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  1. Galatine Prime Riven

    Any melee Riven that is not 4 or 5 strength disposition, cannot really compete for Mod slot with Pre-Riven Melee builds. The stats get too watered-down with the Weaker disposition. *My personal thoughts
  2. Lacera prime?

    My opinion is extremely bias* An attack speed boost would be nice.
  3. No crits on Seer

    I've been using Seer as experimental crit weapon even before I acquired Arcane Avenger: Glad to see people realized the Crit Multiplier is just hidden and truly not 'Crit-less' weapon. Charm Red Crits on Seer Headshots seem to pack a punch...if only that Blast/Explosive kill animation was better justified as a stat or small AoE.
  4. leveling up convectrix is real bad

    I'll agree the vast majority of players will say the Convectrix is painful to level. My argument to that is every weapon used to be a pain to level, when MR did not grant corresponding capacity. You could forma your favorite weapon and it sucked to level it with No mods. Being at a high MR and being able to put mods on any Weapon has definitely made it less of an hindrance to level/forma weapons even AW. I personally enjoy Convectrix as my alt-Crit Shotgun (Arcane Avenger sometimes with a Kavat) so nice Centered beam is easy reliable headshots. I do strongly agree with @Paradoxbomb in regards to cool concept and poor implementation. However I feel DE could tweak to make it better, like they did with Panthera. If DE is not willing to do a full Mechanic Overhaul, I would be happy if the weapon got Forced Slash proc and some innate Punch-through as a band-aid adjustment/hotfix. ( Á la Cycron)
  5. What exactly triggers condition overload the best?

    Not sure about being out of Line-of Sight. If that were the case wouldn't it work like Blind/Invisibility Stealth where they are alerted but Line of sight is broken, thus granting Stealth Multiplier to any melee attack and not utilizing Radiation as trigger. You can sometimes get Stealth Multiplier with AoE Secura Sequence Radiation Proc being applied to standing enemies (always seems to work on grounded or standing stunned enemies). Unless being confused has a chance to break Line of Sight. (Only issue is Radiation has to be applied after the stun/knockdown and not before, from my experience on PS4)* Repeated Blast melee attacks do the same thing where it will trigger Stealth Melee Multiplier. (Zenistar w/Blast makes it easy to test)* Electric and Heat seems to be less reliable for triggering Stealth Multiplier on knockdowned enemies. The other way to test is Vauban Bastille and Vortex: Radiation Melee seems to consistently trigger Stealth Melee Multiplier but not Slash/Impact/Cold/Punture/Corrosive/Viral/Toxic/Gas/Magnetic. Banshee Sonic Boom and Mag Pull easily allow Radiation to trigger Stealth Melee Multiplier, but it might be as you said where Radiation on knockdown is breaking Line-of-Sight. I think Confused state might be a reset on Enemy Alert but because of the knockdown or stun state ,technically they have not re-engaged on combat and thus that is why they are counted as Line-of-Sight being broken. •But that wouldn't explain why Blast, Heat, and Electric can also trigger Stealth Melee Multiplier on downed/stunned enemies. Unless excessive stun is skewing Enemy Alertness.
  6. What exactly triggers condition overload the best?

    As others have already answered "Per Status per Target basis" so diversifying Status works best. With that out of the way... I personally have found that Quick-melee weapons like Polearms and Nunchaku work extremely well paired with Torid, Mutalist Cernos, or Pox. Even better if using Madurai to add IPS procs to those lingering clouds. Corrosive + Blast+ Toxic (& IPS if Madurai Focus) allows for enemies to be Condition Overload friendly while removing armor and CC'ing the enemies. Running Radiation + Viral on your Melee weapon further boosts Condition Overload bonus with even more Status synergy bonuses: Commonly known half-hearted from Viral Also applying Radiation to a knocked-down enemy allows the Stealth Melee Multiplier to come into effect (Yellow non-critical numbers) for an 8x multiplier since PS4 Update 20.0.9 • Fixed damage-over-time procs double-dipping on stealth multipliers, resulting in higher numbers than the intended 8x. So 8x instead of 4x Stealth damage Multiplier Example of Radiation granting Stealth Multiplier on knocked down enemies:
  7. Gorgon, Boltor, and Soma: Make the ALL Viable

    I don't see how any of those proposed changes would make the weapons "viable". •Wouldn't make those weapons Endless Scaling friendly, so they still lose put to weapons like Zarr, Torid, or Pox •They are already more than Sortie Viable so I'm not sure what buff they are needing. They don't need a buff for Sortie/Trial content & they are ill-suited for Endless Scaling. Ultimately what is this "viable" goal that these weapons need to be buffed to meet? TL; DR What is considered viable content, requiring these weapons to be buffed?
  8. Why not just remove the Melee Block key?

