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  1. Trichouette

    Limbo's Rift Change?

    Because it would make capture even easier than they already are.
  2. Trichouette

    Limbo's Rift Change?

    These units are immune to CC I guess they're considered as void damage or something. I think that was a bug that got fixed. I could be wrong though.
  3. And for the ballistica, you kill enemies by dozens and get a 7 second specter for each kill. You don't keep them for long, but they keep appearing after every kill, it's fine that way.
  4. Trichouette

    Buzlok: Personal problems of a cool concept

    I think the issue with that gun (beside the slow projectile speed) is how any other accurate weapon in the game would've killed the target before you locked your gun on that target. It's fun, especially in the plains, but not efficient.
  5. Trichouette

    [spoiler?] Helminth umbra interaction

    I don't think that's new. Ordis has plenty of lines complaining about helminth
  6. Trichouette

    When it’s Nidus’ turn to be Primed!

    I wonder when will players realize frames are primed in (almost) release order and therefore a very recent frame won't be primed until A LONG TIME...
  7. Trichouette

    Titania's Exalted Weapons + Limbo: A Quick Workshop!

    Since limbo has pretty much infinite energy, that won't change a single thing. At least there will be less forum polution
  8. Trichouette

    Since when was this room in the game

    You mean old deception ?
  9. He means the mastery test. And yes, players shouldn't have to wait 1 day when the test is failed due to the game's own bug.
  10. Trichouette

    Possible changes to Limbo

    As I keep saying in every thread that suggest this, this is probably due to : Balance issue AoE issue Let's say you cast banish from the rift and it works on non rifted targets. That means you'll end up banishing some targets, and unbanishing some others that are in your AoE. hum... No ? The fact projectiles don't work is the only thing making this ability slightly less OP than it is. I agree that stasis could get reworked, but making it even more insane isn't a good idea. Speak for yourself. Use max range cataclysm Press 3 Remove cataclysm GG, now every enemy in a 45m radius is stuck in the rift, your excavator/cryopod/mobile defense terminal is safe from harm. That I can agree with.
  11. Trichouette

    Can you report someone for riping you off?

    Depends on what you mean by "rip off". I think you can, if you have proof. However the support takes quite some time to answer (due to heavy demand). I wonder how you can get scammed in warframe though, there are like 2 or 3 confirmations to do before trading...
  12. Trichouette

    Limbo's Banish/Cataclysm & Amps

    Unless that in most situations in warframe (beside survival / onslaught and maybe defense) you don't even have to kill enemies. Mobile defense ? put your giant bubble of frozen time and wait. And you still have teamates like exca running around slashing stuff with giant beam waves.
  13. Trichouette

    Limbo's Banish/Cataclysm & Amps

    uh no. Stasis works on enemies that are inside the rift, no matter in which plane limbo himself is. Aw no, a few units (that are all in the same faction) can nulify his power. I don't understand how can devs and players be fine with a 45m radius time freeze. Enemies can't do anything against that and yet it's perfectly fine, while gara's wall was nerfed for the same reason (and they were right to nerf it)
  14. Trichouette

    Remove Serration?

    They said they wanted to do that and in the end they won't do that because "it gives a sense of progression to the players" (lmao) While that is true, if you remove them, you would have players running with 4 to 8 elemental mods + all fire rate mods etc.. I do agree base damage mods should be removed but they aren't the only issue, the whole modding system is just badly done. (in my opinion, elemental mods shouldn't increase damage...)