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  1. Any gun should be sortie 3 viable with enough investment

    Literally, Prime time had a Sortie fail because Spectra and Nekros...which is why I had made the video in the first place. Spectra was bad back when it was 8 damage, but I already had 7 forma in it back then before its buff.
  2. I agree that mission scaling based on a Combination of MR and/or CR (Old Visible Combat Rating that was more important with Stratos events) Using a combination of group composition (Total or average MR/CAR)to scale the content, would do better not low level nuking. Or at least asking which per mission node like with Nightmare/Alert/Syndicate multi-mission node. Basically asking us if we want 'Normal level Node' or 'Scaled based on Gear/MR' Also I feel MR should be an affinity multiplier : even if 1:1% maxed at MR30 would only be 30% more affinity. •Would promote MR ranking and also help dampen the grind for daily affinity caps by allowing higher MR to acquire affinity (and also convert focus) faster Combined with being able to have the missions scale with MR/CR and you could have a higher level farming mission. Example: DE could make the mission scaling the same as Top level of CR in Simulacrum, so MR24 players would have missions with enemies starting at level 150. Be it Hydron or MoT
  3. Correct which if Maiming Strike applied to Charge Attacks it would have been a band-aid for them, at the very least. Hopefully Charge attacks will get a look at with upcoming Melee MR readjustment. Only things worse than Charge attacks are Wall-attacks & partying.
  4. Operators need a name

    Forgot "Fleshie" "Maggot" "Worm" Grineer have all sorts of names for our Operators.
  5. Should block damage reduction be made automatic?

    Automated Blocking Damage Mitigation could be a weapon class specific thing: Sword & Shield comes to mind along with Fist/Sparring/Claws as these melee weapons are already on the hands/arms to block and are not really holstered.
  6. @--Dr.AbaddonicSloth I never really understood why Maiming Strike was chance for Slide-attack to be a critical rather than Charge Attack. •Even Gun Blades and Glaive weapons having guaranteed Crit charge attacks would seem more balance than spin-to-win (Plus Telos Boltace could have retained Slash on spin) From my experience Charge Attacks need more of a boost than Slide-attacks.
  7. WHAT happened to the Dual daggers??

    But the Arsenal UI Melee Attack Speed can really only be used to compare similar weapons that share the same stances. Dual Daggers attack faster than Heavy Blades or Hammers due to innate multi-strike. If all hits were to connect (Which is a Melee hitbox range issue) Dual Daggers would build the melee combo counter faster than Hammers or Heavy Blades. Meaning they are landing more attacks more Rapidly regardless of the animation appearing to be slow. DE actually did the multi-strike fine as that is a good way to increase DPS without technically making attack animations appear as a blur. If Dual Daggers had the same base damage as heavy blades or Hammers it would be obvious that the multi-strike would produce better killing speed. (We will have to wait to see how these weapons get adjusted with Melee weapon MR balance pass)
  8. WHAT happened to the Dual daggers??

    @Soulexploder999 Are you only looking at Arsenal Stats? Why would you compare listed attack speed between different class melee weapons? •Listed Melee attack speed is an animation modifier for that particular melee class 1.00 Hammer Speed is not 1.00 Dual Dagger Speed, nor 1.00 Sparring Speed. Same with certain Stances having faster attack animations like Twirling Spire vs Bleeding Willow ... Weapon can have the same attack speed but the Stance can change the attack rate because the attack speed is an animation speed modifier. (Cyclone Kraken vs Sundering Weave is a nother example)* Dual Daggers Spinning Needle is Condition Overload friendly with a forced Impact proc on every attack but the Okina and Ether Daggers are the better weapons to use in this category due to 15% Status, for ability to Double proc. Sinking Talon has faster attack animations than Gnashing Payara and Spinning Needle, even though a Dual Dagger weapon will have the same listed Attack speed. (Reiterate that listed Melee Attack speed is a weapon class animation modifier) Dual Daggers do have innate multi-strike to assist with their DPS, but they suffer from poor hitbox range. All of this is not really important, as DE is adjusting the Melee class as a separate MR & stat rework. (Same with continuous weapons not yet getting adjusted: Synoid Gammacor still MR6 while other Syndicate Secondary Guns are MR10)* You can revisit the weapons after the upcoming melee weapon class tweaks, but most likely the current shortcoming listed in this Thread will not be relevant after Melee Class tweaks. (Unless they skip over Dual Daggers like Stug, Mutalist Quanta, Acrid...etc)*
  9. Maiming Strike | To Nerf or Not to Nerf

    Um, I don't think DE would go that far. (Except certain Riven stats already do bolster some Exalted abilities: Gara Shattered Lash using Melee Riven base Damage, Elemental, Puncture, & Slash stats)* When Waveblade worked with Covert Lethality - 1 hit kill within 40m range: that was probably the most broken Excalibur has ever been. I cannot see them repeating that blunder.
  10. Maiming Strike | To Nerf or Not to Nerf

