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  1. The image as i stated above waiting for offers also its easyer to find me ig so dont hesitate to pm me if im online
  2. could a mod move it to feedback? this should be a thing its not that i dont want to see them but i want them in separate spaces so i can read everything that way i can find rivens when i need them and the chat is not so crowded because its a pain having a 120 sec cd just to post a message that will get swoped away by a text wall of "[RIVEN] [RIVEN] [RIVEN] [RIVEN] [RIVEN] [RIVEN] [RIVEN] [RIVEN] [RIVEN] +50 mOrE ReAlLy cHeAp"
  3. There should be a riven trade chat separated from the normal trade because the normal chat tred gets floded by 100000000 rivens posted there and literally cant see anything because of them....opinions?
  4. this is just unfair i have missions that are legit impossible to do like the profit taker one because i cant get enough standing to actually unlock it in time....
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