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  1. Ikr R1+Square needs fix, I saw someone using particle ram few minutes ago but i cant use it.
  2. Same, needs a fix, its funny to see infinite pick up attempts noises "the pick up clicks" while attempting to pick purple wreckage up using railjack, unable to pick up in archwing aswell but pick up attempt only happens during using railjack.
  3. I think they changed tether, hope it gets buff it.
  4. PS4/PS5, Im excited for this! Also really tired right now might rest awhile.
  5. It would be cool if we can mod and helminth in the app.
  6. Railjack is going in a good direction so far, I wonder about the items from the packs aswell since permanent unvaults, Im glad i pre ordered warframe back on PS3 PS Store before it launched onto PS4!
  7. I know the feel, I love getting loots and i miss alot www lol.
  8. Momoshiki Ootsutsuki rushes hordes of Kuva Liches!
  9. Currently i need his Motor to craft Wolf Sledge!
  10. Very excited for both the new updates keep up the good work it amazing!
  11. Yes am a Beta tester of the update removing communities, I hoped it wasnt but I love communities they were fun! arigatou.
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