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  1. They have been adding new loading screens every once in awhile. They will likely add lorewise railjack ability to let landers piggyback to a planet. People have put too much money in buying and customizing landers to remove them.
  2. It took years for the other consoles to build up their collections of branded skins. It's part of the business in selling fomo packs. And tennogen is partly owned by their creators and DE needs them to agree to a contract on each platform. And if this was asking why all consoles don't share brand deals. They are nintendo, sony, and microsoft brand deals. They simply won't share content ment to entice people to play that specific platform.
  3. The guards always do the same path. you don't need any gimmicks. Just remember and stab stab stab.
  4. This season lasted 257 days. Meanwhile season 1 was 81 days. Season 2 was 99 days. Old rewards end up in intermissions.
  5. Mars is one of the few unstable front lines of all out warfare between corpus and grineer. I could see DE using the Valles Marineris. The largest blood gulch in the system.
  6. We had down votes for a hot minute. Then they changed to emoji reactions. Then community basically decided what each emoji specifically ment right? Then they removed them all to inspire conversation instead because worthless posts would get tons of mad faces and laugh faces which made ops sad because they are a high MR Chad, how could they possibly be wrong. And not enough people would tell them why their ideas or thoughts were bad. Sounds far more plesent right? Why they bothered to leave the lotus +1 since its just as thoughtless goes to show DE mentality.
  7. They just changed it to 23 to not time creep builds for tight schedule people. This already took years to push. You won't see better. Just trade trash and buy forma packs.
  8. I miss the old warframe where everyone picked the same 2 melee for spin speed and distance and the same 2 nuke guns that wiped rooms. Well... Not muched has changed but now there are like 5 melee and guns to choose from. And energy hasn't been a problem since update 15 2014 for large team pizzas. Update 10 for smaller ones.
  9. Maybe It was a small moon alone that the Sentient precursor drones found on their trip to Tau. Orokin command could have tried to move the moon to the Origin system as an experiment of the giant rail system they were building and voided it into Plutos orbit. It arrived... mostly intact. But there was a unknown threat deep inside of the moon...
  10. The main door should auto open after dialog. The second door up the cave opens when all players are there after loading.
  11. They never revamped the tiles or enemies so 6d movement was practical. It was a half measure to test engagement although it was flawed from the start. Pursuit was the only descent mission for 6d. Just hope the spend the time to make a cohesive mode. But I can already guess how it will end.
  12. Grineer mining mechs. Big daddy looking weirdos with a clone fused into it because that's how grineer do precise machinery. We of course could use the dojo lab to easily blend it with necro parts. Corpus stuff is of course straight derivative stuff from orokin tech so not a big change from constructs we already jump into.
  13. DE has already said for years that they want to leave grenades to be frame powers. If you really want one, you can subsume vauban. Crouching and cowering for a sec behind a box might be useful in the first few days of gameplay, but eventually you learn to move or get a frame that can sit there and take it if you're bad at the movement thing. Makes sense in a slow tacti shooter or when finite enemies charge from one general direction. But none of the given game examples are structured encounter wise like WF. I'm sure some mechanic ideas are well intentioned or for rule of cool. But like Wall st
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