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  1. Kuvalings spawn sorta like a Juggernaut on infested missions, based on killing enough enemies worth of affinity after you see the first show of Kuva Larvaling activity. If you get the Kuva Guardian talking, run to the marked Kuva Larvaling, and down it; but make sure to check if the weapon is what you seek before mercy killing them. A warframe or weapon loadout that can quickly blitz through groups of enemies is ideal for these tasks.
  2. I think Desert Nomad would be a good call, Baruuk itself being a reference to a real world phrase as well; its "Blessed One" a title given to Moses and Jeremiah in the Abrahamic faiths. Baruuk's default has a lot of calls from a look that was sported by ancient Hebrew high priests.
  3. Not a prob! Give a look see about Warhammer 40k Space Marine on youtube and watch for when the player activates synch kills on foes, if you have played Splatterhouse 2010 or god of war style games, its probably pretty similar. Sadly one of the failings of Space Marine Exterminatus mode (as much as we got for the promised co-op mode) they removed the fury and synch kill mechanics making it more what the devs sought to avoid in the standard solo campaign, a slow a defensive affair.
  4. Or Space Marine's synch kills helping restore life, tank damage, and Fury (basically similar to Warframe's energy in that it enables a counting down stronger mode for a duration) while helping to elminate temporarily stunned but otherwise still durable foes.
  5. A status proc or damage type could be key to opening up enemies to parazons, but honestly; if needed; wouldn't it be a plus to first give parazoning an enemy some kind of benefit first before mods? As is, its not a functional mechanic without them except for thralls/Lich which it seems exclusively built for and around. Taking the Blood for mods and baking them in would at least be some reason to use it over just shooting an enemy down or a real synch kill.
  6. Galatine Mewan Kwath Vargeet Ruhang 2 Paracesis
  7. Fair enough, if relying on Stalker showings, I would advise taking out each boss one by one before running anymore non-boss missions; this will make sure you are not missing any Stalker marks and get any spare boss blueprints you might be missing! Then run missions with allies or public, running run and gun missions since Stalker tends to show most often in the first few minutes if he will. Whatever is enjoyable for you, if Stalker comes, cool - brutalize his PK wannabee self for being so anti-social - just keep an eye on which boss sent him and redo that boss to keep remarked. If you want to use beacons later, that is cool too; just do what works for you; and while we can't say you will get it soon, you will eventually get his drops.
  8. That is a great idea if possible, since it would show an even more apparently personalization, but this might help until then.
  9. Higher attack speeds yeah, due to the melee 3.0 heavy strikes not having the hold the entire time mechanic of the old charge attacks, you just trigger them by holding or pressing the button, so to keep your combo points you have to roll or interrupt which could also make you lose them through timer if not using another conditional mod to extend the timer. Its a teething issue moving from melee 2.0 to 3.0 that will probably need to be nurtured in time or replaced.
  10. It doesn't solve anyone's problem, particularly if you use a controller; but doing that when melee 3.0 launched made any Tenno focus node that worked off of Void blast not work. For example Vazarin holding to form a barrier in front of the Tenno or Madurai shooting fireballs. That is why charge attack was put back in, now if this comes with some other way for Tenno to utilize those nodes; maybe a hold to swap Void blast melee amp so they can "alt fire" to do those moves, maybe this would work, but its important to know that the straight alt fire heavy stirke broke functionality at launch.
  11. I will wait on the 2nd part then, as my core dislike is with the failure based progression of the lich system, and will have to see how it works out. The requiem relics/requiem acquisition still seems like it will stay the same grind but I am willing to see if making it less lore breaking (along with reducing my spinal care bills) will help.
  12. The "original" melee 3.0 behavior? Will this reintroduce the disabling of Tenno charge attack Void blast moves as that mode also had? I am only asking because re-putting in the original charge attack command was stated to fix the broken at the time Tenno nodes that rely on that to function and lack an active melee to use Alt fire since that is used for their always on Void laser amp. If this would lead to having Void blast amps that change up how Tenno melee, I would be fine with that, but it would be annoying to lose out on whole nodes for schools not working again as happened with Melee 3.0's release.
  13. Urlan

    Bugs on Mars.

    I have seen this happening with other locations too, some figured that it doesn't happen as much if you set your textures to high suggesting in their case, that DE removed the lower grade textures in the Empyrean Update, or at least its not pointing to the right ones for now.
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