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  1. Firetempest

    Not more new frames instead New Skill swaps #2

    That's not warframe at all. Maybe a gimmick for a trio of frames much like Equinox. But not for throwing away what we have.
  2. Firetempest

    The "feel" of this game?

    Problem with making everything look bleak all the time like old dark infested missions was eye strain and the sheer amount of replays lost any sense of tension when it's the same chargers, same leapers doing what they do. Happens even to linear horror games, by the end of it your less phased by whatever is hunting you and more concerned about doing the next task. The time lost in failure is more scary than the experience. The loss of dark missions years ago had the benefit of making the Harrow quest far more memorable. Same with heavy fog Halloween alerts. When you're god level op, it's hard to have a bleak outlook.
  3. Firetempest


    You tend to give yours to the forum and no one asked for it. So fairs fair.
  4. Firetempest


    Because. Emote point farming.
  5. Firetempest

    After 70 days in warframe..

    Can you understand spoken English? If so watch lastest Developer stream. Difficulty is one of the things they want to work on this year. Or translate this page
  6. Firetempest

    Should DE expand, if only a little?

    Edit. Cut down the scathing commentary. Here's the answer
  7. Effects flare changes in general a few months ago is likely the culprit. To stop people blinding themselves so much. Turn effects intensity to max and see if that effects it.
  8. Firetempest

    Time for more console content de

    Thank you for your input! We will no longer spend Christmas with our families to help speed up content. -DE
  9. Firetempest

    Banned from chat for too much...

    Moderation is not to be discussed on the forum, no one here can do anything anyway. Other than ridicule your behavior. Talk to support.
  10. Firetempest

    warframe.. "cultures"?

    In lore, it seems different warframes had their own projects. Such as the silver Grove quest "Titania is the next Warframe I've been commanded to build, but in secret I've been siphoning resources from that project. " And Ballas custom engineered the Excalibur to remember it's last moments before the infestation took over. So it seems there is a base strain of infested (the helmith) for the frames they modify for the project at hand.
  11. Firetempest

    Melee 3.0 - Your most pessimistic predictions?

    Spin to win no longer exists and nothing added comes come close to a equal alternative to horde clearing. Or Spin to win still exists and makes everything done for the last 8 months pointless... But your weapons are still shorter. So it's a net loss.
  12. Firetempest

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    Is not really a answer. But an alternative talking point. But it's still moot because this isn't in the feedback section.
  13. Firetempest

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    Making the whole game even easier is a poor solution. Anyone can operator revive without interruption. Teams can be practicly immortal if they work together. They might not win due to dps. But they can stay alive. A practical and more acceptable change would be maybe maybe saving loot after a capture. Much like loot saved after every section of a bounty.
  14. Firetempest

    Bug or Feature? Either way...

    Happens when you pop self revive like candy. When anyone could have easily been operator cloak reviving people. Mission failed due to improper planning and trying to face roll through it.
  15. The brawn hilda trope has been around for a long time. It's better than the anime little girl giant gun meme imo.