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  1. BoneKnight, DragonKnight, AquaKnight, or RingKnight are fine for you to try if you feel like making a copy and just want to goof around in the new variant.
  2. Urlan

    Rivens on alt accounts

    All those would be reasonable explanations but the one from the support responses we have seen from players asking why often showed that the reasoning was 'due to trying avoid the restriction on riven storage'. So, perhaps its just a weirdness of the system.
  3. What if his 4 Laser was an imitation of the Eidolon's laser cannon? Like an Exalted Rifle or something? Would that mesh better with his theme of being molded to imitate the Eidolons and perhaps be their avatar?
  4. Exactly! I can agree with removing them if only to make it cleaner and easier for new players and if nothing else, freeing up the marketplace slots for better offerings.
  5. New players that don't know any better do. That is the answer that along with the pointed out issues of them not being used by more veteran players suggest losing them would be better for everyone involved.
  6. I don't think anyone would disagree that relic packs and mod packs for platinum is not an good situation and could be removed for the betterment of the game; if only to cover bases with as said, EA's silliness.
  7. Urlan

    [UI] Vaulted Relics

    I would agree that a UI to show easily what relics are vaulted or not would be ideal.
  8. Urlan

    Rail jacks

    That is sorta the issue, the Orbiter itself is Void Cloaked existing inside the Void similar to what Lotus did with Lua. Any Grineer trying to get in would have to somehow force Ordis controlling the Landing craft to take them back to Orbiter or as the story currently is, or gear is stored in the Landing craft itself for easy access. Still wouldn't explain the deeper systems though needing repair. Unless Ordis was lying about what caused the damage in the Orbiter section and it was Helminth the entire time!
  9. Urlan

    Gladiators events(pvp) (pve)

    In my eyes, the Tenno not being able to run like warframes, or being able to move fast outside Void abilities is what the suggestion is going for, I mean they do list removing jumping to restrict the current bullet jumping air sniping silliness of most current Conclave matches.
  10. Urlan

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Yes, you feel that and I don't as its not what it looks like or what was said by DE. What was said, was standing still combo, forward combo, gap clearing attack. Rewatching the Vauban stream showed that pretty clearly with our last exchange.
  11. Urlan

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    A gap closer attack, not combo. So two combos. Which is what has been demonstrated so far in the Primetimes and Devstreams.
  12. Can't disagree there, it would be super gimmicky! but in this case, since the warframe doesn't have a reason to have Hunhow's adaptive armor, it doesn't make sense to have it. Any other Eidolon specific passives that are not in the realm of gimmick we could pull from?
  13. Urlan

    Gladiators events(pvp) (pve)

    Why have Warframes at all? Perhaps it could just be Tenno versus with amps and such and give a more moderated play field.
  14. Urlan


    Either way, impressive dedication to stabbing. I salute the Tenno.
  15. I get the vibe we are trying to say that DE hasn't been sitting on their paws so far. I think that is fair, there have been tweaks and such, for better or worse, and a new mode which is still not balanced, and as said many skins! That said, there has been very little to actually do with those skins, a few weapons, and while we got a quest it was more than a little coming and quite short but those cinematics were nice weren't they? I wouldn't link Sacrifice mechanically to Second Dream and War Within, because it didn't have mechanical growth for the Tenno unlike those quests - it didn't full-fill a narrative journey but could with an exposition perhaps to give those answers the quest promised. DE coordinating the porting of Warframe to Switch through another team is quite the investment as well, and I hope it works out. No, I think we are all quite sure that DE is busy but also that Warframe right now isn't swimming in things to do as many of the plans introduced earlier like Helminth; Kingping; and Dark Sector re-invigorations were pushed back to make more time for Plains and than I am sure Fortuna. To be fair, I am all for making the Plains nodes all they can be and avoiding the grind wall existance of Plains of Eidolon currently (essentially plains content is either for Hok or Quill right now) and give it something that will eat hundreds of hours, not from the repetition to be able to do something but for the entertainment of doing the activity itself. I think making clear the hunt minigame's current status was a good example of this, and while it might have taken more time than intended on the Devstream, think it showed everyone both existing work and importantly ways it could improve to be more engaging. I think that was a good thing. Perhaps, as more Fortuna elements are wanting some time in the sun, more features like this could be done, if not on the devstream as something separate? @[DE]Rebecca