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  1. There is no real incentive to defend these relays more than once. Yes, the rewards are fancy...but if you can only score one point per relay, it's hard to justify burning more disruptors. In the end the balance of the universe will remain the same, albeit with less of these MMO hubs. DE might get the message of 'We don't care about your event' from the vast majority of the playerbase. And to be honest I'm kinda getting there myself. Feeling burned out after 30 keys and there has only been -3- points possible. I'm just here to get my 15 (if it's even possible) and leave the rest to who-ever
  2. "pls make this into boltor" At least that's what I got out of it. Fact is the Soma Prime is fine. If you can't mod correctly that's your issue. The gun is amazing as it is.
  3. Are you going to do anything about the exploiters? Or are you just going to sit here and do nothing?
  4. It's levelin' trash at best: I'm sorry but you gotta move on to better sidearms..
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