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  1. That is why DE chose the Leyou path in the first place, after founders helped the Warframe idea float. Its not something to be glib about. That said, its one of those things to watch and listen about, and up to the players to make their choices wisely if it happens.
  2. EA? Can't say I like EA or their practices. I probably wouldn't stick with the game if it went that far down being anti-consumer. Activsion Blizzard is doing their own self immolation of their retained goodwill so far, so I think emulating that would also be a very bad idea.
  3. Urlan

    Boltor Prime

    Its more that its stats were just changed, it used to have high damage but lowish critical and passable status but nothing to write-home again. It also has faster projectile speed compared to the regular; but the stats were changed around and like many pure full auto, it doesn't really compete as well when everything is geared around massive damage (or reduced to uselessness due to innate damage resist and high armor with immunity to status. As far as full auto go, the Boltor prime is like the Soma prime, a solid weapon as full auto are but you can't rely on them for the heavy lifting but instead killing the chaff. Its just the way DE has gone with their balance lately.
  4. Some reward for actually doing the harder thermia defenses, requiring either full teams or a bit of tedious back and forth coolant gathering each time; would be a nice a addition to justify the increased enemy activity.
  5. I wouldn't have any interest in such a non-canon cross-over, and do not believe that Bungie has let go of the poisonous nature of Activision, even if they are no longer officially part of it.
  6. I totally agree with having the options for us! I mean hey, we weren't Orokin Elite; "Void Demons" can use some fashionable asymmetry when its cool. 😄
  7. The Orokin were huge fans of symmetry, its mentioned in the Simaris lore. As you rose in rank you were expected to have more and more perfect symmetry reflected physically as a show of your perfection. Ballas seems to be an odd man out - very strange for an Executor, the ruling caste of the Orokin Elite - but perhaps we will eventually get some explanation for that. As for the questions; I would be interested if there is any current plans for Void Blast amps to work alongside our existing Void laser amps. I feel that these would open up more avenues for our Tenno being practical if nothing else while also allowing a fix for the Tenno affinity black hole that Void blast currently represents. Also, would it be possible and practical to make it so that Focus Lens can be safely removed so as to allow painless upgrading and re-installation of lens?
  8. I could understand the reasoning, but the War and parts are from specific Sentient Shards, parts of Hunhow, and the New War seems to involve Sentient that have been chilling on the Sentient Outpost until bee-lining to the Plains in that trailer. I would assume that they would have parts or resources used for other weapons, but not the War fragments themselves.
  9. Don't disagree with any of that, but just because their is audience chamber doesn't mean the king sits upon the dias. In this case, the tower itself is the Unum, and it is her.
  10. As per The Simaris lore, Corrupted are used for tasks like defending Orokin Elites when they are in Void towers and such, they are under the control of the Neural Sentry to in a way protect them from further influences of the Void (like Wally) as well as allow the Neural Sentries which are immune like Ordis to Void exposure, not having a physical brain anymore as they are digital. The Quills and Corrupted are those that start experiencing gifts or visions from the Void, and in the Corrupted's case, this means due to the raw proximity even in a shielded Void Tower, they are antenna-ed to give the Neural Sentry direct control. I would figure part of this process would have been designed by an Archimedian of the Mind like Margulis. We are recognized as enemies likely for the Massacre on Lua if nothing else. Cephalons were often told to only take orders from particular dna types. In Ordis's case, we or the Eldar Queen know that Ordis is keyed - if he was working normally - to abandon us if we ever lose our Void abilities and thus our status as a Tenno. Lastly, the Adults didn't all die, so much as they were either overwhelmed by seeing the vast potentialities that are linked by the Void and driven mad, or being seemingly possessed as with Rell's mother in his webcomic. So far, the Lore is not distinct upon the physical nature of the Unum aside that it is the living tower, and it links to the Quill in a similar nature as what the Corrupted are described to be. The towers are all living, Unum is the last of those towers near Cetus though, of a large number that Quill describes were destroyed by the giant sentient that was sent to stop their usage during the time of the Massacre on Lua. Much Orokin tech went to Organics after the Sentient decided to launch their surprise attack, but Ballas describes that originally the Orokin Elite mostly used defenses and weapons similar levels of technology as what the Sentient were originally made of. In-organic mind for the Sentient, but after years of flying to Tau Ceti and adapting to everything that was thrown at them, becoming self aware, adaptable and regenerating outside Void exposure much as any living creature might, and able to reproduce after their fashion. What the Sentient were originally when sent were highly adaptable drones, but not alive; though some in-universe (we have no evidence this is true) that Sentinels are in fact early evolutions of these same adaptive drones before they fully escaped Sol's rim which Early Tenno explorers found and befriended. Brought back and then experimented on by the Orokin Elite. As far as we know, the Infestation can assimilate just about anything with the exceptions of Void infused entities like us and Sentient organisms which exude energy which is outright