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  1. HATE Buff Plz

    I like Scythe Quick-melee, works great for Pox Condition Overload If Scythe glass received a Class base range increase that might tempt me away from Polearms for Quick-melee. ..... In before DE introduces some RWBY-like stance and Scythe that drops from Eidolon ....
  2. Meele riven, No -Impact, -Puncture

    No, I definitely had minus Impact on a Lacera Riven roll. Next time I get a Minus Impact or minus Puncture melee Riven mod I'll PS4 game play capture and upload, to show it was not photoshopped.
  3. Body knockback-throwing for the hammers

    Yes a Blast build hammer with Shattering Impact stance combos will launch enemies into the sun/ceiling, reliably. Although that does not allow said enemis to become dangerous projectiles towards their comrades. Much like the very fun to perform, Blast Kogake/Obex slide-attack drop kick. @Makshiman Closest melee weapon attacks I have seen come close to Bow ragdoll-projectile is building Blast on a Dagger like Karsyt. Then on kills the enemies violently fly towards other enemies. Having Hammers do that on charge attacks or just even a new stance, would be amazing.
  4. QoL change for Cycron

    I use the weapon on Pistol only Sorties if long mission such as Defense/Survival/Excavation/etc.. For short missions I take my Spectra. Cycron apparently still gets used since Monthly Riven disposition update has not reflected players not using the weapon. The Cycron mods a little differently than normal weapons precisely due to the unique mechanics. (Benefits greatly from Increased Mag/Size especially Riven.) That being said, I am not against another Cycron reload buff.
  5. I was looking at it as in regards to Submerisble (Missions) and Jordas Verdict. (My fault, for not clarifying)* Old Oberon and Old Trinity could heal allies in AW. Currently if the heal is applied to Ally and then they transition to AW, the buff is lost and then they are out-of-range from Renewal.
  6. Oberon used to heal players on the other side of the map, but now Renewal has a smaller base range than Harrow Penance or Trinity Blessing. Oberon I think is closer to Trinity, except all of his Abilities are useful. •Smite is straight amazing for Boss/Heavy targeting (Sortie Bosses are smite-spam fest regardless of weapon restriction)* While still having full use of his kit. I think his rework was definitely on the positive side especially after the tweaks & adjustments. That early rework, full drain for all summons was absurd. I wish the Pets passive was a little better; like following Phoenix Renewal cooldown. Rather than one time per pet use.
  7. Bring normal Snipetron back.

  8. Can We Make Nezha's Heal More Reliable? (Chakram QoL)

    Oh yes I actually was thinking that a Lenz like effect where it creates an explosion radius to be a small damage AoE thus making it easier to heal allies.
  9. Also Rift allows energy to work on Channeled Skills, which is weird since it is basically protecting the 'Rifted' player while letting them do cross-dimensional/plane damage. @LordGale I fully expected Harrow Thurible to work just like Energy Vampire and not refill 'most' channeled Ability Allies. (As such I did not realize it was changed to behave as such.) •I swear Chroma Effigy works with Energy Vampire but not Thurible*** I am happy with how Harrow turned out, for the most part. •I still feel base animation speeds feel to slow (Natural Talent feels like a Staple mod on Harrow) •I wish Thurible had a Harrow benefit beside Energy replenishment. Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll receive an Augment that allows Thurible to grant faster casting and Weapon holstering; with a lingering duration effect (like Wormhole) so that the casting/holstering buff can remain after Thurible has ended.
  10. Ouch I disgaree on Spectra (It is my most used Gun for 4330+hours) I had 7 forma into it back when it did 16 base damage. Used it for Ruk farming. Riven made it easier to use in Sorties Not the RNG of stats on some of the lesser used weapons makes it difficult to get a decent Strong Disposition Riven that utilizes the Weapon without relying on Warframe/Kavat buffs. Although certain Arcane/Kavat/Warframe Abilities do allow certain weapons to get a larger boost than the more common weapons. Crit chance buffs from Harrow/Arcane Avenger/Kavats allow Status weapons that usually have non-existent Crits to really benefit especially with a +Crit damage Riven. (Acrid is almost damage 1.0 good with a great Riven) On the other-hand Weak Disposition weapons are harder to justify slotting a Riven, especially Melee. The stats are so underwhelming on weak disposition Rivens. My Harrow-friendly build Riven weapons: Bow: Attica with a +Crit Damage Shotgun: Convectrix with + Crit Damage (Beams are easy headshot) & Strun Wraith with +Multi-shot and +Status chance (Only need 1 Dual stat to be at True 100% status; allowing for Seeking Fury, Chilling Reload, and P.Target Cracker) Assualt Rifle: Secura Penta with +Crit Damage Spectra w/Crit Damage (P.Target Cracker build is 6.0x crit damage) Lacera with +Range and + Crit Damage (4.9x) (Paired with P.Reach for +355% bonus Range it is about 55m on Heart of the Naga pokes) Pairing 100% status with Madurai Punctue(Defiled Snapdragon already has Impact(Chain/cord) & Slash(Scissors) procs lets Condition Overload scale well on the Red Crits bleed procs)* Very true that the Rivens are really only catered to being hugely beneficial for certain builds. Crit chance being a non-important stat for Harrow makes it easy to stack crit damage, status, and utility mods. Same for Ember getting + Heat on weapon Rivens. Eager to see more future frames have abilities that can also capitalize on unique Riven rolls. Ultimately, though I believe the majority of the community is not going to multi-forma what are deemed to be inferior weapons. Just not worth the time and resources to try.
  11. Clarity on the Lato Vandal crit stat.

