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  1. Nope 28% for the ayatan around 1.6% for shotgun riven, 9.6% for pistol and 8.6% for rifle. The thing is, all together it's ~20%, but since it's divided it works in other ways... making them way rarer than ayatan
  2. Basically making wall latch even more useless than it already is...
  3. I was playing oberon and didn't expect the juggernaut. Then I just pressed 1 1 1 1 1 111111111111 like crazy and it died because of the insane %hp damage > 2k damage per projectile, 15 projectiles per cast... gg wp ez
  4. Because you think energy reduction is a problem when you have a trinity ?
  5. Well it seems to be 9.6% for pistol and 8.6% for rifle. Meanwhile 28% for the ayatan <3
  6. Which one ? It'll never happen so how would you know ? :D
  7. Example of one that require an hour to unlock ? Because I don't see any The only thing that makes a riven challenge hard is not having the proper tools to complete it
  8. It's true that I didn't watch the video (I maybe will) but from OP's description I don't see anything that prevent people from spamming CC to win
  9. You called ? :D 1.6% chance of geting a shotgun riven :D
  10. Well then nobody would run them and instead keep running excavation.... Or maybe not because rotB and C also contains trash mods I don't know if that could work
  11. I only run hieracon when I need to, i'm not fond of it. As I said, something like this would be NICE but maybe too efficient for the devs to introduce it don't assume I don't like the idea when I already said how great it would be
  12. Oh yeah because players love when their abilities are rendered useless just to create some fake difficulty I agree with this, but it would probably be way too efficient for devs' taste, or not enough to us compared to the typical hieracon run
  13. What is the point exactly ?
  14. One word : Limbo And you can still rush and be sneaky with any frame...
  15. And yet another "impossible to do riven challenge" that is incredibly easy... Pick ivara > use noise arrow to gather enemies > shoot a grenade in the pack of enemies while latching onto wall > gg ez