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  1. Ok just tried it again with no armor strip (having solod it many times before). Wow, this is really ridiculous for solo players. My velocitous (with 900% damage boost) does about 1/10-1/6th of each legs health bar per shot, it took me roughly 30-45 seconds to get past the first shield stage and literally 5+ minutes to down it with my archgun. Once i downed it, i couldnt even see the health bar move with each shot, with no armor reduction its pretty unrealistic to do solo. if you arent going to have armor stripping please add >a halfway decent way to level archwing weapons (might i suggest allowing them in eso), so that we can forma them and make them good enough to solo. >better archgun mods >archgun rivens >spots that show up under each limb after a couple of seconds that act as "critical" points that do more damage. People playing with a group will just nuke instead of waiting for critical points because they have 4 people, but it at least makes it plausible to solo the boss. Closer: I hardly ever complain or post on the forums about stuff. But soloing this boss was one of the funnest and most challenging things to do in warframe. I've been playing this game for years and haven't had that much fun so long. yeah i could play with a team but that's not nearly as challenging, if i let my vex armor go down, doesn't matter i have a 75% bless, what if the odd debuff gets through my arcane nullifier? doesn't matter 3 ppl already dropped energy pads. This fight represented a new type of veteran content that was exhilarating and challenging when played solo, now years of gathering powerful gear amounts to me melting the shields of the spider and then smashing it over the head with a wet noodle until i get bored and leave. yikes.
  2. eh idk if i agree with shattering impact nerf. Shattering impact made it fun to solo. You can get past shield parts with good enough mods, the only solution to the archgun parts taking forever solo was having shattering impact, now it feels like u have to be in a group to do this quickly because there literally aren't powerful enough archgun mods. with chroma 900% dmg buff and formad + good mods for velocitus it still takes an uncomfortable amount of time to do non-shield phase of the boss solo. ugh.
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