    I am okay with Block being automatic, only if I may have option to revert back. On Some Warframes I don't block unless needed (health low and/or Energy low (Magnetic procs) with Quick-Thinking or Defy) as the damage mitigation screws with Rage energy regeneration. (Mainly as Prolonged Paralysis Valkyr, Chroma, Oberon, and WuKong) I do use the Block Melee combo of Defiled Snapdragon very often, however it is difficult to tell of the combo itself is providing damage mitigation while blocking.(I have piss poor observational skills in that regard.) Combo-wise while wielding the melee weapon Block combo input could always be changed to a different (currently unused) heck could still be Normal Aim input so the actual keybind (looking at PS4 Controller layout) combo input remains as-is. I agree that Channelling with Auto-block would suffice for both Parry and Reflection. Personally I am awaiting a heavy-hearted/revisit to melee combo input. •Letting Reload switch Melee Stance •Let Context use or separate keybind perform Melee Parry/Stealth attacks
  9. In all fairness. Channelling is sort-of a Glaive-weapon thing and mainly the mass community only used Channelling for Life-Strike Melee healing
  10. I concur with most of the above. I did say Covert Lethality was a niche Melee mechanic (Literally the next line after what you quoted from me.) In regards to buffing Melee base damage, would it be fair to just buff Melee base damage by the old Stealth Multiplier of 400%, that way the current 800% Stealth Multiplier would bring back the 32x multiplier damage that was once in game for Stealth damage? I think it is fair to say that Stealth Melee seems to be on par with Guns, so just giving a Flat 400% melee buff across the board would bring them in-line. Melee Channelling: I still stand-by my comment that the Entire Glaive-class is the only current melee weapon class that utilizes Channelling for a class-specific mechanic without need for an additional Melee mod. •Channeling on a Throw allows manual Detonation of Glaive weapons and then the unique Orvius has Channeled Throws doing 'Vulnerable Puppet' I feel Channelling could have taken a hybrid approach as far as modding. Letting Warframe Efficiency affect Channelling Efficiency as well as Warframe Powerstrength boosting Channelling damage multiplier (Since it is Warframe energy being used to attack) Also Channelling mods themselves could have their own Mod slot in loadout that is independent of Melee Weapon Mods. •(This would allow Glaive specific mods to be slotted on separate Mod capacity allowing for normal Melee mods to be slotted) Would also allow for easier Channelling Melee changes per weapon/class in the future, as Normal Melee builds could be retained but Channelling loadout would be modded independently. Opening up Melee weapon specific Channelling Mods or possible Warframe-Melee synergy Channelling Specific mods/Augments that further promote certain Melee/Ability interaction. Example of Mod would be landing a Channelling weapon attack on an enemy affected by a cast ability can provide a Random buff (Thinking Lua Wall-Crack random buffs) Channelling Mod-capacity could be limited to 2 capacity per Mastery Rank. If introduced as M 8 or higher quest, it would give players 16-60(MR 30) Channelling mod capacity (equivalent to a talent tree) Wouldn't force anyone to have to use channeling, but can encourage them to do so. (Like how Focus is not mandatory, but can be beneficial. Although Operator use is forced...for Kuva and Quest missions.) With DE making more of a move towards traditional MMO gameplay: Dancing Emotes, Open World(semi/psuedo), weapon crafting, fishing/hunting : I feel DE has opened up the possibility of Melee Channelling becoming a separate Mod tree that benefits from both Warframe and Weapon Mods. (Additionally it would be nice if Charged Melee Channelled attacks could register as a Ranged hit for Ranged Puzzles like in the Kela fight)*
  11. I can't agree that Blood Rush is the sole Reason Melee is able with being on Par with Guns. Nor can I agree that Melee is weaker than Ranged, Point Blank ^That is not an absolute fact. The fact that Covert Lethality will 1shot a high level enemy faster than a Gun would make that statement false. Covert Lethality would be one of those niche Melee mechanics as is the Stealth Multiplier or Finisher attacks, but those do not need Blood Rush to make melee viable. Besides Covert Lethality Daggers, the 2-handed heavy Blade that I see used frequently "Zenistar" does not rely on Blood Rush either. (Also does not need Maiming Strike)* In my experience the worst Melee weapon is better than the worst Gun(s) because of aforementioned Melee combat mechanics. (Machete, Halikur, regular Lecta will perform better than a Lato, Magnus, Lex, Baliistica, Vasto, Bolto, Castana, etc.. or Even Embolist against 20 lvl 100+ Bombards If the melee weapons are being used in conjunction with Stealth Multiplier or Finisher attacks) The worst Guns would have to outperform the worst Melee. For guns to just be better. Right now for most current content Guns are better, especially with Small target ranged objectives (Boss Weakpoints or Puzzle hit plates/targets) On the extreme ends such as early game content, and killing endless scaling enemies: Beginner Melee easily outpaces the beginner Gun weapons especially if a player choose Excalibur to start. On the high-end Ivara kills enemies at the same steady pace regardless of Armor by just 1-shotting with Covert Lethality. You mentioned gimping a Warframe Build to make Melee viable, but for some Warframes it can be seen as the opposite. Trying to make Ivara Prowl Friendly for a gun build means more compromises than just doing a Melee focused build. Same can be said for other easy Stealth Multiplier frames: Excalibur, Loki, Ash, Valkyr, (Octavia can Excel at both Gun and Melee without compromise, same with WuKong & Nidus) There are a lot of Guns and Melee weapons that are not worth the effort to make Sortie Viable. (Heck entire Melee weapon classes that are just 'Maximum Effort's) As for the topic of Channeling Weapons: I actually think @Halisi has the numbers a little too low given the Channeling Energy cost. (Would be different(nice*) if Warframe Efficiency mods affected Channeling melee weapon cost; especially since there are channel blocking mods that are Warframe Mods and not directly Melee weapon mods.) I do agree that it works it would be nice to have Channeling Focused Weapons and I would like to promote the Glaive-class as worthy for Channeling emphasis. (As far as I know that is the only Melee weapon class with a unique Channeling effect for the whole class)
  12. Octavia Passive AW

