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  1. Agreed But I'm looking at Sonic Boom being able to destroy the pucks, since Silence does not disable Sapping Drones like Blind/Rest/Sleep Blind/Rest/Sleep can make Sapping Drones a non-threat (Makes Melee Sortie easy) Banshee where Savage Silence is pretty much a Melee oriented augment and yet she has no way to safely deal with Sapping Osprey in Melee only Sortie. (Only avoid them) Made worse when you CC (Sonic Boom Push a Sapping Osprey) yet the game let them drop pucks anyway, or teleports the pucks to where the Osprey was before being Ragdolled. (Like when a Silence stunned heavy Gunner or Moa still do ground slam/stomp, even though they are CC'd) Not asking for Sonic Boom to be super powerful, but just able to destroy pesky Sapping Mines or at least Ground Drones/Osprey for easier melee targeting & reliable CC.
  2. I meant in more in regards to the issue of melee only Sortie and you have Several Shield Drones (Guardian Drones) protecting normal Corpus variants. Sapping Osprey pucks in Sorties or Corpus endurance runs kill my Banshee, like a straight delete Banshee key! (Sonic Boom will push the Drones and Sapping Osprey backwards, semi-gating by not grounded. With the Sapping Osprey...I push them back and then frantically panic trying to avoid those Sapping mines/pucks) I seriously would prefer a Corpus Tech only Sortie run as Banshee
  3. @Djego27 For me this is slightly unfamiliar territory in regards to if the Seer where made to be Void damage as I do not know what Status is Void damage. (Aside from it cleansing Resistance Immunity)* If the Seer was Void Damage but had Viral + Heat elements via Dual-status mods, would it only proc Viral or heat as status types? If so it would scale pretty well with Void Damage ignoring Armor entirely, but also letting Viral halve that health. The Heat would apply to Ember buffing damage, however I guess the Heat procs would still be susceptible to Armor mitigation???
  4. This ^ Most of the time Wraith/Vandal weapons(I'm on console and they cannot be recolored) & certain weapons like Kohm, Lanka, etc.... Will not allow color schemes to be remotely close to matching Warframe style. (Shock camo is a whole nother recoloring issue)*
  5. Here is the dilemma with Reach vs Condition Overload: Reach is much better for damage if looking at fresh Melee combo counter. Combined with Relentless Combination it allows more enemies to be hit to scale the combo count faster and thus also scale Blood Rush at a faster pace. Vs. Condition Overload show casing the massive benefit once Combo hit counter is 4x or higher (Non-Venka Prime)* From a fresh Melee hit counter against a smaller radius of enemies, means the Melee hit counter does not climb as quickly and also less chances to allow Relentless Combination add to the melee hit counter in the early stages where it is the most beneficial. After the melee hit counter is in the tiers where you need another additional Thousand hits to reach the next combo tier (endless type missions) than Condition Overload grossly outshines Reach. Hope that made sense...
  6. Enemies outside of Silence Aura on PS4 still hear that Enemy gun fired inside Silence Aura. Silence is deafening the enemies in the Aura rather than silencing all weapons/noises in the area. So enemies still get alerted if an enemy inside Silence still fired a Weapon. Great Sortie Example is Sensor Regulator Eximus Units (especially when they have spawned outside of a Spy Vault) It falls into the Enemy producing a sound that has a larger radius than Banshee's silence Aura, thus enemies outside the Aura still hear Gunfire fired inside the Aura. Simplified: If an enemy fires a gun while inside Silence Aura, it still alerts enemies outside of Silence Aura radius. (Deafening enemies inside the Aura rather than actually silencing the area) Edit: Easiest way to test Silence only deafening the area rather than Silencing the Area, running a Narrow-Minded build. The alerted enemy shooting is in the small Silence Aura, but you can visually see enemies reacting to the that Single Enemy firing his weapon. (Thus not silencing that single enemy's gun fire)
  7. Yeah, that seems extremely bias. Like Oberon Renewal(Phoenix Renewal) not working to save Sentinel from Death, or not working on NPC's during Pacifism Defect event. Back to Chroma Elemental Ward, why did DE give him a Scaling Toxin Damage Aura(Deals % of enemy health).......Yet, it doesn't work if enemies have Toxic already applied by another source?!? Then they seem to be giving other Frames large AoE scaling damage- recently. Where is the balance?
  8. I think you Meant Ivara Arrows* I concur, with being able to select the Status effect or change the Hallowed Ground application. (Blast for consistent Knockdown as a choice could be nice)*
  9. This video(4/15/2017) came out before Prime Time (Today 4/20/2017)Reveal and specifically asked for Frontal Cone Hallowed Ground:
  10. Oberon revisit looks amazing, thus far. Anxious 😁 Also looking forward to a SpectraContinuous Weapon buff/rework
  11. Greatly appreciate the honesty. Hoping that comment makes some Dev's day!😁
  12. Lol, so true Except those pesky flying Drones/Osprey* Would be nice if Sonic Boom would be a guaranteed Sapping Osprey Mine/Puck destroy(delete)
  13. Normal Silence will provide the Stealth Melee Multiplier bonus for enemies recovering from Knockdowns, just lacks the bonus to finisher attacks However, on PS4 performing ground Finishers with or without Savage Silence Augments often results in normal White numbers while Silence is active. For those wanting to use Savage Silence for the Stealth Multiplier during the stun, the attacks need to be during the 3sec stun when they are Primed for Finishers. Or you need to be invisible, but even then normal Silence will allow all Melee DoTs to benefit from Stealth Melee Multiplier as you are 'breaking Enemy purview' (Regular Silence + Naramon Shadowstep grants Stealth Melee Multiplier to all Melee DoTs without Single Target Finisher prompts) In Contrast to the other Augment that boosts Finisher damage, Radiant Finish; which has the bonus applied to the stun which lasts the full ability duration. I think a fixed inner radius or always allowing Sonic Boom to refresh the Silence Stun, would allow Savage Silence to function more consistently like Radiant Finish. Also, if I jump attack Knockdown an Osprey: I am not seeing the Savage Silence bonus on the performed ground Finisher. •I assume this is because Osprey are immune to normal Silence Edit: To be clear, I am looking forward to the Silence Duration buff as it greatly assists my normal Banshee build. Only my CC cheese build gets hurt, which is fine as it was Min duration and did not allow for Sonic Fracture, nor Sonar(Resonance) to be useful.
  14. I can understand DE not wanting Min Duration, Max Range Silence Spam to be possible (used to be 3sec stun with 3.12sec duration) But the issue I have is with the Augment: Savage Silence The way the Augment works and the changes they have made to Nullifiers makes Savage Silence unappealing. ✓Savage Silence with base Range and the actual finisher part only lasting the initial 3sec stun, does not give Banshee enough time to perform a Finisher and clear the 20m radius before other enemies re-engage ✓Before Nullifiers whom are immune to Sonar, would still have their Giant Bubbles visually letting you know there were enemies on the other side of the wall, with no Sonar Weakpoints and definitely not stunned by Silence. I think either a Fixed inner Radius stun that lasts the full duration of Augmented Savage Silence (like fixed 5m inner Savage Silence Aura) Or Letting Sonic Boom function as a silence stun refresh if used on enemies within Silence Aura Either of these changes, would allow Savage Silence to be fully functional with the current large radius and now longer base duration. -My opinion
  15. Strongly concur