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  1. Chroma is too powerful!

    +1 Glad to see someone post about Octavia (with or without other Warframe buffs) Was just going to say Octavia almost matches Chroma by herself without needing a Self-harm weapon (Solo - 658% in-game AMP buff) When comparing Amp + Opera Multi-shot Gun damage is on Par with Self-harm Chroma Melee? AMP+ Metronome Forte (melee damage)and Nocturne(Invisibility for Stealth Melee Multiplier), Octavia beats Chroma for Melee Granted Octavia can buff whole party, but yeah Octavia just turns dial to 11 I guess people forget other frames and get blinded by Flavor of the month. Ivara Navigator gets high multiplier, but drains energy way too quickly to get to crazy damage levels. If Banshee Sonar would highlight Eidolon vulnerable spot for easy stacking like Osprey or Juggernaut - She would make it an easy 1-shot damage cap. Because each overlapping cast is exponential (Ex. 5 casts at base 100% Powerstrength is 5^5 = 3,125 multiplier) I was actually going to say I think you meant 7 parts. Volt Head, Frost Chassis, Ember Head, Saryn Systems and then 3 Chroma parts Quest, Junctions, and mandatory Clan Research +1, not quite new player friendly.
  2. Focus is still 'meh' at the best

    My take as playing with MrNishi MR24 4470hrs and enough Focus to have 2 Waybounds added and FRAGORPRlME (MR14 about 160hrs) The Grind with Focus 2.0 is still crazy. At least let base Focus cap be 250,000 and then let each MR Level increase daily Cap by 50,000. •Doing the above and doubling the affinity modifiers would go work greatly as to alleviate grinding? (Current focus grinding with Affinity Booster feels like the proper amount progression) I would have liked a 3rd Default Way (Focus) that allowed some of the Focus 1.0 hold for Transferrable buff. •I think that this would allow new players that do not have access to quill and players that dislike Operator play to be able to have a fixed Cooldown Focus Buff ability that applied buffs like in Focus 1.0 Making that non-Quill related will let players that are new have a better Focus reward as they are still progressing through the game. Cross loadout shared affinity needs a long over due tweak, although I'm not sure how DE would balance affinity. •AW affinity in Submerisble/PoE missions is atrocious and now Operator Amp affinity is the same •Would be nice if even a 10th of normal affinity would splash over to AW/AMP. Alleviating players from needing to be in Operator or AW to actually gain useful affinity. (Spy hacking as the Operator isn't too bad)* Lastly, 2nd Dream and War Within portrayed my Operator as extremely powerful:
  3. Trinity can still kill herself but she also is still allowed to benefit from Self-harm. Trinity can still utilize Link with Self-harm to kill enemies. (Abating Link Armor removal either makes Self-harm less useful or more effective (depending on weapon strength or Sortie Elemental/Physical)* Chroma's Self-harm is 2 sided While it does increase his protection and damage, that damage buff allows the Self-harm to bypass his buffed protection (Scorn - Armor) Nyx Non-Augment Absorb is the other psuedo self+harm catch-22: Increases Bubble damage by exploding Grenades/Talons/Castanas while in bubble, but that also drains energy or destroys bubble longevity.
  4. Let Us Shoot Through Frost's Snowglobe

    For the fear of a Frost being in my group I run Scourge or Zenith as my Primary just so I don't have to be bothered by Snow Globe. Really wish Ice Wave Impedance was more main-stream for Frost players on PS4. I really would like if Frost Snow globe took friendly fire like Non-Augment Nyx Absorb.
  5. Give Seer some love

    My Seer is definitely stronger than my Lato both with 7 or more Forma and Rivens. Seer can reliably apply status effects. On Topic: Seer used to have Target Display on back of Pistol •Was removed and we now have a blank slate in place of the target display It is odd that the OG Zoom pistol has not received a newer "balance pass" I'm still waiting for a T4 Vor Seer specific Mod, weapon attachment (Like let us attach a Janus Key), or BP w/parts to craft a slightly stronger Seer variant. Regurgitating some old Seer Requests: • Let Projectile Explosive Animation on hit/kill deal AoE Void damage •Bring back Digital Display/Scope on back of Seer Pistol
  6. Stances that alter damage types

    Even a new stance type that had a guaranteed Random Status effect would be nice ... but I am bias towards Condition Overload.
  7. Stances that alter damage types

    I currently believe the Guaranteed Procs on some stances is better than altering the physical/elemental damage type mid combo. Maybe a Senitent Mod or future Senitent weapon will have adaptive damage type ( Randomly switching damage composition from Physical to Elemental types)
  8. DMR 2.0 please?

    Doesn't Zenith count as DMR for semi Auto And Tenora to DMR charge-shot style Side-note Shouldn't Zenith Semi-auto have No Damage Fall-off on POE because of Infinite Punch-through???
  9. Better Octavia gameplay

    Seeing as Nearly Overpowered as Octavia's current abilities are :Might be nice if Octavia had an Augment called "Remix" Further allowing tweaking of song like maybe extended-play on Amp Or Track Fade on 2nd Ability Or different Buffs from 3rd ability allowing tempo changes
  10. why not silent sniper ?