    Octavia Passive is not persisting in Archwing No energy Regen (Inspiration) when casting abilities while in Archwing. Saryn Passive of longer status duration persists in AW. Wukong's passive of longer melee combo duration also works in AW.
  13. Frost armor stripping buff? Weaker than Oberon's

    I think Ash and Abating Link Trinity are the standard for Armor removal, as-in least amount of effort or casts to completely strip armor. Frost is also up there, except energy coat is higher with Frost. Oberon is even more expensive, but that sort-of justifies the permanent Armor reduction. I still think Abating Link Trinity or Seeking Shuriken Ash are better anti-aging choices, especially for Boss killing runs.
  14. Bringing life to "bad" status procs

    My suggestion for Impact Let Impact proc make affected target 50% more vulnerable to a status proc for 3secs. Basically like increasing status chance on a per target basis. Impact status weapon like Shaku would be able to more easily stack Status procs. This would also allow Impact to be Condition Overload friendly for melee. On Gorgon series weapons (& other impact weapons) this would allow them to become status weapons by focusing on a target. Allow Impact proc to debuff status resistance.
  15. My personal feeling: Currently the only Sorite Weapon class we do not have a Market place credit purchasable weapon is Sniper. There is also no Mk-1 Sniper available to be Purchased. I say bring back the Snipetron as 'starter' Sniper Weapon, credit purchasable. No real need to explain Lore other than it was a prototype for Lanka, unless we get a Snipetron Prime or Lanka Prime. •In Snipetron Prime (highly unlikely) the lore explanation can be the same as Braton, Braton Vandal, Braton Prime: Corpus remanufacturing of Tenno/Orokon Weapon •In case of Lanka Prime(more likely to happen as weapon is more sci-fi), the normal Snipetron could be lore prototype of Lanka remanufacturing hence the model has been superceded. I think that would cover Lore, along with filling the gap of not having a Starter Sniper nor being able to buy a crafted Sniper weapon for Sniper-only Sorties.