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  1. No matter what you do to ember, fire proc is still garbage, that's what needs to be changed.
  2. Yeah you can do plenty of interesting thing by removing this dumb energy feature. But that won't happen... Unless that some abilities aren't used at all because players save their energy for the one ability they spam... (not true for all frame though, but often...)
  3. Yeah devs seem to not want cooldown, players neither. Although I think it would be the best. Short cooldown and "stack" feature would be neat. (imagine ash stacking up to 10 spinning blade and being able to throw as many as he wishes, then wait 2sec for each blade to recharge.....)
  4. I still think the game would be better with no energy and short cooldown. This way you can use an ability as much as you want without impairing how you use the other ability of your kit (right now if you spam 4 you don't have energy for 1/2/3...) But I agree with you, although you forgot rage (and that other hunter mod)
  5. Hitting through walls shouldn't be a thing anyway...
  6. Wasn't chinese wukong with a staff hitting on the whole map of draco a huge bug ? Hey right now you have 2 usable ability on 4, with more "coolness" you might have ended with 0/4. ("what about a dragon themed frame that can breath fire while moving super slowly and dealing no damage whatsoever ? sounds rad let's do it")
  7. The one thing I said the most often about DE is how they use a "cool-o-meter" when creating stuff. And wukong is the perfect example : dev 1 : what about having an ability that turns him into a cloud dev 2 : sounds cool, what else does it do ? dev 1 : nothing... it just looks cool
  8. Absolutely not. 1 is garbage 2 is useful but countered by disruptor 3 is ULTIMATE GARBAGE 4 is fun but the combo are still bugged and DE never fixed them. (I wonder if they fixed the big stick staying big...) And it's just an exalted weapon, I don't like exalted weapons. Wukong's stick's only special feature is "it gets more range with combo" which is... Not that great. (also I don't like the fact he's wukong, a character over-used in every video game...)
  9. I'm not saying it's better than others or that wukong is good, i'm just saying "being immortal is useful". That's all.
  10. I said this because I spent a whole thread trying to make you understand that warframe is nothing without grind and you still can't accept that. Of course part of that grind is intolerable, but you can't ask for removal of it. What needs to be done is implement better way to grind & reward players. Tell me one thing in warframe that is not based on grind beside quests and solar map progression.
  11. I changed the post, I was typing and pressed ctrl+enter... Which ends up posting before I was finished.
  12. There is a difference between "a good amount of grind" and "an endless amount of grind". The good amount of grind is like grinding syndicates. It's long, but in the end you know you'll get what you want. The endless amount of grind is riven, you could be farming for years without getting the riven or the stats you want. What you still don't get is that warframe is about grind, and without grind there is nothing but quests, which are completed in a limited amount of time. Also you still don't want to have a decent discussion.
  13. Without mod her second ability grants 100 energy which is still a lot (and it's granted instantly if the target dies) And energy pads are still insane... Or you can play stupid frames like wukong :) The issue is that they are so many ways to make the game trivial, you'd have to think about pretty much everything to create something like that. And even then you'll have players figuring out ways to cheese it.
  14. Luckily for us, trinity and energy pads exist. (and zenurik)
  15. There are plenty of weapons or frame that can kill high level enemies with a few mods or even no mod at all. example : a dagger can kill anything with only 1 mod and a finisher attack ash's ultimate deal 10 750 true damage, without any mod
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