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  1. I remember when Ancients were just overgrown leapers and their weakpoint was their right foot. I also remember some of the old removed tiles, like the gigantic Corpus factory floor with the office overlooking it that had the capture target in it, or the vertical stairwell on the Grineer asteroid tileset that was notorious for triggering the dreaded reverse camera glitch. And the old Dark Sector conflicts and how they turned the forums into a salt mine. Seriously, these forums could make LoL forums look like a halfway friendly place during that time.
  2. Doubling the reward interval time was an instant deal breaker for me. Regular endless missions are tedious as it is.
  3. I remember during a super old devstream, i forget which one but circa 2014-15, where one of the devs said "we're going to avoid putting in 'kill x amount of enemies' or 'get y amount of headshots' or whatever because those kinds of things aren't very fun or engaging." I wonder what changed their mind. For me, Nightwave is a big fat Meh. I feel like i don't really gain any enjoyment from its inclusion, just mindless busy work for mostly mediocre rewards. If I had to choose between Nightwave or old alerts I'd probably go with the old alerts. I wouldn't worry about Umbral Forma, It'll probably become somewhat common in the future. Then we'll be complaining about "useless" Formbra in our Nightwave rewards.
  4. Every once in a while I'll get a huge hang that occasionally requires a restart, but I'm not sure if that's because of the hotfix or if my GPU is starting to die.
  5. Everybody seems to be saying this, but nobody seems to have a source. So... Source?
  6. I didn't get my ephemera until about halfway through the final segment so there's still hope for those that haven't gotten it yet. Still waiting on Nekros though.
  7. I've been watching pretty much since the partner segment and haven't gotten it yet. Un/relinked my accounts yesterday to be sure. I wish they'd stop with these twitch drops, it always feels like a crapshoot if it works or not. Just stick to promo codes and everyone will be happy.
  8. I remember that level 9999 alert. Inaros with a Covert Lethality dagger completely trivialized it. That Juggernaut alert on the other hand was immensely frustrating for all the wrong reasons. Weak points didn't sync with its animations, charged sideways, spike attack with infinite punch through, and you'd get downed if it so much as sneezed on you. In my pug group we trapped it in a corner and meleed it until one of us got a lucky hit. I wouldn't mind seeing that Phoenix Intercept Escalation tac alert again, or the one where you had to defend a terminal from 50 Manics.
  9. I'm getting flashbacks going through this thread. Looking back at when Nullifiers were first added and all the years of feedback, anger, and community infighting to get this enemy removed or hell, just tweaked, right after it's nice to see that DE learned... Absolutely nothing from it. I bet when they added that tin can above the field people thought they had "won," and wouldn't see this sort of thing again. So who's ready for another 3 years of talking about Nullifiers?
  10. Universal Aura Polarities aren't enough to get me into that slog. I've done well enough without them for 6 years. DE makes announcement thread, players give feedback, DE makes changes taking 0 ideas and concerns from feedback thread. Just like ESO. Anyone still playing ESO religiously? No? Didn't think so.
  11. Now, I fully agree that the reward intervals in Arbitrations are too far between and are in dire need of tweaking, but asking for straight buffs to reward tables from DE is never as easy as it seems. Us vets have seen this song and dance before, most notably when we could finally have more than just 1 reward from endless missions that weren't survival. When that change went live we rejoiced that we could keep our hard earned loot, but didn't notice at first that the reward rotation went from "ABC" to "AABC" and the drop rates for the good stuff had been somewhat lowered. What I'm saying is DE never gives reward buffs without taking something else away. If we get better intervals prepare to see the table get crapified.
  12. ... Who asked for this? Someone making mountains out of molehills I'm sure. Honestly, ever since they added ClanTech to the market clan research shouldn't even be a thing, there's nothing special about it anymore. Just a regular weapon release with 1 parameter, mandatory 3 day wait time, and extra resource costs. If I joined a clan with that disabled for anyone I'd just leave because clearly their priorities are out of whack, too far up their own rears to be worth my time.
  13. I don't think having the systems all on rank 3 is a good idea, considering players need them to advance in the syndicate. Gyromag should be available at Operative, Atmo at Agent, and Repeller at Hand.
  14. I am not touching another orb bounty until I can skip those damn cutscenes. I have had enough.
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