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  1. Warframe Builder

    Attica is listed as a bow so it can use the bow-specific mods, which gave it by default the bow's ammo pool. TBH I've never noticed the error (or really cared) as it's so minor. Almost none of the weapon stats are off; they are pulled from the wiki but sometimes miss updates. Be sure to uncheck the crit checkbox before comparing, as the builder factors in the average damage critical strikes add to each shot.
  2. Warframe Builder

    Actually none of the sniper zoom bonuses appear to be working. Drop down box works, but no bonus is applied.
  3. Warframe Builder

    As I understand it, you can't use that mod on the Attica. I could be mistaken, I don't actually have the mod to test with, but TMag is an Assault-Rifle mod rather than a primary mod, while the Attica can use Thunderbolt which is specific to Bows, so I would assume that the Attica is considered to be a Bow and thus not an AR.
  4. Warframe Builder

    Stoi pulls weapons stats off the wiki, rather than the arsenal (I don't even think he plays WF anymore, so double props for keeping the builder going); the wiki rounds the fire rates to a single integer (so I suppose the builder does too). ^ Goblin nailed the other things.
  5. Warframe Builder

    Yeah, all 'channeling' type mods only take effect while channeling is active.
  6. Warframe Builder

    Works just fine for me. Check off the Channeling tick box to activate channeling attacks and crit chance jumps up to 60%.
  7. Gonna clarify something because people seem to be misunderstanding; The plat he's talking about spending was the purchase of an Arcane Chlora helmet, the old arcane version which reduces the duration of Saryn's abilities, adding some additional damage to Miasma. (It also adds 10% velocity to parkour movement) It wasn't a huge increase, adding only about 3.5^ more damage to Miasma, but it was still something desirable. Because the reworked Saryn will desire duration, OP won't get a lot of use from the helmet before it becomes a 'reduction' in stats and will likely be removed for the base helm.
  8. Vaykor Marelok

    Crit chance is worth keeping if you aim for headshots, as critical headshots get 4x damage instead of 2x for a non-crit. But the crit damage mod isn't that great. I'd swap it so you have 2-3 60%/60% mods. As a 'finalized' build, with enough forma, you'd also want to include Primed Heated Charge and maybe Seeker. If you don't have PHC, Ice Storm can work if you like the larger clip.
  9. Warframe Builder

    Yeah initial cost is doing something weird, going up when FE is installed. Channeled cost is a bit off as well; the formula can take advantage of the full +90% efficiency so long as the end result is no less than 25% of the base cost. So with a max FE and Streamline, it should have a channeling cost of (3e/s / 40% dur) * (100% base - 90% eff) = 3/0.4 * 0.1 = 0.75e/sec. Instead the builder is showing 3.13, which I suspect might come from efficiency being capped at 75%, but something else is going on too, if it was simply that; 3/0.4 * 0.25 = 1.875e/s (3.13 observed in builder).
  10. Warframe Builder

    Might be best to treat CL as a +damage% mod, with the value of 100 divided by the base damage, minus 100%. For example, say a dagger hits for 35 damage; the CL mod is the equivalent of 100/35 - 100% = 285.7% - 100% -> CL=+185.7% damage mod. That way you wouldn't have to create a new mechanic to keep its effect from being scaled with Pressure Point and Spoiled Strike. Although you would need to create a mod category that interacts with the weapon's base damage... damn. Also DE added a ton of new PvP mods with U17.8, a new melee weapon, and buffed the Ignis.
  11. Scindo Prime Help

    Sure; http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Armor#Armor_Type_Modifiers http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0#Armored
  12. Scindo Prime Help

