Range modifier shown as stat & also actually have the Rnage be a blanket Animation modifier just like attack speed.
  12. Reach Stats

    Yes, I was in agreement with your statement. Was just adding that Range Modifier does not affect all Melee Attacks like Attack Speed modifier does. Single Target Finishers, Ground Slam, Directional Air Melee, Wall-attacks ...these are the common range unaffected Melee Attacks Glaives, Gunblades, Signature & Octanis, and Zaw Arcane attacks are the special cases where they function differently and also don't reliably scale with Range Modification. (Most being Projectile Flight Speed dependant, except Projectile Flight Speed does not increase Stance Combo throw range/hitbox and only Charge throws.Or Rebound/Quick Return not affecting Glaive stance combo throws and only charge attack throws) I am hoping with the Melee balance-pass (adjustement) DE is normalizing Range Modifier to affect all of the Melee attacks. This would make a Range Modifier stat useful. Although DE could also list Jump Slam Radius independently of the Range Modifier stat, since some stance combos utilize the Jump Slam radius repurposed in a different animation.
  13. Reach Stats

    Sort-of Melee Range Mods don't effect Jump Slam radius, Single Target Finisher Range, Glaive Throw/Gunblade shot, and some other things Best case scenario: Range would work like Melee Attack Speed UI Stat (Melee Stance Combos and Quick-melee have varying Animation speeds and Melee strike distances. Thus a modifier would be the UI stat) Just being a midier that only is relevant for comparing Same stance equipped melee weapons. 1.0 Sparring Attack Speed is not the same as 1.0 Dual Dagger Attack Speed or 1.0 Hammer Attack Speed So for Serro it might show 1.0 as base Range UI Modifier and Orthos would be 1.25 Since Twirling Spire Poking Lunges have further distance than Bleeding Willow attacks if just measuring by Meters. Only a UI Modifier would be useful to see which in-class weapons have the most range potential in that melee weapon class.
  14. My Valkyr Rework

    You removed the staple of my Valkyr gameplay : Paralysis Ranged Valkyr is how I play...155% efficiency (Blind Rage) and no added duration (not needed) - Fast casting Speed is what I need (Natural Talent > Steel Fiber and/or Vitality) Therefore I cannot rally behind your rework nor upvote you. I would much rather DE just give all of Valkyr's abilities Melee-friendly casting like Volt Speed, so that casting Valkyr's abilities did not interrupt melee combos.
  15. Ideas for new ores

    ^ This I am really hoping Venus Openworl at least reuses the same resources currently in-game. Personally, I feel Gems could have been a way to have Tellurium and Nitain Extract craftable BP's with new resources, but those items are at least usable for normal game mode progression/farming. Sentium and Nyth could have been Argon Crystal BP's which would explain Argon decaying since the Void is like poison to sentients.