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  1. Chiming in from the vacant side (Lunaro) I am found still wanting for PvE Arcata (just make heavy attack respawn Lunaro ball at some cost of melee counter @[DE]Steve, pretty please) People want to Blacklist a frame from Water Dog days, Lunaro, Conclave, just so they never have to see said frame in mission. I mean if people are already going to the lengths to leave a mission due to Warframe composition. I guess DE might as well just implement a Blacklist Toggle for frames since it is that bad. I think that is rather extreme. Seeing the posts whom who prefer not to hav
  2. As a tenno whomst most used Gun(Primary or Secondary) is the O.G. Spectra check the 2020 usage list: https://www.warframe.com/2020stats Just outside top 20 Secondaries in usage at 21 for 2020 as a whole.
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