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  1. Still no updates or changes on the Catena Prime Ephemera that looks like cheap plastics. Also since even new armors from syndicates are tradable.. the only items left are the Stencils and the Sculptures. So at this point why dont make them tradable too ? @[DE]Megan@[DE]Rebecca
  2. Still no news or changes on that.
  3. @[DE]Meganwould be nice if we can get some improvements/changes on the new ephemera :)
  4. Hello, with the new Gara Prime, we got hands on the Catena Prime Ephemera included in the accessories bundle for the price of 44.99 euros. Now the question is .. was supposed to look that bad ? @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca Frame without the ephemera equipped: Frame with the ephemera equipped: Operator without the ephemera equipped: Operator with the ephemera equipped: Any change on the glass textures and intensity of the ephemera itself to make it look better would be nice, cus in the current state its not even acceptable and the frame barely visible. Have a nice day ;)
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