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  1. It's heat transfer paper. You print the design and use a iron on any light colored shirt. There are also print shops that will do a silkscreen of a graphic you give them so you can have a professional job but it will be pricey for a one-two off. It's just highly unlikely DE will set up a purchase that vets your account to make sure it's a founder ever again. And if you want things done you have to do it yourself.
  2. I gotchu https://www.amazon.com/Avery-T-Shirt-Transfers-Light-Fabric/dp/B0006HV2ZE
  3. Mag prime codex story. Seems to be a pretty short jump. Although its really old lore and they change it willy nilly to fit future plans. Like Plutos Outer Terminus node is supposed to the be the location of this mega void gate. Old per (planet?) mission flavor text said it was inactive solar rail yet the corpus had been trying to fix it for years. It was a dead end in starchart 1.0.
  4. Being 'myself' in the solo story is not nearly as important. This is not the first time you are stripped of your farmed power for the story. The perceived 'bigness' of the coming update is not about how many meters of empty space you can run across. Consolidating the community into a singular pool is a pretty big thing. Upping story complexity out of the first person instead of just stored in lore texts is its own growth and a new way to experience the universe.
  5. The real answer is the metrics. Depends on the community reaction when we get it. If its something that increases engagement, that's grofit.
  6. Well they already rigged the animations. I wouldn't be surprised that there will be a ton of weapons that we see from the different characters making their way to tenno afterward. Like the Grineer finding a Corinth Prime seems way out of place and could be a placeholder for something equally crazy when we play it for real.
  7. Give it a ~year and they will re-drop the gunblade. Maybe even in the new war itself. Few things are ever gone forever.
  8. Mechanically. they are just very limited Frames and balanced specifically for a story. Its a lot less messy than trying to deal with the giant disparity between just reached the end of the star map players. and I've played for 5k hours players. And since the quests have been a single player experience. No problem here. I would think Corpus/Grineer would be a interesting addition to pvp with low overhead and no crazy balance conversions needed when they have a very specific framework of power and guns. But this can already be found in dozens of other pvp centric games already. BUT. they don't have that warframe universe aesthetic.
  9. Well, you guaranteed that in general discussion.
  10. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us The forums are not for these types of problems.
  11. Small thing. Being able to figure out the crater they used for earth texture in railjack.
  12. Farm less, play more. and get more comfortable in movement. No jump or glide mods needed, its a teeny stage in comparison to say some Jupiter rooms. Just happened to have some extra sprint though, Had to check after completion since I haven't really played much in the last year.
  13. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xz2l1O 'Warframe Tenno Carrier Ship This was originally made wayyyyyy back when there was only the Liset. You would dock with this and have upgrades for engines and cargo. Was never used this way as more variants of personal ships were made. The pieces of this were used in a non traditional way...as parts of the exterior sections in the concourse relay. Concept by Sean Bigham' It's no longer canon as tenno. It's just rando space traffic now. As for its replacement. I doubt DE have a rock solid idea of what it is with railjack and archwing future in flux.
  14. It's a roulette. Every drop it not going to be legendary. So leave current sorties alone. They have their place in the grand scheme of things, if people outgrow the rewards that means move on to new actives or add new teirs of sorties. They can add nightmare and steel sorties and get more unique sets of drops.
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