    Yes and yes; I assumed we weren't talking about 4x CP because then you can't use Focus Energy, as you need to make Viral damage. But Slash does work well when armor is removed. I'd like to slot Primed Reach into that build somewhere but it would reduce damage against a single target. First off, 1000 armor is reached by level 20 Bombards. By no means the point where groups start insisting on 4x CP. 1080 * 300/(300+(1000*150%))*(100%*50%*125%)) = 112.5 900 * 300/(300+(1000*75%))*(100%*125%) = 321.4 You forgot that Slash damage is both reduced by 50% *and* is reduced by 150% of enemy armor. Same sorta thing for Cold, it gets +25% *and* ignores 25% of enemy armor. And I forgot that Slash gets +25% to Flesh, my bad. While it's true that not all enemies will be wearing armor in the Void, the hardest enemies to kill will be, either Ferrite or Alloy (Corrupted Gunners and Bombards, and Eximus Lancers). While the Slash isn't as terrible against Ferrite (it's just bad), the Corrosive damage equipped will already deal with Ferrite armor handily, leaving only Alloy armored enemies as the 'hard to kill' targets. However, against 1000 Ferrite: 1080 Slash = 1080 * 300/(300+(1000*115%))*(100%*85%*125%) = 237.4 damage 900 Cold = 900 * 300/(300+(1000))*100% = 207.7 The problem is that added damage isn't really relevant, because your 1800 Corrosive damage is dealing 1800 Corrosive = 1718.2 damage Just to make this complete; against the unarmored void enemies, slash will only be preferential to cold against Ancients; against shields 900 cold = 1350 damage, slash is staying at 1080; against robotic health, cold = 900, slash is down to 810. For Corpus Crewmen, the slash would be better against their health, but cold's boost against their shields (usually 2x as much shields as health) the cold still wins. And again, the installed Corrosive damage already deals with the Ancients easily.
  13. Scindo Prime Help

    BuzzKill (and the other slash mods from that set) will end up dealing more *raw* damage, ie damage displayed in the arsenal, than an elemental mod on weapons with high slash damage as a base. However slash damage is very heavily mitigated by armor, especially Alloy armor, and it ends up dealing next to nothing in game. For an example, 1080 slash damage against 1000 alloy armor will deal a measly 90 damage, while 900 cold damage would deal 321 damage, which is around 3.5x more damage than Buzzkill provides.
  14. Scindo Prime Help

    Drop the Buzzkill - Slash damage is horribly bad against armored targets. Swap the Focus energy for 90% elec; the added damage is worth more than the added efficiency when you life strike, imo. Replace the Buzzkill slot with 90% Cold, for help against Alloy and shields, or if you really need that efficiency you can add back in Focus Energy here. You could also use Primed Reach. Giving you either 180% Corrosive 90% Cold or 240% Corrosive. As above, just go ahead and ignore Chris. Personally, I use Primed Reach in place of Organ Shatter - while OS provides a significant chunk of DPS, ingame it's mostly overkill - when you crit enemies tend to die, whether the mod is installed or not. I don't like using Spoiled Strike because I much prefer the faster attack speed. Edit: I'm suggesting Corrosive+Cold because I assumed it was a setup for Void. You'll want to swap elements as needed against different factions - I would suggest Corrosive+Fire for Infested, Magnetic+Toxin for Corpus, and Rad/Toxin or the void setup for Grineer. TLDR Pressure Point Berserker True Steel Life Strike (whatever rank you want, depending on how long you wait before healing) 180% Corrosive And then 2 of: (personal preference, all are good options) Primed Reach / 90% Cold / Focus Energy / Organ Shatter / Fury / Spoiled Strike
  15. Braton Prime Endgame Builds

    Gonna quote this from the other recent Braton Prime thread, that was actually in PhP where it belongs :D Also, I did not know that the Prime could use that skin. I've been holding onto a Braton for ages just to be able to show it off. Sweet, opened up a weapon slot! (I did know that primes became able to use skins, just forgot about this one). Braton Prime is an excellent status weapon against armor. But it actually suffers compared to other weapons once 4x CP are installed. Stacking Viral and Fire doesn't actually do anything, so you don't need that high of a status rate, there is absolutely no benefit. And slash procs are powerful against armor because they ignore armor - without armor on enemies, slash procs are kinda 'meh'. Once you install 4x CP for your group, it's far better to run a damage based weapon and build than status.