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  1. Okay, I'm almost certain this is a host/client issue. Me and my friend both went out in Lokis, but he was host, I was client. The flying enemies ignored him and attacked me, despite there being no differences in our behavior. Even when we were over 500m apart, a Dargyn that would be flying over his head would be shooting at me, invisible and half a kilo away. Go out into the plains solo? Zero issue.
  2. Hello all, truth be told I don't actually know if this is a bug, or an intended feature. I took a break from the game for quite some time, but I'm back now! Anyway, I was out on the Plains of Eidolon, using my hushed invisibility Loki build, doing some mining/fishing. Literally all of the 'flying aircraft' enemy types knew exactly where I was, at all times, no matter what. My invisibilty lasts 36 seconds in this build, I have the Hushed Invisibility mod, and at no point did I fire a weapon or even take a single hostile action. And yet, multiple dargyns, bolkors, etc, hounded me everywhere I went, unerringly shooting me. It didn't matter where I went or what I did, I could easily cover an entire kilometer (in silent invisibility), and flying squadrons of aircraft would follow me, expertly sniping my head. Is this a new RADAR feature that flying enemies have? What's going on here? Stealth nerf to stealth frames, or what?
  3. Yes! New patch! Show me the goods! Oh dear. Okay, well... alright. But I'm sure we have something good! Ouch! Wince! Boff! And back into storage he goes. Wukong is a bad frame who's only skill is Not Dying, but due to his vulnerability to magnetic procs he isn't even particularly good at that. Iron Vault gave wukong a needed breath of fresh air, it even synergized with his 2 and 3, and it turns out it was an unintended bug. Ehl Oh Ehl.
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