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  1. Before original alad is a large testing room. A Hyena crushed a crewman's head in. A fleet of moa are dangled over liquid and some are kinda paddling like when you hold a dog over water. There are mini razorbacks and razorback like equipped Jackals neat the end of original Alads arena. In one of the new spy vents is a dead worker and a box of random tools.
  2. Is it the very last phase? Its like 3 to 4 seconds stun when its health his zero. its a lot shorter than all the other stuns. It'll nope and regain all health if you take too long.
  3. We fight everything tell the answers fall in our lap. We have been groomed to keep ballance. Alads hybrid army using tech from a species we know they cant ultimately control is a very bad swing of power. So, we shoot it.
  4. It's not unlocked tell you complete all current quests. So, not so much.
  5. You don't need slots unless you collect. Once you master something you can sell it to free up space and keep the MR. I collect everything so I buy slots. I don't use half of what I have though. But I payed for the convenience and support DE at the same time.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daphnis_and_Chloe And this topic that's been buried today
  7. Once you know what to do its routine. Once I have Amalgam Ripkas I'll have everything on the boss and wont need to do it again unless they make alternate forms like the other eidolons. I've done a whole 7 times now. I have a harder time hunting down buttons for the secret rooms.
  8. Those purple light containers are in several places. tried hitting them with fishing spears. mining them. They are just... there.
  9. Predefined. Pretty much like augments.
  10. Titania: Mostly a mobility fight. You don't need a chroma, you don't need volt shield, or Mesa dps. Nice quick fight with a simple "3 times" Nintendo'esk bop'em on the noggin structure. Things I hated. Lotus was double or better the normal transmission window size. She goes on and on each time. The incredibly short stun time of the very last phase, specially in solo. You have to practicality kill it while AT the button and hope you won't get insta no animation grabbed.
  11. AKA how a free to play pushes plat sales. You would have to run it just as much if not more if it was a token system. They are not going to make it cost 1 token per part, if you did, that would be delusional. It would likely be ~5 tokens per part or more.
  12. I mean i never use him, but goes to show any frame can do it.
  13. Ropalolyst rarely swings around for better shots and there are multiple highly convenient blocks to hide behind. Plus that whole operator mechanic thing being needed and having cloak abilities too. And each shot is choreographed with sniper red lines. Yeah, a errant shot ruins a squishy frame but its still perfectly doable,
  14. Sure sounds like it. Perhaps detail when in the fight, how many towers have been used etc etc and add it to a actual bug forum
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