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  1. Operator , Don't you want a lady cephalon for -- - --- uhm , experimental purposes ? While you are doing your tasks !
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  3. You did not see my previous testing where my orange was lower than the red ones and the orange still 1 hit killed while the red crit did not. Old blood rush got removed because of that , bane mods and primed chamber are multiplicative w other mods tho , but ye that makes only 2-3 . Also weeping and empowered blades are multiplicative to eachother but i dont think that this mod is intended to be multiplicative with CC mods since the base CC is way to high for that even if it is very niche. I did test the mod against several enemies , conditions , with various levels . It always resulted the same , my "orange " crits were stronger than the red ones and yes sometimes the actual dmg number was lower .
  4. yes that is true , but you do realize that No other mods are multiplicative with eachoter ? The mod is bugged clearly and not doing the right amount of dmg , iv tried on lower and higher level enemies , it couldnt kill a level 120 heavy gunner w the redcrit but killed w the orange it took down the HP about the same. amount as with the level 155 ones and level 170 ones . Ofc crit tier is multiplying your critical dmg that is true that does not change the fact that the mod is multiplicative w other mods while it should not be.
  5. The dmg of the crit increases ofc but the crit tier and the MULTIPILLER OF THE CRIT does not , crit tiers have a multipiller , those crits that you showed are just higher dmg tier 5 red crits because they do not get a bigger multipiller.
  6. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Critical_Hit Crit has only 5 tiers and after that it resets becuase of the bug that iv mentioned with the charm buff earier ( WHCIH IS STILL AN EXAMPLE , it has nothing to do with the magnus ) you cant do " 5-10 tier red crits " as you said , they simply do not exist. The crit does not work correctly in any shape or from because even if it deals ( yes iv tried on level 170 enemies and lower ones too , the same happens , red crit does not kill them even the lower ones but the orange kills them ) the right amount of crit the mod should not take other mods for the base critical chance , mods either additive or multiplicative but not with eachother , with the base of the weapon , this causes the missfunctiuon , this one is multiplicative with other CC mods.
  7. The Charm buff was an example of another simular issue , dont u think that it is weird that you always hget the multishot on the orange and yellow crits but only 2 bullets on the red ones , it is not a UI bug at all . It has something to do with the fact that mod is multipliactive with other mods meaning that your critical chance will gou out of tier 3 red .
  8. U have to dodge for the mod to work on your first 2 headshots.
  9. No , if you look at the last test ALL of my red crits are weaker , cant kill the enemies in 1 hit than my avrage orange / yellow crits . Also i should not yellow and orange crit at 500% + critical chance. If the critical chance is flat my crit would be around 101% + the flat 400. It is not flat CC nor counted like normal mods , the CC of the mod thinks that my modded CC is my base this is why it can do red crits with only a rank 4 pistol gambit. How can a rank 4 pistol gambit give red crits if a crit riven and a primed pistol gambit CAN AND DOES hit orange and yellow ? Because it pushes the CC above tier 3 red crit and resets it like the kavat does with charm "Due to the Orange critical hit chance buff setting your critical hit chance to 200%, weapons that have been modded with greater than 200% crit chance actually get reduced critical hit chance while the buff is active." This is Listed on the wiki as a bug , magnus works the same way , since it thinks that your base critical chance is 101% and the mod gives 400% you will go above tier 3 red crit. Also iv tried an unranked , rank 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,5 pistol gambit sometimes multishot just wont display at all and 13k dmg kills the enemy in 1 hit . I ran these tests a lot of times ofc , not just the ones that u can see in the vid .