    Fair enough... I think the happy compromise would be a Lanka Vandal with 60% less base damage but is 100% Silent (Then you would have your Silent Sniper Rifle and the everyone else would just say Hush mod was worth the slot.)
  11. My thoughts about the new Arca Plasmor

    Except the Gas procs from each Tigris pellet are much smaller damage wise than a Plasmor Gas proc. I find the Tigris still excels at the "Bigger Game Moniker" Plasmor seems better suited for exploiting Damage modifiers over larger area especially unarmored enemies. (Abating Link Trinity, Sonic Fracture plus Sonar Banshee, Magnetize Mag, & Jet Stream Zephyr for the longer-range accuracy) Gas +Radiation to disable and melt Healer Auras and when it hits those modifiers on Unarmored Targets :bliss: Magentize makes it easy to compare the Gas procs headshot damage since you can just aim at the top of bubble to see how the procs measure up against each other. (Tigris Prime vs Plasmor) I have been using Magentize bubble to make it easier to actual gameplay utilize Mutalist Quanta Shots through orbs. (Since Mutalist Quanta rework removed projectiles becoming hit-scan through orbs) *womp womp
  12. Mag Pneuma Shoulder Armor

    On-topic of Mag Prime Shoulder armor being able to be removed: I hope that is fixed before PoE Console deployment. However I am still bitter about Valkyr Prime's lack of Channelling effects. :Fingerscrossed:
  13. @owendawgx Strongly Concur Currently my new favorite Primary Weapon for Mag is the Mutalist Quanta Corrosive build + Punch-through Get inside Or as it will protect from any Flame thrower, rocket, or stray bullet. The projectiles work at making Magentize look pretty! The Corrosive procs stripping armor quickly. (I hope Orbs get reverted back to always adding Radiation as Radiation+Corrosive made Mutalist Quanta easy anti-Ancient healer)* Then I have been using Magentize Detonation (unranked as I seem to enjoy enemies still having guns), so that I can explode the bubble if the target has not been out right killed. Polarize could have affected base Armor/Shield values so that Shields and Armor stripping would be fixed number of casts regardless of enemy level. Not necessarily a percentage, but more like 100% Powerstrength will deal 50 base shield and 100 base Armor damage. This would mean it would always be 5 casts regardless of enemy level to strip a Grineer Bombards Armor. (Corrupted could have Shields which would need to be stripped first) Explosion damage could be left as-is. On Crush I can only dream that the animation can one day be a snap of the fingers...1 handed and combat fluid. (Even if nothing else changed except the animation.) Pull - wish Energy orb % was a little higher or that Shards would increase the percentage of Energy Orb creation. (Would also be nice if enemies were pulled right to Mag's feet for nice Ground Finihser setup...Venka Primes on Mag Pneuma skin would be Soo much fun)*
  14. War deserves to have a Prime

    Prisma or Umbra Variant...no Prime (as others have said) *Or some new Hunhow/Sentient/Eidolon faction variant I hope to see a Buffed Variant of Seer Pistol (Corrupted Vor please) show up before a new War Variant
  15. Mutalist Quanta revert/tweak

    It has been some time since Mutalist Quanta was adjusted and I may be in the minority, but I feel the weapon has gone slighty backwards in terms of damage output and utility. The Good Changes from my perspective(These should remain): •Able to have more than 2 Orbs out at time • Orb Cost lowered from 15 to 5 The Bad: •Orbs no longer guarantee additional Radiation damage on Projectiles fired through and instead is electricity. (Was better when it was Radiation as it easily disabled, the ever increasing, Ancient Healer Auras without having to Mod the weapon for Radiation element)* •Orbs no longer are a straight doubled crit damage and have some weird Stacking Mechanic than works in favor of not modding for Elemental Damage on the weapon •Long Reload Animation was retained and the Full-auto-deplete restoring Ammo was definitely confirmed as not intended. ^The above reload mechanics no longer work to bypass long reload animation. Video is there to depict how reload mechanic used-to be on old days I would be very happy to see Orbs changed to provide Radiation Damage to projectiles fired through (Not Electricity) and that Orb stacking provide consistent damage buff (remove Elemental Mods lowering damage when stacking Orbs) Ignoring Multi-shot mods; 3 Bubbles cost 15 ammo and comparatively is a stronger raw damage boost than the Old 15 ammo for a single Orb. However slotting elemental mods causes the Orb stacking mechanic to just be worse as you stack more orbs. Yet, elements provide better scaling due to Elemental vs Physical damage weakness and resistances. This curbs away Higher MR users from enjoying the weapon because now the unique Crit Mechanic (Orb) works against the weapon. The lower MR2 limit to use this weapon, is incredibly misleading. •I would not expect a MR2 player to understand the mechanics or possible potential of this weapon. Oddly a newer player with no elemental mods might perceive this weapon as a great alt-crit weapon, especially against lower level Star-chart enemies. Only to find out the damage starts weaker by modding for recommended elemental types for a faction. (Extremely Counter-intuitive)*