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  1. Contiguous

    Hotfix 18.0.2

    Dear DE staff, why wasn;'t this a priority? This is pretty annoying to many of the players. Its really hard to tell what is what when symbols keep morphing into other symbols. It happens everywhere, not just in arsenal.
  2. Contiguous

    Mama Lotus Threatened Me!

    Mother is real tired of your S#&$.
  3. Contiguous

    Game Is Rigged.

    Grindframe, Farmframe. Choose one.
  4. Dont worry, I reported him before for baseless accusations, harassment and threats. The user of the kickbot account is a $&*^. I am sorry DE, but you gotta check out your staff ASAP.
  5. Would it be really bad if we all assumed they did this once and let it go? This discussion is turning into a real circle jerk and it's not coming to an end it seems. Wouldn't it be fair to believe that at least you now get more stuff if you pay the premium price for it? To me it just looks like more content, and come on, not many people do actually care that much about the kubrows. It's a fun extra, but nothing to stress or complain about. Prime access is a choice and this is getting out of hand. No one is forced to buy it. Come on peeps.
  6. Contiguous

    Hotfix 17.4.4

    Cool DE, adding 144 and 200. When will you add the 3440x1440 resolution that has is part of the 21:9/2.39:1 family?
  7. Lol this is gonna be great.
  8. Contiguous

    Veterans Opinion Only/not Enough Content

    You know why I said this thread ain't a good thread?
  9. Contiguous

    Veterans Opinion Only/not Enough Content

    This thread... this ain't a good thread.
  10. Contiguous

    Hi, I'm The Voice Of Tyl Regor

    We love you.
  11. Contiguous

    Void Trader Will Bring Something New

    This thread. This is a good thread.
  12. Contiguous

    Warframe Builder

    Dear warframe builder owner(s), what's wrong with the moderators who keep privatizing every build? Plenty of other builds out there do NOT comply to the "rules" you have set, yet when I happen to put a build up with a similarly styled title, it's not according to the rules. I am really eager to know what goes through the mind of you people. I had a fun build I wanted to share, now I don't. I am done. Might as well make every build private and let mods approve the builds. I bet then only 3 builds per warframe would exist because I can smell that some moderators might enjoy using their perks to have their builds in every list, but not allow new people who come up with possibly good things to share their idea. This ain't a community website that's handling the community fairly. I am not going to bother anymore with putting up my build,m because after 3 days of changing my title repeatedly it's still not good enough, but behold, a build that has a dumb title can just stay there in the list. Should I just assume the owner of that build is a moderator? Because his never was taken down?
  13. Contiguous

    Warframe Builder

    I dislike the moderators of warframe builder. PLenty of builds with $&*&*#(%& names, but mine happens to be the only one getting reported and privatized all the time. Does the name even matter? It's about the build isn't it. I'll just assume because they don't have a contact e-mail this thread can be used for that. I love warframe builder, but ever since I presented my first build, that S#&$ has been plaguing me.