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  1. I've seen people ask for different test rooms and or just using all those Captura scenes since they became a thing. DE devs for the past 3 years:
  2. Pets haven't died to degradation since the beginning of the year and made it very cheep to upkeep. 22.12: Added a completely new flow for Companion Incubator Management. Pets can no longer die! The base Incubator now behaves exactly as the Nutrio Incubator does with auto-stasis, and those with the Nutrio Incubator receive a significant discount on future DNA Stabilizer costs (from 75,000 to 5,000)! And DNA stabilization is all bonus health now. So at 0% its at base health. They have already mentioned further pet balancing and basically removing all storage times. Kubrows could still be better. But DNA is not the problem.
  3. Just a educated guess. When Intermission drops. Phase 1 With Grendel and reworks. To make it within Oct and end of month guesstimates. Maybe when intermissions ends or Season 3 starts. Phase 2 which would be Nov.
  4. Ideas and plans can be months away if they every make it though development at all and they might still be replaced with a different idea.
  5. " Exclusive content " How to rustle everyones jimmies in one easy step. and also How to spend double the time making content half the players will experience when they are already pressured in releasing content faster. None of this is a good idea for the yin yang system. Here is the original intention It didn't pan out at all. It does not seem to have influenced the story at all in later updates. I don't believe we have ever seen what the player base as a whole has chosen. Like "Hey, all you for-profit selfish demons actually unanimously liked the light side more for X quest, So expect that to influence how we write The War Within" Or some such. We as a whole have not influenced the world of the game in a long time as Geoff commented liking so much. It would be nice to see a glimmer of a choice DE can work towards from the communities decisions again. Bringing back the original inspiration of everyone voting with their action would be nice in what options we might be faced with down the road. But I dont see that happening any more than any true branch in the story they would have to account for in the future and increasing their workloads exponentially.
  6. Its a lead-in to the war within. It was the repressed power to control the frame without the chair. Brought on by instinct otherwise they would have been killed.
  7. Closest comic speeds are likely various X-Men. Volt, Gauss to Quicksilver speed. Nova and operators to Nightcrawler. Titania with Storm. Most others just extremely agile.
  8. I'm 100% sure that's 70% wrong with a 98% margin of error.
  9. If they pay other companies. Sure. Would it really be beneficial to them? EEHHHH. Its usually other companies that want to pay you for adding their intellectual property into your game as an advertisement. I see it as being creatively bankrupt when you stoop to these gimmicks. If there was a unique interesting gun a DE dev likes, one can put their own spin on it. Like: became
  10. When its fully grown you can select it from the companion section in the arsenal .
  11. After the fact. Its still a island and only recently have they tried making better use of the system. Archwing. as in its own system and mission nodes are still underwhelming. When they added it as a taxi system for open roam where its mods and weapons don't matter is when it became desirable. Being required to progress in quests or planet tiles was effort to shoehorn the system into normal play while still requiring players to play the dedicated archwing nodes to try and give the wings better mods. atmospheric archgun? You mean take the wing system completely out of the equation and just let people just use the weapons in warframe? Yeah, it was ok. Its still lackluster unless you make a boss only weak against it because it needs a use right? Its not like the whole convoluted mess gives you something interesting. Just a function to attack scissors with rock. Its still a island. They just repurposed parts of archwing into the game at large.
  12. In sorties it was replace. It wasn't removed completely. Don't pass around misinformation.
  13. This. Is why. It was some of the first island content that didn't help at all with the rest of the game. Parkour and fun movement? No, float around hallways or out in dead open areas. It was Warframe without all the things people expect out of Warframe. A new mod farm starting from zero again and it only works for that mode. Enemies zoom up to your face then simply orbit tell you notice them. All of them. 6 directional movement was a half baked change, no modifications to maps or AI to make use of it. Momentum changes from tight hair pin twitch based movement to Tokyo drifting through over complicated level geometry on corpus tiles that like to catch your foot on every turn. Also never quite knowing if the next 90° turn was going to be a left or right because typical map UI pathfinding is rubbish in the corpus trench. Tiny tiny drops and a small vacuum bubble unless you used the wings that could bring everything to you. Nothing engaging to do in that 3 dimensional space past keeping things away from you. The war within quests toyed with it for the first kuva base mission and I liked the idea of it. Never went anywhere else with it since since hiding behind a object to avoid scanners was a pretty big brain moment for too many people.
  14. Its just a infested version of a Lua challenge room. It was already huge. Gas city is what you can expect from remasters, large doors, wide corridors.
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