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  1. Miter's Neutralizing Justice is just amazing

    Shooting the drone is sometimes a good way, sometimes it's just impossible because it's not facing you or the nulifiers is spining too fast (making the drone moving a lot) Shooting the bubble requires to have high RoF weapon or to melee it weirdly Killing the nullifier itself requires you not having a frame that needs its abilities to stay enabled at all time None of these are viable 100% of the time. The syndicate mod is viable 90% of the time (that's the actual % chance of the mod working if I remember correctly) It's still an enemy with an annoying mechanic.
  2. Miter's Neutralizing Justice is just amazing

    Specific mod you have to equip because one specific enemy's mechanic is utter annoying <3
  3. How exactly is "insane damage" considered a challenge ?
  4. New augments to bring life to unused skills

    Funny, now even the community is asking for bandaid mods ? Don't you rather want ALL abilities to be useful in the first place and THEN be made something better with augments ? Bandaid mods aren't the solution, they're a waste of a slot when used on an useless ability
  5. When did Infested runners get a ranged attack?

    Many updates ago they gave a ranged attack to every infested unit that didn't have one already. Why ? So players can't camp on highground that isn't reachable by infested cannon fodder. (like on top of an excavator)
  6. Rad share is the new Intact share

    I had a very weird RNG experience once : We made a 4 radiant run of a single relic for the rare part We got 4 different part that weren't what we wanted We looted on that rotation the same relic that we just used > "yaaay let's radiant it and go at it again" Restart the mission with the same radiant relic Get the EXACT SAME PARTS (each player got the same part he had got on the previous run) We get AGAIN the same relic > "well third time's the charm, let's refine it and try again" Try again > We obtain the part we wanted What I find very odd is to be able to get the exact same part 2 runs in a row Rng is a...
  7. Well a ressource is a crafting component... all things that are lootable are "loot". As aligatorno said, the "ressource booster" probably only works on the chance of getting ressources. But i'm not sure if that increases the chances that the enemy loot ressources or the chances that, when looting, it's ressources instead of other loot.
  8. This first, then : Enemies killed by the tentacles OR while being struck by the tentacles will have a second chance at looting something. Then, each corpse has a 54% chance of maybe looting something again. I think that means you have 3% chance of looting something, 6% chance of looting ressources, then you've again the same % chance to loot, and then each parts of the crewman (if he was cut in body parts) have 54% chance of proc-ing again the 3 and 6% chance of looting. Not sure though...
  9. The reviews lately.

    People are "coming back" because at some point when you've nothing left to do you just leave the game for a while, because there is no repetable content nor interesting endgame content that you can grind. I like warframe, but if you look at the game as a whole you see a lot of issues everywhere. (no balance / powercreep / unfinished content / release of new content on unstable base / lack of replayability etc...)
  10. That's way too easy. With this setup, you can camp in a small room and spam abilities with no end, or simply run into the enemies with no way to lose at all. If there is no way to make you lose unless "kill all players 4-5 time each" then it can't really happen in warframe... Killing and surviving are the easiest things to do, keeping up life support and not forgeting about it after a 2h run is something else...
  11. Rhino Prime Help

    If ironclad is not viable, nothing is viable as rhino... Unless maybe a rhino control (spamming 4 with range and duration) but that's quite lame in my opinion. Try using strength + ironclad & iron shrapnel and you'll see that it's perfectly viable. Of course it's not as godlike as chroma/valkyr/wukong or other "immortali-frame" but he has a nice buff :D
  12. How does Ironclad Charge work exactly?

    This and that > It increases rhino's armor by a % of his base armor (armor without mods) However you can increase that % by using strength mods and by hitting more enemies. The goal being (of course) to charge a bigger iron skin
  13. Nekros desecrate drop chances

    That's very helpful :D Nekros doesn't change the loot rate, he just allows the corpse to loot something again. If you have (for example) 0.5% chance of looting tellurium on a killed enemy on uranus, nekros has a 54% chance of making that corpse loot again. It's still 0.5% chance of looting tellurium, but you try more than once to obtain it.
  14. Have you ever wondered what The Void is?

    I think, the void is just a different "plane of existence". For example the moon (lua) never moved, but got transfered to the void. That's why it was invisible.
  15. Why doesn't Ablating Link work on Nox?

    Or any weapon that is more accurate with hipfire like a lex or marelok... You need several headshot, a sniper is a bit slow in my opinion but you play as you want :D