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  1. Don't see a samurai honestly, but even afflicted with Eidolon energies, would be difficult as it would preclude any prime of the warframe as Eidolons were created by a specific Sentient having its mind and body sundered by Unum and that ancient Gara secreting a Void bomb into the giant Sentient's core. Since its supposed to be afflicted with Eidolon energy it would have to be from warframe involved with Plains of Eidolon since the Eidolons were formed there which shows in the warframe's unique Eidolon themed look. That means that sorta like how many of us felt about Valkyr, it wouldn't have a primed form, at least not with the same look and moveset! Still, it seems to have not just a Eidolon energy theme to its look but rather have Sentient pieces from the undead Sentients, and that is not supposed to work.
  2. I have no problem with lasers or minions but so far, I don't see what allows Eidolon Warframe to work in setting so far. Eidolons were created after the Fall, so after warframe production. Warframes are also made of infested matter which Sentient are immune to so no compatibility in merging them. Eidolon energies also have been shown to be able to be used in solutions to poison Infested tissue so even harder to work in. I am sure the lasers or Nyx stuff will be workable, but I don't understand how its Eidolon theme is going to work.
  3. I disagree, instead I would think that its better to have numerous researches with more useful impact to the game than just 10-100 times costs.
  4. Urlan

    A sketch of Nidus

    Very nice!
  5. I hope it works out for you!
  6. I wouldn't say 'wasn't hard' but people like say you and me having enough to fund the research ourselves doesn't mean its not excessive. I was also humored by the 'raining samples in the derelict' comment by DE Steve. I think though that stance could have changed if he had a chance to run missions in that lonely place. 🙂
  7. Urlan

    Lords of the Sentient

    Well, Hunhow was said to be the leader of the Vanguard of Sentient that attacked the system, with the giant Sentient that attacked Earth's towers being more a held back separate entity being used to cause as much damage to methods that could be used to restore the Elite after our massacre of the Orokin Leaders. It is interesting that Natah did not restore her father after Sacrifice it but rather went to report to her "Mother".
  8. Urlan

    Plains Of Eidonlon Multiplayer issues

    Have you tried switching to invite only? Seems odd that random players might be able to join in a friend only match, but invite only should help.
  9. Its doable, but far excessive compared to what is reasonable for a research cost regarding a burst ammo rifle weapon. Now, if the mutagen cost was for making our own Juggernauts or infested mech for warframes to merge with, I think the cost would be more acceptable.
  10. Urlan

    ZAWS Customisation

    I recall that DE's response earlier was that Zaws can't use skins due to the nature of how they store their stats - via their skin meshes - and that it was not in the cards at the time. Who knows though, perhaps after Fortuna, it will become a priority or changes in how the weapons work will allow it.
  11. Urlan

    Pets no longer die

    Perhaps we could involve ourselves in stealing more Tyl Regor research to make Pets actually stable.
  12. Yeah, during Rathuum and Defection Red Veil make it pretty clear that while they often rely on Steel Meridian protection and are loosely allies, they don't have any love for Steel.
  13. Urlan

    Shields rework (Shield durability stat concept)

    Giving shields an armor value would likely help give them more purpose, but it would have to be looked at from how it would change enemies as well.
  14. Urlan

    Who wants armors in Warframe?

    I wouldn't mind it, honestly the junk armor look of the original Plains Tenno armor seemed to suggest such a thing might happen but instead it was cosmetic and Magus Enhancements gave stats or utility powers.
  15. Urlan

    My platinum's gone!

    I would concur with putting in a clear ticket with support, they might be able to clear up what happened.