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  1. Sounds good, I will wait on the dev workshop and such before worrying much about it.
  2. Look at it this way, Tencent's offers through their subsidiaries and front companies alike IDreamsky was around $1.7 Billion last year when their offers were first being considered, then went down to $1.4 Billion while Sony's bid that Tencent felt concerned enough about was higher than IDreamsky's previous bid, and was Sony proper not the Playstation arm which analysts think signified an impressive bid but the amount was not disclosed. To beat Tencent's full self which is doing the talk with plans to make Leyou and Leyou's fully owned holdings; like DE and Splash damage among others private under their Tencent Mobile Arm. I don't think we could conceivably crowd fund the amount of money changing hands here; but if its a program you feel you could encourage others legitimately to try; go for it, though one might consider you being facetious with the previous responses and the dice gif files. Either way, you would legally have to wait just like Sony and any other Entity interested until Leyou confirms or denies Tencent's generous offer; which most analysts I previously linked don't think is likely to be turned down.
  3. No, the deals are not finalized yet; and no new info has been disclosed about how the talks are going; as Leyou and their subsidiaries are not allowed to talk about it until the talks are concluded we will probably be waiting until its decided.
  4. I am sure the micro-transactions about getting stash tabs are well liked by the community or GGG censoring any mention of the Hong Kong protests on their forum after being bought out. While the Activision response that caused so many players to close their accounts was also due to Tencent poking in and suggesting that it was disrespectful to allow players to show support for folk arguing for Democracy. Not like the WeChat being used to spy on folk even outside of China isn't actually happening, as reported by many international news sites; or that they aren't acting as one of the IT managements for the genocide of the Ethnic Chinese in Xinping and their apps and programs being used to locate and confine as well as censor the details of the government's actions in this and previous missteps of human history. Its not like the IT folk haven't been decrying using programs like Siri, Windows 10, and Social Media in the States as well as camera surveillance like what is being used to identify and grab individual protestors even with the protests in Portland for instance. Its not like folk didn't put a collective gasp at the gross misuse of executive privilege that allowed rights violations like the Patriot Act to occur, or required folk like Snowden to leak just how much garbage the US gov was violating privacy without warrant. Gee its almost like Americans in general don't like folk spying, abusing rights, or being monsters; but wannabe authoritarian oppressor types sure love it! I and others have included many links to actual news and stuff to help form educated opinions instead of such hyperbole.
  5. Unfortunately, its sorta the reverse, as Leyou becomes fully absorbed; it and the studios that are subsidiaries (DE and Splash Damage are examples) will be taken private under Tencent's Mobile Arm. So Tencent Proper>Tencent Mobile>Leyou>DE+Splash Damage+assorted in this example. https://www1.hkexnews.hk/listedco/listconews/sehk/2020/0710/2020071000536.pdf Most of the articles mention the goal for Tencent to move Leyou completely under its umbrella but the bloomberg article would be among the best to look at, with the CNBC being a good alternative. So far, no news updates; but here is a smaller group's link to the early July info. https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2020/07/10/tencent-sony-leyou-warframe-bidding-war-stock-shares/
  6. Actually Tencent is the one that was doing the Phone version anyway with Timi games, it was announced by them and confirmed by DE's twitter before these deals started happening. Tencent also acquired the rights to Star Armor (what the game is called in China) from Changyou as a spin-off of the earlier talks of a merger or funding last year, which became solid early this year due to Covid 19 according to the announcement for reasons that might have caused the delay. Some analysts think that is why Tencent is being so aggressive when Sony tried to take Leyou really quick from the Tencent backed and subsidiary companies who were bidding on Leyou before; why have the rights to just a national spin-off essentially licensing the game, when they could gain all the profits just by owning Leyou, while also gaining useful development teams. The PS4 version yeah, apparently just didn't have the player base needed, and there was that spat Sony had with the Chinese gov around the time that necessitated companies making a chinese knock-off of the Playstation - Sony eventually came to a form of an agreement with Tencent distributing Playstations in China, similar to how Nintendo just recently signed to do with the Switch.
  7. Its important to note that the Rhino in Rhino prime's codex entry is not in fact, a warframe; but a Bio-Drone; those proto-warframes that Ballas mentions the Executors ordering eliminated before moving to using Margulis and Silvana to rehabilitate us and transference into the Surrogate series designed by Silvana. Also two or so primes suggest they are the original gear in one way or another; but that still doesn't say they came first; as more primes suggest they are blinged ace customs of the normal models; as with every quest warframe that has a prime; the majority of weapons, and Sentinels like Wyrm prime. Its important to note as well, that Umbra Excalibur is being tortured and converted using a specialty strain mixed up by Helminth during the tail end of the Old War, when Ballas decided to betray his people, in fact the Old Dax is in this situation because Ballas caught him trying to provide evidence of Ballas' treachery. After being used to kill his own son, Isaah; the Old Dax was stored on Lua in a lab; which we find damaged - which in turn allowed escape - in Sacrifice, but had broken and Umbra escaped after the events of 2nd Dream and had been hitching rides to his old digs on Earth.
  8. Could be a new addition, what about nanite spores from the swarm moas?
  9. Very well researched; and yeah, that is my understanding as well.
  10. Well, if we are talking what Tencent has stated in their buyout offer that they intend to do; they will take Leyou and its holdings including DE private under their Tencent Mobile arm who will act to further direct Leyou's future as part of the Tencent family; per the Bloomberg article of the talks at least.
  11. According to the HR Director; no. That said, while DE still made the majority of the profit for Leyou recently; under-performance of promised releases and engagement for 2019 resulted in an overall loss of $2 million which is stated as part of the explanation for why Leyou is pursuing the merger/buyout at this time. According to the HR; from before the deal went private; in an interview in late 2019, DE could use additional funds for the increased bringing on of staff they were doing and for improving hardware and technologies (licenses and upgrades to equipment for better upgrades to the game for example) so its likely that DE even if they individually had money to attempt to buy back their shares; would. https://lfpress.com/business/local-business/digital-extremes-on-the-block-just-as-covid-19-drives-gaming-growth
  12. Not sure I follow honestly; but if you mean to say; what is the risk in trying? I say go for it, and hope it works out for your efforts.
  13. Then I hope you get some traction if not for encouraging other mega-corps; then at least for visibility and helping inform charities and other non-profits that DE has worked with in the past to consider what is going on now.
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