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  1. No to vehicles

    No vehicle is going to be as fast as warframes spamming bullet jump, especially with obstacles. I don't see the point in vehicles, they're yet again wasting their time working on something useless because it sounds cool to them.
  2. Still it has nothing to do with being a founder. You could've said "i'm playing since the game was first released" and it would be the same. Although yes, the daily login system is garbage and has to be changed. Again. I agree especially since we're talking about riven. What is demotivating however is looking at the amount of daily login needed to get some of these items (that are quite cool even if not meta or top tier)
  3. Well that was a workshop thread about how they were going to rework something, they got a lot of feedback from it and figured their proposed rework was bad. Come on you know why most players want an exalted weapon AND a whip. Whip because ctrl+E (spin attack) and exalted because it's (most of the time) stronger than a regular whip. (although it can't use blood rush)
  4. Dear DE -these are unacceptable odds (khora drop chance)

    There is a huge difference. When you get an oberon part, it's not replacing another loot. Here it's khora part OR something more interesting. Looting oberon parts is just free bonus credit. A tiny credit bundle or a relic, I prefer the relic even if I don't have the use of it.
  5. Nope. Also what is it with you people and exalted weapons... Just equip a whip already so you can ctrl+E at will.
  6. Aw yiss we got an official statement for a NO to exalted whip. That'll shut down many threads. I'll copy paste it thank you
  7. Talking about multishots!

    How is this confusing ? +90% multishot means you have 90% chance of firing 2 projectiles instead of 1. +60% means you have 60% chance. Use both of these and you have 150%, which means always 2 projectiles and 50% chance of firing a third one.
  8. Onslaught: Token/Rep System

    Well instead of the joy of getting a random reward, you have this feeling of accomplishment because you worked toward your goal while being 100% sure that your valuable time has been properly used. (instead of wasting hours fighting RNG) There is a difference between "fixed goal with a reasonable amount of grind" and "fixed goal with an insane amount of grind". If you find a right amount between "how many waves you want the players to complete to get that one loot" and "how many waves players are ok to grind in order to get that one loot", then you're fine. Look at ambulas event, it was a huge amount of grind, just like onslaught you kept changing map, but unlike onslaught, you were 100% sure of getting what you wanted. And in the end, each reward had a decent amount of grind behind it (in my opinion). I know far more players who are ok with spending hours in missions for a 100% chance of reward compared to players who just expect RNG to work in their favor at some point in their life. And yeah sure you can still trade and get plats and buy the stuff you wanted, but it's not as interesting as obtaining it or working toward obtaining it. I wouldn't mind DE telling me "you have to complete 30 waves for each part of khora you want" instead of "hey keep playing and maybe luck will be on your side. At some point". (even though I wouldn't farm khora because she looks like hot garbage, but that's just my opinion)
  9. Onslaught: Token/Rep System

    It doesn't if you put the right amount of grind/reward, instead, it offers another way to obtain these once you're fed up with the primal way. Sick of grinding index ? Play a bit of onslaught for some credits. Or you can keep the token shop's inventory small. You can do whatever you want because it's very flexible. Other features like sorties or ostron/quills rep could do the exact same, that offers even more way to obtain what you want and it diversify the grind, which is good to avoid burn out. Again as I said, players who care about the game mode and not the rewards wouldn't feel the difference. On the other hand, players who are here solely for the reward can grind a very specific amount of waves and get what they want. It's a win-win, you have grind which makes players stay, but without the "i'm unlucky and will never obtain what I seek" feeling.
  10. Fastest way to farm Ostron Standing?

    As said above, fishing. I crafted baits for the rarest fish (glappid) which took quite some time, but once you have access to these, you can farm a week worth of daily rep very quickly. Glappids are worth 1,200/1,500/2,000 reputation depending on the size, and of course it's even more worth doing if you have kavat/booster. Or you can farm mortus as advised by the other players, but you'll need way more fish to meet your daily rep. Although they're far more common and don't require bait, it just takes more time to get enough.
  11. Onslaught: Token/Rep System

    Plat don't have purpose for me either... You said " Considering how small the drop pools are for onslaught " I'm just saying, a token system allows for a bigger loot table. You could even add things that seem useless for many players but that some others would love to have. Credit bundle / medallions / ressource bundle / gems etc etc... The point of a rep/token system is to allow the player to grind while being rewarded with something he needs. Players don't mind playing for hours as long as they're 100% sure of getting what they want, which is why ambulas event worked fine even though it was a pain to grind. What does this have to do with being rewarded ? If players don't care about the rewards, changing the way they work won't do much to them.
  12. Kuva Fortress Survival...You Know This is WRONG, DE

    On top of not writing properly you don't even read our post. We never said grind should be increased. I'll just stop reading/answering, you don't even want to discuss at all, all you want is to repeat your point and hope that makes it valid.
  13. Are you sure your thread didn't get merged into another one ?
  14. It's sad to seek explanations for mods behaviour ? What is wrong with you... He says his threads didn't get merged into the megathread. He could be wrong, I can't check that. Maybe they just got merged and that's why he didn't get notified.
  15. Onslaught: Token/Rep System

    Adding a token system allows a bigger loot table. Look at plague star event, they made quite a big loot table. That's not an argument. Plats aren't necessary to every player.