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  1. But they aren't completely separate, are they. A year ago, if you didn't want to mine or fish, your progression in Warframe halted. You couldn't build amps, you couldn't kill eidolons, you couldn't access arcanes, you couldn't progress at all. Fishing/mining exclusively rewards you with stuff that isn't used for fishing/mining (unless you still have your old bait blueprints I guess). We aren't 'mentally framing' PvP as separate, PvP actually is completely isolated from everything else. Mods you can use for PvE can't be used for PvP and visa versa, with almost no exceptions. Warframe abilities don't work the same in conclave, procs are disabled, crits are disabled, staggers are disabled, all weapons have different stats from PvE, etc. And as for rewards? Through PvP, you can get void relic packs at first level, and at max rank exilus adapters and the excalibur, mag and volt warframes. That's it. And all five of those things can be easily gotten elsewhere, or "bypassed" if you wish. Hek, the exilus blueprint is actually more expensive to buy from Teshin than Simaris! Everything else in PvP can only be used in PvP, or is a cosmetic. So really, the only reason for these 'universal medallions' to not apply to conclave is to protect the prestige of the conclave cosmetics. How infuriatingly pointless. Especially because the most coveted cosmetic, the syandana, requires you to do PvP every week to keep it glowing.
  2. Wow, I'm actually a little impressed. Given it was a long weekend I thought for sure it would take more time to fix a few of these bugs. This stuff has been driving me nuts all weekend. Very fast turnaround, wonderful.
  3. So you want to play in groups, because its more efficient than solo. But the groups are terrible and full of people wasting time. Now you have learned the reason why most of us play exclusively solo or in pre-made groups. What do you want them to do, introduce elo rated matchmaking, MMR or something?
  4. Thanks for the fast turn around on this
  5. Bump. Just had this happen to me while fighting the eidolons with clanmates. All four abilities do not work, though the submenu in the lower right correctly shows which ability is selected. Transference doesn't work at all, you cannot enter void mode. You cannot roll either; you can crouch, sprint and bulletjump, but rolling is disabled. Melee doesn't work. You can press the melee key, and you will swap to the melee weapon without attacking, and further button presses do nothing. Shooting and zooming still works. This isn't the first time this has happened. The first few times I thought it was a fluke, or a unique mechanic. I can nearly guarantee that this is a host/client issue. This has literally never happened to me while playing solo, it only happens when I play with friends and I'm not the host. EDIT: Can confirm, death was the only way to fix it. Fully dead, being revived by teammates does not fix the issue.
  6. Thank the powers that be. Fantastic change, should've been that way from the start. Not that this supposed 'grind' was ever hard. Slightly over an hour a day for the duration of the event, that's it. Easy peasy. The only problem was that performance changed nothing about your rewards. Now we're actually properly rewarded for scoring kills. Should've been this way from day 1. I mean, the 'loot' isn't even random this time. There's no need to run a mission over and over, hoping this time you get the drop you want. You can just buy the drops you want, no duplicates, no fuss. The only way it could possibly be easier is if DE mailed you the rewards for logging in. People will complain about anything I guess.
  7. Ropalolyst fight bug: If you fall off the edge, normally the screen fades to black, then respawns your warframe on the ground. However, if you fall off the edge at the same time a cutscene tries to play, such as when your friend jumps onto the Ropalolyst and triggers a cutscene, your screen fades to black and never comes back. Well, until you leave the mission of course. You can still hear the mission sounds, but the screen is completely black with no UI elements. You can push escape, and the menu comes up, fully interactable. With a completely black screen behind it.
  8. It was 201 today actually! So now my ducat total is alll... it ends in 1! This is messing me up. Seriously, you guys need to award like 204 ducats next time to round this out!
  9. Came here just for this. Upvote, quote, visibility.
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