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  1. Firetempest

    enough of the Narta

  2. Firetempest

    "Dwarf" Warframe

    It's rather against lore because of the original qualifications of testsubjects. Plus it would be a lot of extra work to make a new player rig as all frames currently use the same one for animations and equipment placement.
  3. Firetempest

    Optional Subscription Service

  4. Firetempest

    Optional Subscription Service

    No x7 Did you really bump yourself for more no's?
  5. Firetempest

    Account copy to multiple consoles

    Account copy was only available at console launch. PC to console. Switch account copy is also PC to switch only.
  6. Firetempest


    No, but that might mean the tool is connected to her model mesh so the glow of her body and tool belong to the same layer and thus not a separate entity. So it could just be some random do-dad we will never use.
  7. Firetempest


    A Kitgun Primary.... maybe. Apparently they have already made assets for Primary modular guns.
  8. Firetempest

    Why dont we have throwable granades?

    They found grenades to be more of a power. Thus Vauban. We have the carpet bomb Gear with the Scimitar. It also shows the limitations of gear Grenades as well. Its cant be upgraded.
  9. Firetempest

    Make old prime weapons better.

    They are Prime in relation to the weapon they are Primed from. Prime does not mean just the freaking best in the game forever. Boar Prime is MR 11 Tigris Prime is MR 13 And since they have rebalanced guns to better represent their tier, Tigris is simply a higher tier Prime
  10. @(PS4)Carnatus Fortnight debacle was Sony holding the original account of your migrated account hostage without warning. As was in the headline of the videos you regurgitated. DE created a new account with all your old gear that you had earned on the PC for each console release without leftover premium currency as PC gets 75% discounts that consoles do not receive. Migrating from the Xbox or Ps4 to Switch is under those corporations control. complain at them. DE would likely prefer account migrations as its win win for them. You said yourself you lacked the understanding as to why one couldn't do transfers from console to console. Sony has shot back with PR saying they working on cross play. But thats still cross play with the account still firmly on PS4.
  11. When within 50 meters of an ally when they kill an enemy, you gain the same total Affinity... So keeping a nuker alive equals all their affinity for yourself. With a Cletus flare Fosfor. you raise that distance to 200m for 2min
  12. You can sell your old frame and gain a slot back. Also Prime comes a loooong time after the original. Chroma was released March 19th, 2015. 3 years, 6 months, 6 days later you can get it with a different grind making old content new again.
  13. Firetempest


    re-read the instructions. And use their link.
  14. Console company A does not want to loose people who are already in their market to give the rest of their future money to a competitor console company B. Console company B also would not want to give you anything for free.