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  1. Neat that means we'll finally be able to see how ridiculous the loot tables and their related loot rate are. Like having relics in spy mission at rot C and next mission you get a rare mod that you got a hundred times already, or even worse, a little bit of endo. It's nice that you finally share something that has been asked for a billion time, better now than never, but if you really take a look at these loot table you can see many problems. (like some mission looting less relics than others for example or having a little bit of endo here and there)
  2. Why bother ? Because you could have a build that is neat for both abilities instead of a build that is better for only one thing. Plus hysteria is powerful enough to do anything in the game provided that your melee is good enough. I don't see why anyone would say no to a little "immortality time" when needed.
  3. You're limiting your options just for a little bit power strength.
  4. Still, it's not really needed. He/she could be using that slot for energy conversion. Way more worth it in my opinion, for both warcry and hysteria
  5. Simple question, why would you put so much strength when you already one-shot pretty much everything with melee and/or hysteria ?
  6. Endo is a better system (even though it's not ok as sortie reward) The new relic system is pretty neat because of the (slightly) reduced grind and the fact I don't have to burn my eyes in the void tileset anymore and... I liked rhino rework :) That's all I can find sorry (oh wait I forgot, ZA WARUDO rework is neat even though completely OP)
  7. Well it's not like sorties have anything good in them... Unless the higher level enemies which make them a bit less boring. From the gameplay to the reward it's quite a disappointment.
  8. Well sorties condition aren't making the game more difficult and they aren't really helping anything, especially since there is no real reason to run sorties. They're just making them more tedious (along with the amount of endless mission there are) especially considering the ones we currently have. (and with the current state of general unbalancen, there isn't a single sortie modifier that can't be ignored) And yeah you pretty much repeated what I said about "the game can't be challenging until they start balancing it", which is obvious and somehow not their priority. I'm just assuming they don't want to add difficulty because that's not really what they're working on, also because (as we said) they can't do that until they balance the game, and because the game is providing them with enough players and money without them having to worry about "replayability".
  9. Guides of the lotus would have an easier time if these things were in the codex... And it's not like the codex is forcing you to read stuff. +1 though, it's been years since i'm telling people to go check the wiki since there is no info in game. Especially when it comes to tricky things like "nova can speed up enemies by using <100% power strength", I mean seriously how could you guess something that messed up, it doesn't even make sense. Well that's how the first raids were, we grinded our teeth on it until we understood what had to be done. And it was a nightmare, my clan just waited a few days for other players to find out, which is, ridiculous. I'm not asking for lotus mommy to take our hands and guide us through the whole thing, but jeez a bit of indications would be great. On the whole starmap she's telling you every single little step to the point of being annoying, and in the trial she's like "bzzt bzzt there is some gas preventing communication" and then nothing or "it seems that this lock is complicated, deal with it tennos"
  10. Well that won't really solve anything. With how OP our weapons and frames are, there is nothing we can't do as long as we have access to our abilities. 4 players raid ? Pfft, just pick EV nova vauban and you still have a free slot for whatever you want. DE don't really seem to want to implement difficulty, and there isn't really any reason for them to (sadly)
  11. Define hard. Or rather, define hard that my warframes can't cheese through by simply using their abilities.
  12. 1. How often do you complete Sorties? once every 2 week, when I have nothing else to do. Simply because the reward system is awful. 2. What new Sortie Conditions would you like to see? Anything but NOT randomized equipment. Having low tier weapons like MK1 furis would be awful and far from fun and challenging. ALSO, players would just exit > restart until they have a playable set of weapons. 3. What new rewards would you like to see from Sorties? Nothing as long as we don't have a better reward system (like token that was suggested so many times, even by YOU devs). Whatever the reward list is, there is always a lot of rewards a player won't care about. 4. What do you think the watery teaser was about? No opinion... Don't really care about lore stuff and tentatives to create hype 5. How often do you visit low-level planets like Earth? Only when a new prime requires a lith relic. Otherwise never. If you guys released that feature allowing us to increase the starting level of the mission, maybe people would run earth for lvl 80+ enemies. (oh and when there is an excavation fissure for trace farming...) Modifiers would be interesting if the game were balanced. The game isn't balanced, therefore modifiers are useless. Since the aim of the game is on "short missions that are rushed", yeah it feels repetitive. A bit less but still. Not at all. It feels more like a kick in the nuts of my free time. Modifiers "the game is balanced", is that a thing ? That should be a thing. And no sorties aren't and won't ever be endgame, there won't be anything close to "endgame" with a game so unbalanced.
  13. Making sure no weapon can be used in every situation could be a nice goal for the game but you know that's not true right now. Some weapons can be used in every situation like tigris / hek, or pretty much any melee with a bit of crit rate. (these are just examples... there are plenty more so please don't start with the "you forgot X weapon")
  14. Why would they change a feature that drives crazy so many players ? So far it's working, you're all farming kuva day and night. It's pretty much what it was designed for, unless for the "help underperforming weapons to be more played" part but that's not what matters anyway.
  15. Well it's not like we can do anything about this. DE would have to make big changes to the game and see how players react, but I doubt they'll ever do this. Farming over and over the same easy missions is what make's warframe, it's sad but it doesn't seem like they want to change that.