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  1. The fact that the only beta tag anyone could find was deep in the EULA, that hasn't been updated since June 27th, 2017, speaks volumes. And the argument that the game is forever in beta because it gets constant changes and updates, does that mean we are all still babies because we are constantly growing and changing? Edit: I forgot to mention, searching for "beta" in the EULA on their official site yields 0 results.
  2. No it isn't. DE removed the beta tags from everything around 2017-18. But if you don't believe that, find me a beta tag from something that was released recently and I'll retract my statement.
  3. For a while MDs were on my mid tier missions list, didn't really mind them that much but weren't my favorite. Then DE added Elite Shield Lancers. After witnessing one of those "well balanced" enemies destroy a terminal with a single grenade I avoid MDs like the plague, only do them them when absolutely necessary.
  4. The amount of people accepting, or even defending, bounty leeching is concerning to say the least. If you're in a group of 4 and 3 run off to do whatever, you're well within your rights to do the same. Go on strike until your "teammates" get a clue.
  5. It's the Greek alphabet my simian friend Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, and on Or if you prefer A, B, Γ, Δ, Ε, Z, Η, and on
  6. WhatYearIsIt.gif This was an issue when the Vaykor Hek was released in 2015, the devs sidestepped the problem by bringing up a potential Multishot nerf, saying the extra shots were supposed to consume more ammo but didn't due to a bug. The argument went quietly into the night soon afterwards.
  7. Beta testing is over, we're currently in Epsilon testing. Closed Zeta starts in 2021.
  8. I was about to post my thoughts on the matter until I realized speculation is now considered valid feedback. I think it's best if we all stay quiet from now on.
  9. So, when was the public test cluster that provided the data needed for those changes? did I miss the memo?
  10. I almost have a full set of 60% Toxin Kuva weapons, just missing Quartakk and Seer. Both elements can make good builds but I went with Toxin so I can have Grineer and Corpus builds on the same weapon (Viral-Heat for Grineer and pure Toxin for Corpus)
  11. People are losing their minds over Roar, and for some reason I haven't heard a peep over Empower yet.
  12. Many many years ago I popped out my shiny new Volt from the foundry and gave it a test run. I got to a room with 2 Seekers in it and was brought down to about 1% health before I ducked into a closet. Just as I was having my sigh of relief a Latcher that was attached to my ankle blew, killing me. I'm fairly certain I'm the only player in existence to have been killed by a Latcher.
  13. With the way DE simplifies older stuff it almost feels enevitable that we'll be able to grind all 6 with no fuss someday.
  14. I really like the (recently removed) classic Corpus ship tileset. It had a simple layout and easy to traverse, it just worked. I hate, loathe, absolutely despise the Kuva Fortress tileset. Labyrinthine garbage that breaks the waypoint system half the time. I avoid it as much as possible.
  15. A player kick function is a bad idea, anyone who has played public Payday 2 missions can attest to that. The only way I can see it implemented would be if the vote is unanimous and it cannot be used after the mission objective is complete, but even then, no, still a bad idea.
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