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  1. Cetus Wisps

    I got around 7 randomly, I therefore missed 23 for the amp. It took me around 10-15min to find them all. You have to search at sundown / night / sunrise around the giant lake + the river next to it + the pond with the geyser. Then go back to town, and go back to the plain to repeat. Equip all mod to show loot and it'll be easy. I thought wisp were a pain to obtain, in the end they're quite easy. The real issue are the rare fish like murkray and the eidolon breath which isn't farmable in anything else than bounty...
  2. [DE]: How About Weighted RNG?

    Or... just put all the rewards in the "offering" tab and give us more standing from the bounties. No need to add tokens
  3. it seems you have to kill it while it's shackled by lures to get the large core
  4. We destroyed 2 body part and each of them looted 1 medium core
  5. The future looks, confusing?

    Tell us what you're expecting from the game, it'll be easier to tell you.
  6. Good idea, this way there is no dev around to fix gamebreaking bugs.
  7. That's not really a plausible answer I'd say it's made like this so you can't just afk while your pup army destroy everything.
  8. Rivens: When do they "lock" to a weapon?

    That happened many time, with the zenith for example (if I remember correctly)
  9. Rivens: When do they "lock" to a weapon?

    That's not actually true. Some rivens existed before the weapon made for it were released.
  10. Tweaks Titania needs, not a rework

    Honestly I would be happy with a bigger energy pool and shorter casting time. If you don't run natural talent you're dead whenever you cast an ability
  11. Because you think endless scaling is challenging ? It's NOT. It's only here to prevent you from farming the same mission for 3 hours straight, and it can't even do that. You want to do a 5h defense ? Pick banshee, pick nova, EV and whatever damage dealer that is also part immortal/immune, DONE. It's all about knowing what to pick and how to mod the gears. Abilities are meant to be OP, weapons aswell. And enemies are meant to be destroyed, unless a few of them who're just here to prevent you from rushing through every mission You think people have difficulties in the game ? They don't, they just don't know yet how it works and which weapons & abilities are worth it. And you can't even blame them for not knowing how the game work, because it is needlessly complicated and the codex isn't really helping. Everytime one of my friend has issue with the game and ask me for help, I just tell him "pick this weapon and mod your frame that way" and now he's having an easy time. How simple.
  12. The thing is, you're right on some points (I haven't read it all honestly... it's far too long, maybe i'll read it later) but the game IS supposed to be like this. YES, it's a casual game about one-shotting everything.
  13. More positive WF coverage by gaming journalism

    Who seriously think "rework and fixes can't be advertised" ? You can revamp old stuff into something great, you can balance the game, you can even make it more challenging, that'll definitely attract people. It'll probably be more attractive to old players who got sick of the game's issue than new players, but it's still important to keep your playerbase. Wasn't parkour 2.0 hyped ? Yet it's just a rework of something already existing. But the game won't ever be challenging, old features will probably stay as they are, and when something is reworked it's most of the times not what players would expect. What I mean here is that you actually need plats to obtain inventory slots, and it's something you can't really avoid paying for, or at least you couldn't avoid that if plats weren't the trading currency. Remove the "plat can be traded" feature and warframe is not anymore a F2P, It's just a preview to a game with a lot of content that you can't possess because your inventory is blocked.
  14. More positive WF coverage by gaming journalism

    The only thing warframe is doing right is being a F2P, for the ONLY reason that you can trade platinum. Remove that aspect and the game isn't F2P anymore. I'm not familiar with the word "grofit" but if that means (even partially) "profit", excuse me but, riven ? DE is caring more about adding non sense features because "it bring money while fixing the game doesn't" (it's one of the most used argument whenever people ask for old stuff to be finished / reworked)
  15. I think that's the feature I've seen requested the most (beside "votekick") and yet.... we're waiting. How many times did I see players geting angry because they wanted to leave or because they didn't want to leave (quite funny when the last one happens in PUBs, you can't expect random players to play a run as long as you want) More on topic though, I wonder why DE is trying to balance stuff and at the same time they do everything to break the balance as much as possible. Unless money and/or powercreep (to attract players) I can't see the point of doing such things. (example : Nerf the tonkor, release something even more OP and safer than the tonkor, the lenz) Nice sum up of warframe's current situation. You forgot one thing thought. Some players are camping because the game is sometimes (often) quite boring on endless runs. Camping allow them (or at least, part of them) to be partially afk and do something else while other players are doing the killing. For example nekros can be totally afk now while EV will do her thing and another frame do the killing/CC