    I understand wanting the wiki to accurately reflect in-game statistics and mechanics, but as it is Un-official and Wraframe not being a completed 'Works' there is going to be variances. Wiki still has Separate Melee weapon class Finisher Multipliers yet Game Update 15.13 changed Melee Finishers to scale with weapon level and be the same for every class.(I've tried editing the wiki and have provided in-game damage tests, but someone else keeps reverting it back)* Wiki is more of a guide line than absolute truth when applying to the ever-changing Warframe.
  12. Dual Decurion is Unusable!

    ^This Semi-Auto Dual Decurion were not a powerhouse by any means, but due to no fall-off they were useful for old 'AW Interception' •You could snipe Enemies taking the far-off Nodes Projectile is heavily deceiving as they are indeed hit-scan damage wise What is odd, is since Dual Decurion were not popular they did not receive a multitude of tweaks like Velocitus did. Would have been nice if one of those Velocitus damage buffs had been intended for the Dual Decurion* I'm hoping we receive a Prisma Variant or Prime Variant soon. As for usability: They can work mid-to-long range with single fire clicks. Or you just dump the clips at point-blank (I still use them every now and then against the Golem) I feel they are about the full-auto equivalent of Corvas •Not top tier AW weapons by any means Maybe PoE will allow the closer combat and horde-mode enemies be easy AW weapon fodder. But let's be honest: Against hordes of enemies Fluctus reigns supreme!
  13. Thank you for this follow-up post. Glad you did not get fed-up and were willing to test 'the workarounds' for Solo Survival capsule drops. Really enjoy hearing that some of the advice from others allowed you to overcome the issue you were having.
  14. I know it's been said 5,000 times, but...the Hema

    Strongly agree I also think it would have made sense to allow players to deconstruct Mutagen Mass into Mutagen Samples (Crazy but I think I have more Mutagen Mass on my alt- than I do the Mutagen Samples used to create them, just because Invasions reward Mutagen Mass)* Also long overdue but I swear we should be able to deploy extractors in the Void and Derelict. (Also they Extractor cap should have remained at 1 extractor for every 5 levels - would only be 6 extractors at MR30 ; Prime Access players would have 7 limit and Founders would be 8. Which still is not the entirety of star chart. I thought DE was going to put Mutagen Sample drops in all Dark Sectors...would have made sense to me. Almost wish Hema or a Mutagen Sample BP required normal Nav Coordinates as those are just excess drops. I believe I am prepared for future Nitain and Tellurium research contributions. Not quite ready for Synthula contributions. Synthula being the odd resource that High Level players seem to only farm on alert, but new players get them playing the low level star chart missions. I guess some resource drops feel like throwing a dart at a wall at this point for implementation.
  15. Limbo Revisit Him Please!

    My view in response to the quoted text: I see the current version of Limbo as being closer to the Trinity equivalent. Both 1 and 4 have overlapping features to the point where most players will only use 4 the ability to do the action that 1 can do. Simply because it is easier and ultimately more efficient. Energy wise Trinity and Limbo are not really hurting for energy, due to self replenishment. That said: I have seen Limbo played where Cataclysm was only used in an Emergency. •The Limbo player would cast Banish on a single enemy and then Rift-Surge the enemy to get other enemies into the rift, basically marking the targets he was taking responsibility for killing. (Stasis being kept up) This left enemies alone for other players to deal with by normal means and Limbo and his marked enemies in their rift state. Pulling enemies into the rift matching Limbo's personal kill-rate. I see DE deciding that the balance for Limbo is that his Invincibility comes at no energy coat; just a simple Dodge/dash. •So to setup Banish, they decided there would be some skillrisk associated with it. Looking at Rathuum and Index as examples: Limbo with No starting energy can Riftwalk aka immortal, but currently would need to exit Rift to banish an enemy. If Banish could be cast from inside rift: Limbo would simply banish once he generates enough energy to also sustain stasis. Currently Limbo in Rathuum and Index usually it is a run around until you can Cata-stasis the enemies and then sustain the energy from that point on. Allowing Banish for inside the rift would make that Sustainability available sooner. I would be in favor of Limbo being allowed to cast Banish from the Rift, if Stasis was changed to a channeling ability. This way players might have a more balanced build to sustain Stasis and not just Max Range + efficiency easy mode.