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  1. Trichouette

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    The non millestone rewards are still bad. Ressources as login reward is a bad idea. A lot of different & shorter boosters would be way better to incentive playing daily.
  2. Trichouette

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    you will be able to trade them. Also the new system is meant to be better for new players. You should've understood by now that all that matters is new players' experience. While I still find the new system bad, this is already an improvement (far from sufficient though).
  3. Since limbo has pretty much infinite energy, that won't change a single thing. At least there will be less forum polution
  4. A bit before 2018 you guys said you were about to remove entirely the daily cap, and rework daily tribute. Guess none of these things are happening. funny, that's what I was expecting the end of the sentence to be, guess we'll keep having dozens of threads every day about that
  5. Trichouette

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.2

    Why would they do that ? You get a reward every 5min just like survival.
  6. Or maybe because competition in a skill-less game is irelevant to some people ? You don't need skill in order to do a 5h survival mission, you just need 5h to waste and a bladder resistant enough (or teamates to cover you for a minute)
  7. Dark sector was really garbage, and so were raid. Maybe next implementation of raids will be relevant. I hope they won't make the same mistake to use a fixed map again. I know that won't happen with the incoming onslaught (or whatever the name is)
  8. That's only true because they haven't released anything since dec 2017 and they removed raids, which are literally 2 missions, both having 3 different stages. How is this concerning matter ? They spent their time buffing weapons and developping new stuff. You even have an update coming this week that'll change that balance.
  9. They should make a leaderboard "amount of time spent in a mission", that would be more relevant. (maybe there is already one... I haven't checked) I mean another one than "longest survival" If you're ignoring stuff like covert-lethality / ivara / octavia and other frames that can play solo forever.
  10. Oh you're one of "these". Sorry for bothering you.
  11. I think they said there is a leaderboard coming for this. That is true (maybe not 99.99% but yeah) Many players I know didn't even know there were leaderboards and I had to explain to them how to find it. (mostly because of clan events) Some say leaderboards incentive the usage of bot and maccros. I'm just glad there is no reward for being in the leaderboard.
  12. "Competitive"... Haha How come this is the only one removed by the way ? I guess it's because it's constantly changing but I can't know.
  13. Trichouette

    Devstream 108 Overview

    Yeah sure, they'll again release something that has nothing to do with warframe and that most players will ignore Like lunaros / conclave (and archwing but you're forced into that so you can't ignore it :p )
  14. Trichouette

    Devstream 108 Overview

    Am I the only one seeing a contradiction here ?
  15. Which totally explains why console players have access to (some) tennogen items (in exchange of plats). MAYBE DE would be able to pay steam/content creator while selling the tennogen for plats if these plats weren't stocking like crazy in game. "Steam and tennogen creator get money from the sale of tennogen items" is really a pitiful excuse.