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  1. Because serro has a better disposition Because rivens are so random, finding a good one is rare Because some players are definitely dumb for riven and have so many plats they don't know what to do with them anymore Maybe it's just a troll, if he isn't answering it's definitely a troll Pick your prefered answer That's also a possibility, but some people really put dumb prices on rivens
  2. Replacement idea for convergence orbs

    Since riven and operator power added, I really feel like the game went the wrong way. But that's my opinion and the devs don't care about a single player, focus and rivens makes the game even more grindy and full of powercreep, and players love that. Especially when people start selling rivens for stupidly high price. Meanwhile some players have farmed focus to the point they don't have anything left to upgrade...
  3. When will people start to understand that there is no real price for rivens, these things are so random you could be asking 10k plat for this riven and people would still call it legit. And obviously he wants it, with that kind of range & crit chance you can stealth farm focus like crazy.
  4. Replacement idea for convergence orbs

    I don't actually, I just happen to know many players who hate the whole "operator" business. I find it funny to play useless teenagers from time to time. Too bad they're very weak. I'm more pissed at focus being BORING to farm, which is why, I don't farm it (unless by teralyst hunting). The whole convergence thing is even more annoying in my opinion.
  5. Replacement idea for convergence orbs

    Well they're forcing us to use them for teralyst and to get the bonuses from the focus. Can't wait for more...
  6. Replacement idea for convergence orbs

    Didn't they say that like 3 months ago ? To OP, people have been asking about "getting more focus while playing as operator" for a while. They want to force us into playing operator and yet there is no benefit from doing so.
  7. My bad, they require 10 genetic template, but that's still weird. (oh well, dogs coming out of eggs is weird too)
  8. Kavats are the kind of feature that was added without much thought though.... They come out of a kubrow egg, tell me how logic is that ?
  9. Can Volt's 4 Actually Be a CC Ability for Once?

    That's exactly what I kept saying about ember's 4.
  10. Can Volt's 4 Actually Be a CC Ability for Once?

    As I said, just because there are insanely stupid abilities doesn't mean there should be more of them. In my opinion, abilities that stun such a huge area shouldn't even exist.
  11. Limbo cataclysm and time stop is usually the answer to EVERY riven challenge. Have you tried that ?
  12. Can Volt's 4 Actually Be a CC Ability for Once?

    Wait until people start farming focus with rhino's stomp and then they'll nerf it
  13. Can Volt's 4 Actually Be a CC Ability for Once?

    Hey just because one frame has something stupid in his kit doesn't mean they should all have it
  14. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.2

    Yeah that's what I figured from the wiki page, but isn't the bounty mission "capture all 3 teralyst" ? Killing one means we don't get to fight the next one... Weird