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  1. That is an excellent point, considering some DX12 enabled games still don't get full performance under DX12 yet, and many times its better for stability to switch back to DX11. I know it would be a jump, but the same could be said for abandoning DX11; switching over to Vulkan or similar might be ideal if such a path is taken.
  2. If going for gravity related powers, the Gravity Orb from Hoshin Engi (Soul Hunters in the ADV Dub release) and Graviton from Marvel Comics.
  3. It won't work on any mode select rifles, or beam weapons. Same reason it won't work on the Fulmin is why it won't work on the Stradavar or Argonak for example while beam rifles count as their own rifle type and need to be cleared separately. Its possible in time some of those issues will be overcome or that skins will be made specifically for them.
  4. It would be a logical move; what with how Arcanes went from permanently installed into cosmetic gear to being removable to now slotted like mods into the warframe's mod screen; but so far there has been resistance to making that leap.
  5. Good to hear, shame about the arcanes being what the are though.
  6. Yeah, I am sure they will get to it eventually.
  7. Not all, I have been missing Saya's Vigil and some other in-game challenges as well for a while now. Most of the recent Deimos challenges similarly don't unlock; perhaps with Deimos Arcana?
  8. Glad to see another "Oberon main" and hope he continues to work out. Personally though, I wouldn't pull too much switching around of Oberon's moves, but rather improve what they do and how well he can fill the role. Generally, Smite is interesting as it gives some form of scaling damage, but on Steel Path enemies have cumulative resistance to abilities as the old Trials had making making it not deal much damage even with the idea of the additional wisps being percentage based, also the damage of the wisp's percentage is not increased via power strength but rather the number each splitting that
  9. No dead bodies; the scientists did run into a cold storage area; but we see in many Orokin facilities we have bumped into; that stasis tubes seem to be common; and that one Tenno left aware was probably left there by the same scientist wanting to test his theory. Either way, we were then given to Margulis after this event; as it gave a reason to try to make use of us versus just studying our void mutant selves for weird science advances.
  10. So would this 'challenge' be restricting conditional mods from usage for this Steel Path? Or what warframes you are allowed to use, and what mods or weapons ala some of the Tac alerts and the Grendel beacon missions? I don't feel there is any purpose for such deals unless they offer a clear and available upon completion reward for doing so, as honestly playing them proves almost nothing.
  11. The Rhino prime codex entry; the two Orokin scientists are luring a Bio-drone that has powers that would later be used with Silvana warframes; from the part of the facility where they are testing on and killing them down to a cold storage room where the Tenno were kept after being recovered from the Zariman Ten-0. Its heavily implied in the codex entry that the entire rampage and 'escape' from the creature was actually the head scientist testing a theory the two had; that individuals like the Tenno could control the infested creatures ala Transference; and that in turn led to us being taken by
  12. Dependency is the word for it, since the Theorem Arcanes do nothing unless they are standing in the small field generated by the Residuals. Think of it like a switch to an electrical circuit and the switch doesn't work all the time, but the appliance you are wanting to do something can't do so without power from the switch both being thrown and working (this case 20% of the switch pulls will make power run for 12 seconds) Since these specify corpses, it would suggest the Residual also is an "On Kill" trigger which makes it even less functional. The best I could suggest without changing them en
  13. Silvana made the warframes proper, but the Bio-drones Ballas mentions were exterminated beforehand were made using Helminth to craft infections to both turn folk into specialty infested organisms similar to warframes proper (as seen in the Rhino proto creature in Rhino prime's codex entry) while retaining much of their mind and will. At some point, Ballas says those turned on the Orokin still, and thus were wiped out; but luckily there was another option revealed; using void mutants like the Tenno to remote mindless golem versions; technocyte crafted directly into human shaped surrogates with
  14. A good middle ground I think would be to offer two gifts of the Lotus alerts or some other special deal with a decent timer to get Umbral Forma that would have otherwise been obtained during the extension; that way while its understandable those that didn't adopt the nightwave and complete early, it allows the players that have completed nightwave to get the chase progression reward.
  15. Would they keep them as our best friends forever squad/converts? If so, that could be interesting to help give them a use later as flighty helpers, though I still would like a reusable call-in gear item for that.
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