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  1. The Dark Sector battles were probably the first time Warframe players ever tasted actual defeat. They did not handle it well. At all.
  2. A lot of us have been saying that since 2013, all they've done is release Handspring. Even though it's been shuffled to the back burner as of late, knockdown spam is still a problem with enemies, Grineer and Infested in particular.
  3. You'd be surprised. I witnessed a thread where the OP had told a story about a few other nice players he had a good time with, no sarcasm at all. Was immediately pounced upon because he had the audacity to mention a name at all. Was then locked by a mod (who shall remain nameless) that clearly didn't read anything in the thread before passing judgement.
  4. Fun fact: "Koneksi" was the Fusion Core polarity.
  5. I think there's going to be a Mastery 2.0 before we get there, or one very shortly after the first player hits MR30. But even if there's not and MR30 will be the end of the road there will always be some demand for new, shiny weapons.
  6. Kinda like how a minuscule amount of players complained about Hema research costs getting reduced because of "muh accomplishment." It seems that a tiny few players have so much more sway then the rest of us.
  7. @Uhkretor After following your directions, and doing a little tinkering of my own, the problem seems to be fixed As a side note, I noticed that the control panel didn't automatically create a profile for Warframe like it did for the other games for some reason. Idk if that had anything to do the issue.
  8. Last month my old R9 200 burned out and I upgraded to an RX 580. Problem is that when I'm in mission the game will start to stutter like the GPU can't handle the game even though both the Steam overlay and the ingame FPS counter shows a solid 60 FPS at almost all times. The old GPU didn't have this problem. I can still play but this issue is really starting to grind my gears. I've tried other games to see if this happens (Killing Floor 2, DOOM 2016, and Bulletstorm) and they are all stable. Downgrading resolution and/or graphics and disabling the Steam overlay does nothing. Drivers are updated to the latest version. Toggling Vsync allows for 300+ FPS but it still stutters like usual. Current specs - OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel i5 4440 3.1 GHz GPU: Radeon RX 580 RAM: 2x8 GB DDR3
  9. Universal Aura Polarities aren't enough to get me into that slog. I've done well enough without them for 6 years. DE makes announcement thread, players give feedback, DE makes changes taking 0 ideas and concerns from feedback thread. Just like ESO. Anyone still playing ESO religiously? No? Didn't think so.
  10. Now, I fully agree that the reward intervals in Arbitrations are too far between and are in dire need of tweaking, but asking for straight buffs to reward tables from DE is never as easy as it seems. Us vets have seen this song and dance before, most notably when we could finally have more than just 1 reward from endless missions that weren't survival. When that change went live we rejoiced that we could keep our hard earned loot, but didn't notice at first that the reward rotation went from "ABC" to "AABC" and the drop rates for the good stuff had been somewhat lowered. What I'm saying is DE never gives reward buffs without taking something else away. If we get better intervals prepare to see the table get crapified.
  11. ... Who asked for this? Someone making mountains out of molehills I'm sure. Honestly, ever since they added ClanTech to the market clan research shouldn't even be a thing, there's nothing special about it anymore. Just a regular weapon release with 1 parameter, mandatory 3 day wait time, and extra resource costs. If I joined a clan with that disabled for anyone I'd just leave because clearly their priorities are out of whack, too far up their own rears to be worth my time.
  12. I don't think having the systems all on rank 3 is a good idea, considering players need them to advance in the syndicate. Gyromag should be available at Operative, Atmo at Agent, and Repeller at Hand.
  13. I am not touching another orb bounty until I can skip those damn cutscenes. I have had enough.
  14. As long as there's still a chance that the animal can spawn upwind from you at the start, instantly ruining the perfect capture, people with still use the vastly more convenient Ivara/Equinox powers for conservation. Couple that with the fact that I'd rather rip out my own toenails than use that godforsaken tranq gun again.
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