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  1. Hmmm how to use the new table bbcode which is shown up in the 7.11.0 update thread?
  2. Well i want it to be bigger first. I'm so used to a big Excalibur face
  3. Well i'm so happy to hear this :DDDD
  4. Funny thing is i got all Banshee's parts just by endlessly farming io
  5. There is no way to view it like objectives atm. The only way is triggering the actions which are noted in those "challenges"
  6. Does it affect your gameplay? No. And remember that they might eventually giveaway colors palettes like once they did with the easter colors palette.
  7. Yes. It'll appear once you get the warframe. Take a look in where you change colors.
  8. I think it's not actually an objective, it's more like a challenge for more affinity. Just my conclusions
  9. You can't teleport with an Excalibur. It was probably some grineer commanders.
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