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  1. I think it will drop this month, but Honestly it's too little too late. For me atleast. I was pretty hype/excited/looking forward to it or what have you for like.. the first 3 months or so, but afterward.. Ehhhh. I mean I know it'll be good, but it almost certainly won't live up to the expectation it now has.
  2. You have to realize, the Devs don't balance the game for 35, 40+ minutes runs. They balance for the typical 20 to 25 minute ranges, if we're talking Survival or Defense (IIRC that's what they said on a stream once, anyway.) Besides. Even up to the 30 minute mark you can still run into a bubble and 1 shot a nullifier if you have a decently modded weapon. Anything beyond that might take a bit more, but they don't spawn that often, so I have never had the issue of being overwhelmed by Nullifiers. If there's hordes of enemies to drown you then obviously your team isn't killing them fast enough, at least from my experience. I'm not getting where they are hard to kill.
  3. I think these new changes or, 'buffs' are a good thing. The game is way too easy as is. It's too simple to just spam abilities to win. Nullifiers are a good counter to it IMO. And you can always flippin' use your gun or melee to kill them. Novel Concept but, it's indeed possible. The whole game's mastery system revolves around you being a master of tons of different weapons. Use a weapon.
  4. Best Batman. Batman Beyond.
  5. Don't mean to be rude, But that's how it always is for DE's releases. They go by EST. That's the time zone they refer to for any of their schedules. And in EST (My time zone), it's only 2:58 pm. Still a whole lot of hours.
  6. Still no fix for:
  7. Am I the only one amazed at how well this music fits with every gif posted below it aswell? Heck, does this music just fit with any Gif?! Me gusta. Also wait, uh... Gif.. OH I KNOW.
  8. Still no fix for:
  10. A gif that we all need as we venture out into the Internet.
  11. Have to agree with all your points OP. There is no reason for things like Silva and Aegis and Twin Basolk to not have slash damage when they clearly have blades. And for Silva and Aegis, it should have impact too. Given it has shield bashing. Ninkondi makes even less sense. You are literally hitting things with a solid piece of metal. Yet you don't do impact damage. At the very least the damage numbers need to be upp'd a ton if they want to keep them as only elemental.