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  1. I don't think you will see too many players disagree there, but its not the players you need to convince.
  2. There are a few weapons that have little gimmicks or traits outside of just being improved stat wise, but those are few and fare between. Eidolon hunts say use Snipers while ESO wants you to kill fast - but mostly use two warframes or conditional mods and if melee maiming strike with macros- Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is a poorly designed and balanced mode so far but just wants quick kills so it does ask for non-snipers at the least for most folk. The reason its popularity is because that is how DE manages nerfs and buffs.
  3. It can be a decent pistol though it does lose a bit of killing power needing that Arbiter magazine mod for sustained fire though without, it still can put a lot of rounds down-wind quickly. The dispositions though were stated to be intended to be based on popularity though and not power potential. Could be though that players will continue the usage trends the gun currently has and it will go up or down at random in the future.
  4. Sweet! Again great points on the cosmetics. Perhaps then, the original costumes should be revisited with these new cuts then in mind?
  5. Urlan

    Riven changes:A really bad move

    Rivens are intended as dynamically changing boosts determined by how popular the weapon is. That is not something I much care for personally, but it something that was established out of the gate; I can feel you for having some rivens made less valuable, and useful as I have a few as well. I don't really feel that rivens accomplish their stated purpose of encouraging less used weapons as is, but perhaps with work they or something else with similar functions can be made to do so.
  6. Seems like some good points, I also think the Tenno cosmetics could use a wee bit more polish. Perhaps this can be attempted with more examples and of course visuals so the art team can brainstorm some more fixes.
  7. Urlan

    Operator Cosmetics after Fortuna

    I can sympathize, but perhaps with posts pointing out some of the inconsistent meshing currently happening, as it was happening with the last roll-out, it will aid in DE polishing the looks and how they work together.
  8. I think then it should stand to reason that in their particular group or random matches, they do not and you do. Its a bit quick to call someone a liar for having a different experience.
  9. Yeah, its sorta embarrassing for Wally that he has such trouble recognizing that most folk don't orbit their shoulder pads around their body. Seriously though, I have sadly seen this bug for a bit; perhaps with visible posts and picture examples like this, DE can iron out our resident Void Entities' costume malfunctions!
  10. I think I can understand the stance of Sentinels not really comparing in some aspects, but I think that the Vacuum/Fetch should be more an innate affect native to the warframes as was the intent with the Vacuum within update. The problem I think was DE restricting it from the normal distance when doing so.
  11. Urlan

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Totally understandable, but the sigil will be available in a Fortuna related event at a later time according to DE if you don't want it from the Garuda bundle now.
  12. Urlan

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes!

    Sounds promising, I hope the LInux community can continue to make such strides in helping players not require particular OS to keep their software able to run.
  13. Hmm, sounds weird. Could it be interactions with the warframe's passive, auras, or enemies?
  14. Urlan

    Vahd Pauldron not fixed/smushed

    Sadly, one of my favorite parts of the Vahd helmet with the original attempt at the Tenno cosmetic change release was the Vahd helmet becoming a helmet that just exposed the face when open but sadly its now using the open back mask that just buzzes the hair like the Ceno. The waist accessories made from previous chest pieces also are not touching the Tenno body but floating above, looks sorta weird but I guess its good most of them aren't clipping. Hopefully, these are just little things slipping through though.
  15. Not seeing much good coming out of the listed changes as is, as it neither goes the full gutting that some called for or the boosts for weapons no longer considered worth using for those that wanted rivens to serve their originally stated purpose of encouraging weapons that are less used by the community. Still, I appreciate that my laughable but still commonly used by myself Gorgon series doesn't seem to be mentioned. Small mercy when changes so often these represent contrary directions, but a mercy none-the-less.