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  1. Urlan

    Passive focus earning

    True enough, good points.
  2. The GTX 480 would be among the series being dropped by official Nvidia driver support, In this case, which I3 are you using? The 980 is relatively new compared to most of the hardware here, and 16 GB of RAM is a respectable amount if its DDR3 or DDR4. Most of the users that are having issues are using hardware platforms that do not have access to the top of the line graphics card from a while back, while also not having relatively high end amounts of system RAM for those platforms. For you, you would be fine as long as that Intel Core I3 is not a first series one, as that would be a bottleneck slightly for that GTX 980. Availability of Win 10 64 licenses is not that bad, legit or stolen/questionably legal like from grey market sites; hek; you could even just use them for a while unregistered if you don't mind Microsoft's passive aggressive (for now) watermarks and messages. For many players here though, that do have issues, upgrading their OS would not be sufficient to allow them to be able to continue playing or at least would be a significant purchase for a platform that they would potentially have to upgrade away much of it to continue to play with that OS still; this is of course not even considering the sizeable privacy risks inherent with WIn 10 usage. That said, many of the players here would be capable of giving advice no matter their take on whether privacy concerns are an issue or not for them and if not the best intentions, this advice can be a resource. We can't help on funds though; but can help on upgrade ideas and parts research and compatibility
  3. Urlan

    So... Why do Forma STILL take so long to gather?

    You can rarely get forma blueprints from Derelict defense rotation C, while relics aren't nearly as good for the spare forma thrown in with your bunch of prime blueprints as keys are, some relics have higher chances of forma at lower rarity. Mostly vaulted relics now that I look at it, but its an option if you have allies that don't mind running lots of endless missions and burning relics. If you want Corrupted mods, to trade or use, that can be done sure; but you could also try other sources of trade - syndicate stuff, arcane enhancements, or watching trade chat for what primes are in demand, if already opening relics with teams - the main take-away is forma are much less common now, but its still doable. Good luck in your hunts Smashbrolink!
  4. Not too much has happened since your break honestly, but if you are trying to focus on a few bits since before and wee bit after; amps are a good call as you will greatly profit from getting at least one amp you can trust - I would recommend a Shwaak prism amp though really the parts are up to what playstyle you like best - while zaws and kitguns can be a more casually grab your favorite parts. I would put getting at least one decent amp from Cetus or Fortuna before getting Corrupted mods if you haven't gotten them already, but running the Derelict vault missions should be easier in some respects since you can equip all four Dragon keys to your gear wheel and don't have to rely on sometimes fickle allies. Just work on ranking up Cetus and Fortuna through bounties and the newer warframe parts - aside their quest blueprints - will come easy enough , so no need to focus there. Just do your best, and if you have allies that still play, see if they want to run missions with you to get back in the flow.
  5. Urlan

    is this breaking a rule or not?

    According to DE in the past, they do in fact review such transactions according to their flagging and then personal suspicions. I would concur with the others that this action would result in both accounts being banned, and should be avoided.
  6. Yeah, the triggers act a bit funky, but it can work. I don't figure they will going forward what with Microsoft wanting to depreciate their support for the tech, but either way, hopefully stuff like Steam's controller work recently helps more controllers become compatible for more players going forward.
  7. Same! Either way, I guess we will have to see, though I guess I will have to get an extension cable for my keyboard to reach the couch just in case!
  8. Yeah, I feel you there. In this case, it would need the paddles to be individual buttons of their own; this seems like it would need more buttons for this melee 3.0 to work.
  9. Urlan

    cant use operator mode

    Saya's Vigil is also an important quest to run to get the current full potential from your young avatar.
  10. Direct Input was the older control scheme used prior to the more modern Xbox 360 controllers while Xinput was introduced with XP service pack 1 and early Vista. It is still supported in as a legacy feature however. This might be useful: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/xinput/xinput-and-directinput I would be interested though if Xbox One Elites could be configured in such a manner though. Will have to have to give the rwasd thing a look later.
  11. Urlan

    Merge Chanelling with Heavy Attack

    One thing to keep in mind, that unless it has changed from the last show, combo counters don't effect normal melee attacks, only are charged up by active melee and then spent on heavy strikes for a boost that spends the combo counter, needing it to be charged back up. The trade-off was that combo counter will charge up faster. The Heavy strikes last time have animation similar to a charge attack so its not something that last shown would easily slot into the two combo per weapon stance.
  12. Well, they had boiled it down to two combo last time, with a lunge attack started by using block + attack at the same time; doesn't seem like that is still intended I would figure, and can't do back attack due to how I don't usually see DE using locked camera while using melee, and without that, back is forward and forward back you know? Forward and stand still had combo in the last shown example though. Maybe they will tie in using heavy strike to the combos instead?
  13. The only one I can think of converts it into Direct input, which sadly won't be supported for such controllers much longer so I don't figure that one at least will be valid. MS has been phasing that back for a while now, Xinput and all that being what they like. Still, I will have to give it more look-see, could be that someone has already solved part of the issue for those premium controllers at least.