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  1. I need to currently scan Misery 1 more time.
  2. I think the person streaming might also need twitched linked aswell im not sure.
  3. I missed the Cephalon Cy glyph, i got this mag with itzal at the last minute! also i just got this display!
  4. Theres a bug if your in a crewship when the mission complete timer finishes your screen just stares off into space and sits there bugged requiring you to get off and get back on your warframe game app on PS4, other players warping does not do anything for you and your still stuck in peaceful space, also theres another bug where you hijack a crewship in the hangar the door wouldnt open so i got out of driver and went destroyed the ships core and ran to the exit behind the ship and i was bugged inside the hangar door or something while in my archwing until i died by moving forward my health dropped then i couldnt respawn anyway even when we warped to next mission that time it did bring me to next mission with squad but i could only spectate, also another bug i used my teleport back to railjack ability at the right time after destroying a crewships core for example 5 seconds left to teleport but 4.5 or 4.9 whatever seconds left before ship destroys and then i was in archwing within the railjack interior and it wasnt really glitched it was normal almost like you could use archwing in normal node missions or something, also the unstuck command doesnt work in any bugs on railjack.
  5. Ikr im currently on MR24 test but amps are also nerfed so il need to probably use a different method or something
  6. Probably i dont remember but i been on warframe since launch since i pre ordered from PS3 store and its on PS4, they nerfed amps a few months ago so MR24 test is hard anyway.
  7. The MR24 test is harder than that one, i need a better amp now, i still have starter mote amp but will need newer one, its operator rank up test you need to avoid the leach infested with the small nekros leaches while damaging a single orb in the center of map.
  8. Game Awards is live wooo, lets enjoy together! ☺😊
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