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  1. Derf thread got pushed off page 1? Shame. The Derf will not be beaten by U10 Hype.
  2. So much yes. (And SAI Ftw.) If only your sketch could go on the OP though.. -Looks at BlatantFool with some hope, Then shrugs.-
  3. Did you hear them talk 'bout Derf in the new livestream? "I think Derf Anyo would be great." YUS.
  4. Another day, And another day without Derf Anyo Confirmation. Tsk. DE PLS.
  5. Gotta love some Jack. So fitting~ And DE pls. We need our Derfy man.
  6. My gosh man.. This.. This so needs to happen. It's just such a great concept. DE-PLS.
  7. Welcome Moderators, Happy to have ya'll around. o3o. Ducks are also amazing.
  8. ^This. And, Making things alert only, Gives an Item a rare feel. Which I think is nice. Hey, I missed out on the Glaive alert, Not complaining here. I wanted it, But sucks. Deal eith eeet people.
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