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  1. Playing on my main(MR23 4400hrs) account I cheesed Sortie 3 and carried a couple groups: Abating Link Trinity with EV and Attica(Rven is +132.2%Critical Damage + 160.9%Damage+99.3% Status Chance) with Vile Acceleration and Arcane Avenger for easy crits However on my Alt(MR17 240hrs) where I have been conservative in Frame Slots and Weapon slots I have a Forma'd dread as the only Bow but only had Loki, Ivara and Nekros Prime as Frame options. Only I and one other player had CP, with no frames having Armor removal ability. Bow only part for the Puzzles was annoying and then players were being killed during the middle strikes. Inaros was Blinding Kela at 1st and then Ivara in group was Spam Sleeping Kela for what seemed like a 1sec duration...however Kela's Shield Regen and reduced Bleed/status duration coupled with her high armor was just too much of nuisance. 20+mins and we had not made it past 2nd phase before Revives were exhausted. Was just a Sortie worth skipping on that account. More of a gear check than whether or not it was newbie friendly. Had I had a different frame I could have made that Sortie easier on Alt. Only thing that could have been worse for Kela's, in my opinion would be Melee only & only because the Pad-Spinning Disc Puzzles would be a nightmare. Especially since DE removed Operator/empty Frame from counting as 2 pad eligible. (Otherwise you could exit Warframe holding the pad and move close to Void Beam the Disc Puzzle if not a Frame with Ranged ability attacks that can trigger discs)
  2. I take Cephalon Simaris initial approach I need response to Cephalon Suda & Octavia: Flawed I cannot Deny Octavia's ability strength: At least sound can be muted and she can be cloaked. (I have a feeling the Metronome Augment will make Octavia's current self buffs (Opera, Nocturne, Forte, Vivace) be radial AoE)* Geoff did a 180° and let dancing into Warframe.
  3. Wouldn't Harrow technically be another Gunslinger frame? But more Vash Stampede/Pumpkin Scissors/Trinity Blood Themed versus Mesa's Wild West/Equilibrium Gun kata themed
  4. Yes And strongly concur it would allow better scaling. Even better if it used predefined energy cap per target regardless of health, much like how Energy Vampire is consistent regardless of target. (Same amount of energy per cast) Needs to be consistent to be a Trinity Side-grade. Wondering if Harrow will have excess energy or health being converted towards overshields as standard?
  5. lol Yeah that Powerstrength Group composition with AMP would be amazing. Plus Equinox Maim building and storing all that slash damage in conjunction with Mallet...oh my 🤣
  6. They changed ability so that normal non-headshots grant energy and Headshots grant bonus (more) energy. Sadly, the kill still being a requirement for energy replenishment means he will not scale like Trinity. High Level Ancient Healer Auras (lvl 200+)will drastically show that Trinity does a far better job than Harrow for energy replenishment. Hoping they lose the kill requirement. (I still think it should function more like We'll of Life where there is a Damage Conversion limit but per target for the ability duration. Aka so much damage from shots only grants a Max of X energy per enemy) Would still promote killing enemies as you would run out of Energy sources unless you recast the ability.
  7. Almost unneeded because of Banshee Sonar stacks being multiplicative on overlaps. However in that scenario 2 Banshee Sonars over lapped would be 5000%² or 25,000,000% To surpass 5000% multiplier Sonar with Banshee base 100% Powerstrength it only requires 6 Sonar casts that luckily overlap. 5*5*5*5*5*5 = 15,625 (5 casts would be 3,125) [Banshee casting additional Sonar overlaps or overlaps generated by Resonance are like Banshee self-buffing her Powerstrength. Seriously, Sonar stacking is so powerful]* Octavia would be a nice fourth in that equation. As for the Weapon Amp vs CP: if using Madurai Focus and wanting to specifically build for a Slash /Viral weapon combo the Weapon Amp works out better than CP stacking. (A Zero(or 1) damage Slash hit can still proc Bleed Damage numbers that are non-zero. Although they it would be much nicer if Amp Auras were multiplicative rather than additive. (Yes, please)
  8. I feel Cycron is a side-grade to AkBronco Prime, in the sense that it feels balanced when compared to that weapon. Pox feels like it is in another league especially since even if not eligible for Dual Wield single gun and single melee, it still can be a quick-tempered monster when paired with Condition Overload and Polearm, Whip, Nunchaku, Tonga, or any other Quick-melee or Maiming Strike build. Maybe it would have been more balanced if Ammo Mutations never got buffed with Primed variants or past initial 3 ranks (before they were made 5 ranks) in addition to the Crazy Shared Sniper/Launcher Ammo pool for Launcher-type secondary weapons. I still feel the Cycron is an upgrade to my beloved Spectra, so it is a mainstay for me. Currently have 52 mag on Cycron (Ice Storm, Primed Slip Magazine, & Riven) Have it built for Gas, since I run Radiation + Viral on Melee weapons. I'm also using Madurai Focus at the moment, the Slash procs seem decent especially with critical headshot proc. I have to agree with others, that given the small base magazine size the weapon should have had Arch-Gun recharge delay. (Base 20m range would have also kept weapon in check from being overpowered)
  9. Wanted to say I'm happy with the change that Headshots and kills are bonus energy and that Harrow can replenish energy just on landing a shot/attack. Going to be fun with an alternative to Trinity for Energy-support (I am going to assume Thurible charging is affected by Casting Speed....Primed Natural Talent or Primed Speed Drift 😁)
  10. ^ These if looking for both Slide-Attack friendly status procs (Also Sheev & Zenistar) If you are not in need of Naramon Shadow step, Madurai with both Slash & Puncture can allow the Elemental status weapons an additional 120% with Condition Overload. (Very helpful if using a Frame that already can setup Stealth melee Multiplier) Ash is a great example of when Madurai Slash damage pairs well with Condition Overload You can also (setup) condition overload with Pox - so that it works easily to followup with a Quick-Melee Maiming Strike Slide-Attack..like an Atterax. (Pox with Madurai can apply 3 different Elementals and 2 Physical status procs very quickly and just having Condition overload allows that to be 300% Melee damage bonus even if the Melee is not a status weapon)*
  11. Yes & DE very well should know and thus balance/rework accordingly. - my feelings/opinion Banish having the Bladestorm target to select only allies or only enemies, could prove to be more intuitive than current AOE. Or For simplicity they could let Banish outside of rift function as-is and while in Rift Banish goes back to single target.
  12. Yeah if DE would have resized the Scythe Class during the Heavy-Weapon pass classification: we could have had some large War Scythes rather than some Beautiful (dare I say Ornamental) Sickles .
  13. Would be most welcome for Halikur to actually disarm targeted enemies!
  14. That is exactly what happens! Same with Banish/Cataclysm on Hijack/Tram pads with 1-shot Electricity in NM LoR. It can also be used to troll JV pads for destroying Nerves. Seems like DE has overlooked Trials when reworking both Limbo and Oberon. (Limbo as described above and Oberon with the increased Energy drain scaling with Ally healed : Trials have 7 additional allies not including Sentinels/Pets/Summons that can very easily lose health)
  15. Nice, I don't have 20.6 (PS4 player8 Long overdue