poisonous to Infested tissues and cells. With the future seeing case, that is what I figure means that those folk have been touched or deemed chosen by the Unum, remember Saya's Vigil has Onkko decide to leave his life, his wife Saya; due to starting to see the multitude of different dimensional potentialities and timeframes before he left to become a Quill. I fully expect to see that little girl from the comics in a Quill suit in some future encounter ala seeing Little Duck in Fortuna. Cephalons are digitized versions of people's minds yes, we also digitize folk with Simaris Scanners and seem to with our capturing folk as well. That doesn't make them unalive, just in a different state as far as trans-humanism goes. The ships themselves are made of the same kind of technocyte tendrils, tissues, and grown metal and ceramic plates as much Orokin Elite tech at the time of the Old War, so as to better go through and be linked the the enslaved Cephalon mind as described by Ordis in his hidden diary logs in the Cephalon fragments, acting largely as his replacement limbs and he feeling directly through their parts as if through normal nerves. Ordis' corruption isn't due to outside influences, though this can not be fully rulled out for some other unnamed Cephalons in the same series - Simaris said many degraded over the years - but rather the fact that Ordis's programming by Ballas never fully took, by will he has recovered and discarded his memories as Ordan Karris and decided each time that he continues to exist not due to his programming but because he actually feels he cares about the Tenno he was assigned. Ordis is glitchy because he is constantly warring within his mind as to how he should act, the loyal butler in an imitation of how he was programmed or the mercenary lord he used to be. That is why the Vitruvian being installed and returning him to a state more inline with what Ballas had programed him to be is dangerous if it reasserts in the future. While Ordis is loyal to us due to his choice to be - his Orokin servitor programming going dark centuries ago - his "Vitruvian Cephalon programming" would not have those emotional decisions. Its good for us he reasserted I would think. Apparently its not unique for Cephalons to remember who they were, as Suda and Simaris both seem to as well, though that could be due to being "Great Cephalons" or higher caste that chose such a fate for whatever reason. Suda's web comic showing she chose it due to being an Archimedian of Memory and starting to lose track of her ability to remember details. She could remember that Hunhow blew up a planetoid, but not which one anymore; so she requested conversion into a Cephalon to be free of her increasing memory loss. All Orokin Towers are organic made of technocyte and grown tissues, what one would wonder by how Technocyte usually works, were those organic tissues grown purely or assimilated lower castes originally? There are said to be real space Void Towers in orbit around Mercury, for some unknown function, though the Grineer apparently have a significant fleet around them to prevent our mucking with such. On that topic, Unum is a Kuva Temple Refinement Tower as mentioned by Quill Onkko, each were likely tasked to roles, just as the Void Towers we visit or used to visit with our Keys. Derelicts being towers who have been overwhelmed by infestation outbreaks, if the Simaris lore is accurate due to survivors being packed on the ships and abandoned and the ships' technocyte tendrils eventually growing wild throughout the inner flesh and metals of the ship with the neural sentries lost as their power feeds are cut or consumed as happened with Jordas.
  11. Would it be logical, considering the comics are set after we started to wake up; to rationalize that the girl that was accepted into the Quills' care in the comic was born and given to their care early in our awakening? What with Little Duck and DE Stevecalibur being involved. Unum is the tower itself's awareness, call it a neural sentry or a cephalon, whatever but it had to have been there and installed before the Fall itself since the Eidolon deal is happening at the same time as many of us going massacre party at Natah and Hunhow's request on the Lua Celebration for "winning" the Old War. The idea that someone might have stayed in or around the tower keeping the Unum company though isn't a new one. You can hear about an early myth of the founding of Cetus post Eidolons; with the Thousand Year Fish part of Quill Onkko's crystal fish lore entries. Though again, that wasn't Unum but rather someone that kept the tower company besides her Corrupted servitors (likely) the Quill. Er-Phryah waiting for her family and love, who in turn waited for her until her death in his death as Mer Sah.
  12. I wouldn't say that they themselves are "Corrupted" the neural sentries utilize the corrupted and according to the Simaris lore did so before and during the Fall. Its probably more that the neural sentries just have orders not to let us in without attacking us or trying to stick antenna in folk that go crazy from Void exposure like during the Empire. Unum itself might be one of the last Neural Sentries active with tower on Earth; maybe not, though its at least one of the last and is the only one left around Cetus. The giant Sentient that eventually got split into the Eidolons when killed was likely tasked with killing off Earth bound Kuva Temple Towers to prevent the Orokin Elite we were slaughtering at the same time on Lua from being brought back easily afterward. DE originally said that we would learn more about the Unum, maybe even go inside; but if so that seems far off for now. To be fair, I am still convinced that the Quills are Unum's Corrupted. Remember, Ordis and his current body are alive as well; its likely neural sentries are the same or just a similar method of making a person's mind into a control system for devices and constructs.
  13. I hope it works out and the issue gets resolved quickly and effectively.
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