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  1. @[DE]Danielle Regarding not touching Gaze... Can we at least make it so the ability is useful when enemies are more than 0.5 inches off the ground? As it stands, any enemy that isn't touching the ground is completely unaffected by Gaze. Meaning ospreys, sentients, enemies affected by khora's strangledome or vauban's bastille/vortex, nidus larva, etc. Right now, the ability is only useful if the enemy is actually touching the ground. Seems like that was fixed, hooray! But I didn't see it noted in any of the patchnotes I was looking in. On to the second thing, then: Also as many others
  2. Thank you for the hotfix! However, still no fix for: (This is not my post, but I've also been struggling with this. I can't farm toroids because enemies just stop spawning.)
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