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  1. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us The forums are not for these types of problems.
  2. Small thing. Being able to figure out the crater they used for earth texture in railjack.
  3. Farm less, play more. and get more comfortable in movement. No jump or glide mods needed, its a teeny stage in comparison to say some Jupiter rooms. Just happened to have some extra sprint though, Had to check after completion since I haven't really played much in the last year.
  4. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xz2l1O 'Warframe Tenno Carrier Ship This was originally made wayyyyyy back when there was only the Liset. You would dock with this and have upgrades for engines and cargo. Was never used this way as more variants of personal ships were made. The pieces of this were used in a non traditional way...as parts of the exterior sections in the concourse relay. Concept by Sean Bigham' It's no longer canon as tenno. It's just rando space traffic now. As for its replacement. I doubt DE have a rock solid idea of what it is with railjack and archwing future in flux.
  5. It's a roulette. Every drop it not going to be legendary. So leave current sorties alone. They have their place in the grand scheme of things, if people outgrow the rewards that means move on to new actives or add new teirs of sorties. They can add nightmare and steel sorties and get more unique sets of drops.
  6. ~8 years of feature bloat. yeah... a few months will fix that riiiight up.
  7. Waiting on lichs to make their own mechs so if you escalate and skip the parazon mechanic and mech finish them, they escalate vay hek style and come back mostly machine on hard mode. Then they will change what they drop into archwing/mech related stuff
  8. Acts like this tend to have zero tolerance. You will have a long time to reflect on your mannerisms.
  9. Most rewards are failure states, aka: 'better luck next time' rewards. It's all part of the time gates. Updated rewards are few are far between in the last 8 years. And usually just to slow down day one patch players and using their metrics as a base line as replacement for knowing their own economies.
  10. Today on /r/confidentlyincorrect Zariman had an experimental void drive. It was lost jumping between Saturn to the Outer gates ( Outer Terminus Pluto) days later it appeared between those locations for the kids to be retrieved and the ship likely hauled away and decommissioned to study it. During the war the Sentients made a beachhead of Outer Terminus as the Orokin was pushed back after trying to genocide the sentients for completing their job. The Orokin's victory was disabling the gate, likely both ends at once, so the only way sentients could come back to Origin was slow boating the long way: Dumb Corpus have been trying to repair the Outer Terminus Gate system for years (in the old node flavor text) and could be something like Lua, a subset of missions around the super giant gate when things kick off.
  11. It didn't get cut by that much and since then they more than tripled the old amount with the likes of liches, railjack and steelpath.
  12. A side title set in universe could work. But the market for VR is still small. DE likely wouldn't see the cost benefit. Steve mentioned getting the first vr dev kit years ago. No prototypes were ever shown if they did anything with them.
  13. The artists are not the same people that bug fix in most cases. Specialy for DEs size. And quests don't stop fixes. The majority of quest work is art, writing and planning. Scripting mission triggers is not going to slow down fixing bugs. Spaghetti code of 9 years is just something that will cause problems every major update.
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