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  1. Idea for fair sortie reward system

    This is already supposed to exist, you're not supposed to be able to obtain ayatan sculptures more than 2 or 3 times in a row. Also, that won't make the system fair... Just less annoying.
  2. So why didn't Mirage Prime come with Simulor Prime

    No I don't. And it's a cephalon weapon, until DE say otherwise, only tenno weapons can be primed. (mirage doesn't need / never needed simulor to be insane)
  3. DE's balancing is so ridiculous

    Just because other things are insanely broken that doesn't mean THIS has the right to stay broken. The fact is, weapons that kill enemies are more balanced than a giant unbreakable wall, even if these weapons can kill everything in a 20m circle every 0.5 second. Unless nulifiers nothing can break that wall currently, and it's a very bad design.
  4. Great so now you'll have a huge amount of complains because this won't be a thing. Anyway it's great you guys finally noticed how insanely OP that ability is.
  5. That's absolutely not what this player was asking. He meant "will the wall have X second of invulnerability during which damage taken will increases its health ?", just like rhino's armor & frost's snowglobe.
  6. Tenno Shotgun: Why All The Hype?

    Tigris ? People are hyped about it because they've been asking for a "pump action" shotgun for years. Also people are hyped about it because people are hyped about anything. You could tell them "you'll soon be able to plant & cultivate potatoes in the plains" and they would be hyped.
  7. Javlok Throw Needs Multishot

    Javlok has a hidden feature on the throw.
  8. Sortie. And there is still the default landing craft's active ability that hack the console for you to remove alarm & lockdown, but that won't work for spy.
  9. New hateframe?

    People hate limbo & ash for the very same reason : It prevent them from playing the way they usually do and get kills easily. Playing with a limbo : Most of the time the map is into a cataclysm with time stopped, you're forced to play melee because your primary/secondary are useless. Playing with an ash : Most of the time, ash players spam bladestorm, and when enemies are being backstabbed, they're immune to any damage that isn't made by ash himself or one of his clone. Although it's way less annoying now that ash has to target every enemy, it's still bothering to watch ash doing all the job while you can't do anything. That's just what I've noticed though, I could be wrong.
  10. Melee combo counter needs some changes

    He just said in his first post And you're suggesting the use of another bandaid feature ?
  11. If the matchmaking doesn't put players together, maybe, but that's only a supposition, maybe there is no players to put together.
  12. Limbo... the fun killer.

    Limbo is like warframe's "easy mode". You have trouble doing a mission ? Pick limbo and it'll be ok. Again, if you don't want to play with limbo, stop playing with random players.
  13. or simple allow hacked drone to stay alive....
  14. It's especially true for gara, 3 of her abilities have hidden features that work with each other and nothing is written in game. I thought the frame was garbage until I read the wiki....
  15. Stop making misleading posts about the next Prime Frame

    hahaha these people who think mirage's only good weapon was simulor. Mirage has the power to turn any weapon into something stupid, especially when it's a projectile one. Simulor was already a stupidly strong weapon, coupled with mirage it was indeed a huge mess. The same happen with weapons like azima / zenistar / ignis etc etc... She IS popular when it comes to rushing, I see many people rushing missions with an ignis/mirage.