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  1. For better or worse you are stuck with Leyou's decisions, and your sale to Leyou prior. We as Pony Ma would say still have the right to act and as such leave or stay. Good luck with the transition but I do wonder if it matters that we are judged by the company we keep. Good luck with Warframe going forward.
  2. The Chinese version was acquired by Tencent as announced by DE during the Tennocon deals this year, this was a separate deal but one that folk have been reporting about for a long while now.
  3. The NDA haven't been valid for over a decade now. What became Blizzard North from Condor was brought in to work on the early World of Warcraft concept before leaving due to disagreements in direction; eventually founding Flagship Games, which developed Hellgate London (fell apart and parts became Runic Games, later absorbed by Perfect World International). The basic gist is that at one point what became WoW was intended as an open world retail game with online elements sorta if you took Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 and mushed them together. Players could build settlements, have persistent character
  4. As release yes, it released from the start as a paid subscription based model. That wasn't the original intent however, originally it was intended as something akin to the original Warcraft 3 Rpg concept that got stripped out for the more classical RTS model but with heroes as done by Kingdom Under Fire at little before. Part of the idea was to leverage the deal Bliizzard had with Earthlink and later AT&T for a bit to allow for the game to be a pay once and further free to play like expansions or additions after the fact, but the subscription model proved too enticing and the development t
  5. If not Balor Fomorianss; Galleons should be relatively common and most of our Kavor are certainly on ships way past the best use date. I think its a good idea, even if it doesn't end up Balors themselves; the Queens officially ordered Hek to turn over production and control of the remaining to Tyl Regor, but who knows when or if he will get to that? We know Jordas Golem was being directed to deliberately infect other Cephalons and ships when possible; so its quite likely that Jodas Golem or other mega infested could adapt out of total ship assimilations.
  6. Yes, that is quite what I am saying; as the game was being worked on for some time before release. I was among the souls that tested that version in fact, it was very nice. The point of the topic is often feeling that one, the vision of the game you want to see not matching up to what is delivered; and this is the core to the example given. The rest is folk burning themselves out through grind for the scraps being delivered, hidden in sometimes exotic rng or instead just tedious repetition. "Back in the day" how quaint, considering that for many players gaming today, few would remember AOL and
  7. Sure enough, either way; I think DE will be doing their best to handle the issue as they can.
  8. Nothing really; nor is it really lawyer territory; not really anyway. Basically, when Digital Extremes sold all their stakes in the company to Leyou 97% and PWI, getting a 3%; Leyou used a front company called Sumpo Foods (why DE was said for a while to be owned by a Chicken Company, what Sumpo officially is used for) before Leyou decided to spin off Sumpo as it was no longer needed for financial reasons. Tencent is doing something similar here with "Image Frame Holdings" is all. They are a front company, often used for better government approval rates and financial deals with the taking over
  9. Then you will be pleased that is exactly the arm of Tencent; "Tencent Mobile" that is going to have Leyou folded under it. Currently using the Image Frame Holding Company similar to how Leyou used Sumpo Foods with its buyout of Digital Extremes earlier. The announcements and circulars on Leyou's website might be useful in getting a picture of the transference process. http://leyoutech.com.hk/investors-relation/announcements-and-circulars
  10. Glad the first elements of the Tencent deal are working out on helping DE get on more platforms for your guys' sake.
  11. Ironically, that was what was the breaking point for the original staff that developed War of Warcraft, but don't take my or another word on it; check out the original beta and stress tests back before the game went to open release. None of the original staff lasted through that purge as I understand, but it doesn't matter much. If any remnants of the old fansites still exist from the push from Warcraft 3 to World, you should be able to find more than enough to see the journey World has taken over the years.
  12. I do wonder if it would possible to add a Tenno activation button to the necramech UI to allow better switching in and out of the necramech using controller configs without the ability menu wheel?
  13. Part of that is due to drastically different teams for Blizzard's World of Warcraft development. Indeed, the original team left because the direction into a paid for service model instead of the original free to play rpg intent. There are some excellent resources out there detailing exactly what you are talking about SneakyErvin, and at least part of it was due to the handing of between teams and how Blizzard changed hands and management over the years.
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