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  1. They could do their own thing with Killa Kanz with the smaller pool of archgun and melee to ballance around. And could make all kinds of cosmetics for robo arms, legs, torsos, skulls, etc. But would someone ever get the green light for the time and effort ever again. 8 ball says outlook is hazy.
  2. Transhumanism, Biotech ethics and philosophy. Oh joy. The individuals who became frames are long gone in memory, they always went mad supposedly, can that be saved? Meat, energy and steel can be considered all that's left. Memories, even given to a clone like umbra can be seen as just a snapshot of existence, but nothing of substance is still there right? They were sacrificed and then given to operators as tools. It's what we do. People eat buildings in this world. Knowing orokin networks, something out there may be feeling each blast used to harvest. Could it truly be pain as well? A fish cant feel pain in the same way we can, but it reacts to damaging stimulus. If a cephalon, a copy of a human mind, feels parts of itself irreparably corrupted like Jordas, are we putting it out of its misery or is it just a broken computer. There are no right answers. We still don't all agree today with meat we raise to feed ourselves. Though that's only been a recent development in the past 200k years.
  3. Most of the abilities known for donation so far are a frames first or second power. And you can only swap a single power out. It won't change current unstoppable frames, and maybe make all other frames a little more interesting in personalizing. Doesn't seem as detrimental to the games health as rivens still.
  4. (sounds like fuel for nothing to do days after patch imo) but anyway. All quest frames from simaris will have their costs cut in half at launch. Might want to work on those frames last. You'll have a cool down per frame fed to it anyway, and it only has limited slots tell it's rank 10. Then the unknown number of materials to feed it, and it changing it's tastes often won't let us dump our millions of spores. Racing won't do much.
  5. It may not be translated the same in whatever language you use. But corpus and sentient "blends" are called Amalgams in Warframe. So it wouldn't fit that way. Corrupted seems more apt for spliced Warframes. Maybe you should 'keep this simple lvl'.
  6. They didn't make "the mouth" slurp and chew you up. They could have upped the disturbance.
  7. But they did, from the horses mouth say they are slowly working on it. Yeah it was dev stream 3 months earlier than that community stream no one watches. Which is why the idea they are "slowly working on it" is around.
  8. Did you... link your account? Hydroid is still being passed out. Likely wont finish tell tomorrow. As far as I know, the gun has already been processed.
  9. Heard it was just the devbuild location for Elite/Sanctuary Onslaught
  10. Each frame will give a specific ability. more than half of them will likely not be worth replacing the one slot on any other frame. You might save a lot of time just waiting for the list. Otherwise, it gives a use for vanilla frames after you get a prime. If you already progressed past this step, that's life. It adds another stage to the life of a vanilla frame beyond MR and adds a slice of extra customization. It likely wont change much in 3 weeks.
  11. Pablo confirmed saryns 2ed and Nezha's 1st. And even fugging some powers for Limbo, Grendel and a few others because of the dependency on other powers or their special passive like Nidus. So really, I think 1 through 3 is free game because they will still be altered if needed.
  12. What primary did you use. Use a rifle with a big magazine and only reload per wave. A Braton is fine. You only need a single actuate shot per red ball. Shotguns, heavy weapons, weapons with travel time, bows, small ammo capacity are not a good idea. To help the aim challanged, I did just try it out with a Ignis. A MR 5 flame thrower. even without a Sinister Reach mod to extend range, it still hits just fine and Its cone of damage might help you. I'm pretty sure consoles can also adjust their aim sensitivity when scoped. Lowering it a bit will make you slower, but if you have a lot of jittering due to speed, it might help more overall.
  13. End-game: whatever is the current thing to farm. That's Warframe. Difficult content does not sell well in free to play. Grind with a lot of bits and parts to organize and collect sells.
  14. Never mind the quantities of external water possibly given to a small asteroid in a vacuum. And the escape velocity of its gravity is only 20 km/h. But now it has a atmosphere, is completely alive, and is the well spring of all void powers? This is warframe.
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