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  1. I like that we're getting the Kuva Hek, players of a certain age still remember the absolute kingship the old vanilla Hek used to be before the apocalyptic nerf that left the entire shotgun category shelved for over a year. But I would've rather had the Kuva Kulstar or Grinlok personally
  2. I made a bug report about this months ago, didn't think it would ever get fixed.
  3. There was a 7 year necro a week or two ago
  4. Technically that's untrue. There was a brief window of time where PC players could migrate to a console of their choice but at the cost of getting items that were unavailable on console removed. Founders stuff, Braton/Lato Vandal, Misa Prime Syandana and some others I'm probably forgetting all removed from migrated inventories. So there are Founders on console, they just don't have their junk.
  5. It's easy to get DE to make new mods, just ask for a basic quality of life change that makes sense and doesn't need to be a mod, and then boom, new mods.
  6. One time during an exterminate the very last enemy's accuracy bugged and started following my crosshair instead of his And we should at least mention some of the bugs from yester-decade, like the reverse camera glitch. For some reason the player camera wasn't very well secured in 2013, if it collided with a surface in exactly the wrong way it could flip causing you to see things from the back of your head upside down. This is the only footage I could find of it on YouTube. And let's not forget the arm glitch from when dojos were first released. All you had to do was crouch, aim,
  7. In my nearly 8 years of playing, there are only a few things that were added to this game that made me legitimately angry, and rivens were one of them. The laziest "solution" to weapon balancing I can imagine besides doing absolutely nothing. Infinite slot machine hell to take advantage of players who just can't help themselves all for minimal benefit that could potentially be diminished at any time. DE doesn't get nearly enough flak for this abysmal system.
  8. I agree that the Kuva Fortress is the absolute worst tileset in the game bar none, and I can't really add anything that hasn't already been said. I would like to point out how some people have the notion that fortresses or bunkers are designed to have a convoluted layout to deter intruders, but the vast majority of layouts I saw with a simple google search proved that to be false. Most medieval era layouts had an easy to navigate grid layout, symmetrical, or both. A convoluted layout would probably annoy the inhabitants more than any invading force because the invaders would more than lik
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