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  1. Yaknow, I just kinda randomly had an idea pop into my head that I felt deserved to be shared. This has probably been said before at some point but, the dojo creation in this game is really pretty sound and it may be relatively easy to create a bunch of different tileset maps that are large and open, and working on creating a map making system for the game. The system could honestly be set up similarly to how Halo did it where there is a file-share system. And maybe in the future a curator system that makes rotations on featured amazing, or highly rated, user generated maps and maybe even game-types. And then a private system for custom player dictated matches where the host can pick and/or completely modify the game modes. I feel like, if a system like that got implemented in a sound enough infrastructure where either Star-Chart missions dedicated to the player acquiring the maps to edit; Or even making the maps just another grind-less addition to the existing content in the game, it would immediately begin with a rush of dojo editors immediately losing allot of time in their lives. Soon thereafter that a tremendous spike in the growth of player engagement with the conclave and the map creator and perhaps even the game as a whole. But I don't think grinding for the ability to be creative is a positive model so I would argue making it just an addition that's totally optional to the player and easy to jump into. Well, that's the gist of it anyway. I dunno, as a past avid Halo forger I can imagine a world where that would really evolve this game in a particularly meaningful way. Since the dojo creation I feel is already pretty solid. 🤔
  2. In the future could we also get a fix for some of our beautiful K-Drives from being ugly and broken out on the field? At least this combination in particular is a bit messed up. Edit, Photos are large so they are in a spoiler box
  3. I was really hoping the 5 excavators was intended, cause that was actually really fun
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