  10. As you can see when i add the riven and the primed CC mod my red crits dosent do enough dmg to 1 hit kill at all , but my yellow and orange crits are always 1 hitting the enemies , i ran multiple tests all resulted the same, the redcrits only 1 hit killed when the slash proc took the enemies away , even when the red crit did 40k + dmg combined and the orange crit only had 1 number a 13k dmg number , ( which also should not be possible since my multishot w the riven is 3.6 and with no riven it is 2.2 so I shouldn't hit only 1 number at all . )
  11. THE MOD IS BUGGED RIGHT NOW , it is consistently does less dmg with + crit on your build , the 400% of the mod's dmg is multiplicative w mods meaning that an unranked pistol gambit and the mod will result orange crits and a rank 4 will result red crits but the mod on its own only gets yellow , at 400% critical chance your crit should be at tier 2 red crit if it is flat crit , if its not flat crit it should be 110% . only by adding a rank 4 pistol gambit it should be 132% WHICH IS NOT red crit territory and it does red crits , so the mod is multiplicative with other mods of that nature , meaning that reaching X- tier red crit will actually result less dmg than your orange crits or lower tier red crits just like when smeeta kavat downgraded your crit with her buff if the base crit is too high . As you can see when i add my riven and primed pistol gambit i have 101,5% critical , it deals red crits MUCH LESS CONSISTENTLY than with the rank 4 pistol gambit and all of the red crits are MUCH weaker than my average yellow / orange ( which should not happen at this critical chance at all ) .
  12. Passive : When damaged , there is a 3% chance to lose shards of himself and every pick up of a shard will grant additional bonus effects for him or his allies such as : Instant reload ( for 1 mag every time you pick up a shard ) , heal over time( 5% heal / sec ) , DoT aura around himself for 5 seconds. 1 Skill SWARM : Releasing his "skin" as a swarm of dmg over time particles , it has an 4 M spread range and it will allow him to CC enemies while spreading the swarm into bigger crowds , every time the swarm spreads the warframe will loose health ( it triggers his passive ) the abillity does 300 puncture dmg/sec however holding the ability key will switch your swarm to DPS mode primarily doing 300 slash dmg / sec , holding the ability again will change your swarm of particles to viral dmg but doing less dmg , allowing the frame to take advantage of the viral effect and by doing so benifit every teammate with CC or Debuffing the enemies. SWARM has a 40 energy cost and a 25% base status chance scales with strength. Casting this ability drains 30 energy 2 Skill Purity : He makes a Chaotic pillar from an enemy by forming his hand into a deadly claw , the pillar will grant you and your teammates status immunity , the enemy will be immune to any dmg However he will chain every effect in a 10 m radius that is affecting him to nearby enemies( up to 8 enemies ). If the " broken frame " uses his SWARM on the target it will spread to every nearby enemy with an 50% efficiency so as the other abilites , status effects , debuffs of any ally. Only 1 pillar can be active at a time. Costs 50 energy and drains 5 energy / sec while a pillar is active. 3 Skill Doorway : He Sacrifices his shields to gain energy while dashing into an enemy , 50% of the shields will be converted with 200% efficiency into energy. By holding the ability he opens a doorway and instantly teleports the the closest enemy , this will drain all of his shields but it will grant a 2 sec immortality and a mark on the enemy. killing the enemy will instantly restore all of your shields , casting SWARM or PURITY on the marked enemy will grant you overshields . 4 Skill Death Nation : He uses his dual kama that he forms out of his hand to rip himself into two parts. His flesh part will stay on the ground until he returns to it or the flesh dies ( the flesh will have a 600% max health bonus while the ability is active ) his soul part can freely walk around with an 50%+ movement speed ( based on strength ) And using his kama to embrace the souls of the enemies , every soul will heal the flesh part , give increased damage to his dual kama and abilities and grant these buffs to every ally that he targets. While using the ability the frame is invisible for any enemy. This ability costs 100 energy and has a 10 sec duration , after he returns to his flesh the increased dmg will stay for 3 sec and than starts to decay ,allowing him to recast the ability and stack further. (While in soul form you can't pick up loot , energy or ammo or use any energy replenishing methods) The Gameplay loop of the " broken frame " : Casting his Purity allowing to have his SWARM a better spread radius( for CC , dmg or debuff based on the mode you are in ) , his SWARM triggering his passive giving him health over time , balancing your energy pool and shields with your Doorway to use your Death Nation , stacking dmg to your kama's and abilities in your 4 to unleash it to the pillar allowing the swarm to do more dmg and by killing enemies in the Death nation healing your flesh . After returning to your flesh using your 3 to gain energy so you can recast and go back and stack your Dmg further , using your Purity to keep the SWARM spreading , using Doorway to gain energy and shields and the loop continues.
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