    Except Scoliac Range Riven due to Disposition is closer to 50+m, out classing Slide-Blind Range and able to instantly hit targets because no travel time and similar 'melee environment' Punch-through. Also due to Wave Blade not adding to the combo counter: Exalted Blade would still not fully benefit from Blood Rush crit combo scaling. This being somewhat balanced compared to late-game melee alternatives. Blood Rush + Maiming Strike Hysteria would be incredibly powerful but still limited by short Range. I can out Melee Range kill Excalibur with Lacera, but again that is niche where Riven disposition Range + P.Reach allows for such.
  11. With these MR upgrades, they never stood a chance

    I did not say any of those weapons were needed to complete the star chart, you alluded to that being the case. A new player that is missing anniversary alerts, which would be realistic. Same goes for a new player ignoring the Gift of the Lotus Alerts, and not spending starting Plat on anything. These are all high probability scenarios. The They could skip FREESWORD for Catalyst Heat Sword with slot and also skip Vectis code with skin, catalyst and slot (FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N), due to not having knowledge of these in-game promotional codes. If they are new I assume they might get sucked-in to Cetus and there they might see the allure of Zaws, which they would get access to before Syndicate Weapons. A Zaw could carry a new player through much of the start chart. The game is not really tailored for a player to be here less than a year. If a new player is expecting to knock out this whole game in a week or even a month, this is not that type of game. Maybe we are playing different games, but I believe the end goal is MR30. With that in mind even if you had all equipment leveled so you could take 1 Mastery Rank test a day that would be 30 24-hour wait periods just to complete the tests. A new player would not know this, but would find out quickly and then decide of this is even a game they want to invest/devote more time to or play something that is less of a time sink. 100days of logging into Warframe is nothing compared to the long run. Even looking at some people taking 150hrs in-game to get to Tenno reveal. At a casual 2hrs of gaming a day that is still 75days until you start playing the actual game. I have a new Alt-account (Fall of 2017 start) that does not have Dex Anniversary weapons but I'm MR15 on that account and just recently got the Azima (PS4)FRAGORPRlME. (I is a lower case L) Budget alt account meaning no purchased plat, and near minimal slots (used starting Plat for 1 level and dump Warframe slot and for weapons slots) Basically only have a single frame was Mag, now Mag Prime to use for all content. I went with Torid because of low MR requirement and high late-game potential. A new player on a primary account most likely will take much longer to get to the same MR as they will most likely try to keep more Warframes and or Weapons , requiring them to spend real money to obtain more slots or to spend time trading to acquire more plat. On my main account MrNishi IAM at 4600hrs, 323 hrs on (PS4)Shadow-X1 (MR20 just got Zenistar), and 226hrs on (PS4)FRAGORPRlME On both Alt accounts, I have not completed the StarChart and frequently request a taxi to Sortie missions and even Eris Relay, because I play those accounts casually and mainly only to log-in and level only if a free Booster is active. That is not what I expect new player behavior to be like, but as such a new player would take that much longer to get to an equivalent MR by in-game hours and also by Real-life hour and day commitment.
  12. With these MR upgrades, they never stood a chance

    MR13 total affinity required is 422,500 Not including any Warframe, Kubrow, Kavat, or Star Chart node affinity there is 450,000 affinity in marketplace between BP's and pre-crafted weapons for credits (27k affinity is AW BP's which if subtracted would still be 423,000 affinity which would be MR13) If you have another 38 Dojo weapons that is another 114k affinity (423k + 114k = 534k which is almost MR14 at 562k requirement) Again, not including any Warframe, Kubrow, Kavat, or Star-chart node affinity.
  13. With these MR upgrades, they never stood a chance

    The MR locks also don't apply to awarded weapons. Example: Dex weapons are getting a MR increase but a new player can still unlock the weapon via Alert/Log-in and use it without meeting the MR requirements. Same as Log-in weapons aka bypassing the MR requirement. Free Vectis and Heatsword codes also bypass the MR requirement. (Same for twitch drops like Vectis Prime) So new players can still get access to weapons (with pre-installed catalyst and free slot) to carry them through most of the game because they take minimal effort (investment) to be better than a freshly crafted weapon.
  14. Reduce weapon switching time.

    I see only good and no harm from DE allowing more fluid weapon transition from a player's perspective for both Conclave and Normal PvE co-op. It makes players feel more Ninja and if the swap/holster speed was sped up- I might even be willing to use reload while holstered mods in PvE. The game has come along way in making us move more ninja-like with just a few things left for us to be there completely. •Melee Animation lock attacks (Wall-attacks/Ground Slam) •Not yet able to cling to ceiling (we are space ninjas) •Slow weapon switching relative to the pace of combat If weapon switching matched the newer Operator transition speed that would be great. Repurposing Speed Holster to be a Natural Talent Aura mod would be amazing and other holster speed mods could always be Endo conversion/refunds. Fair compromise for more fluid combat at all levels: even allowing for faster Codex scanner swap.
  15. A missed weapon from U22.12: Stug

    Charge being left over was so that Stug players could use the 'original' firing mechanic. •Wish they had done this on the Dual-Decurion (I preferred semi-auto)* I agree with the forced Explosion upon reaching 6 cap size for Stug. (Would be safer for newer players not used to delayed explosion and then they get acclimated as the weapon levels up. Getting used to 6 cap size being a fixed Explosion and no longer 'delayable' ) And/Or for Multi-shot in general not counting towards cap for Stug/Castanas/Penta/Talons. Can really mess with strategic placement at the cost of damage viability to maintain utility.