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  1. No. More like they need to rebuild Archwing to be fun and serve a better role in railjack and open roam instead of being tile taxi. K-drive is to gameplay as Frame Fighter, Happy Zephyr, and Wyrmius is to progression in the main game, It was a distraction for some devs from making the same game for 8 years. To put in the effort tossing in obnoxious fractional benefits to bribe people to play bad modes is just worse than as leaving it as is so people can ignore it.
  2. Dex k-drive parts, dex railjack reskin of original hull. Mainly less actual equipment and more skins. And predictably toss some previous dex rewards into Deimos.
  3. It likely takes a combination of reports over a period of time from different sources and maybe in bulk actions to multiple repeat offenders. They would also not tell the exact methods anyway so offenders cant ride the line of their system. Don't expect immediate results. Report, move on.
  4. Right after the quest, it will always appear sitting on a table right behind you. Also shows up in the corner near the cockpit ramp (very well hidden with Christmas decorations up) and hanging from pipes near operator chair door, Don't know if that one happens anymore with the elevator to the railjack being there. Some people get a little too worked up about the random startle chance. Used to make me double take but now I have too many moving things around my orbiter to notice.
  5. Since PoE I have hoped that Mars will be a large desert battleground. A endless cycle of grineer and corpus clashing across the map, and a tunnel/trench system under the surface. Good place to add grineer/corpus versions of Necramechs without the necra parts. I imagine the same system could support other ground vehicles... But there needs to be a reason for vehicles without it being yet another island of content and it doesn't help that no other map would really support a larger ground vehicle except OV. And it would need its own expansion of content so its needed, otherwise, back to arch
  6. With the edited post. I apologize for my previous joke. But, that's the internet man. You are putting yourself out there and that brings attention to you, good and bad. You are out in the open and everyone else can hide behind anonymity. The larger youtubers are generally quite open about using therapists and or having close friends to lean on. The negative S#&$ people spew can grind away anyone no matter how positive their core audience might be. And you are simply far more susceptible with your problems. This is a net cultural problem, not 'X' game community problem.
  7. "Hey youtube, this is my 40 part series on getting hate with every frame. If you thought excal prime was bad, today is Limbo."
  8. My point was before this rule change. And the original mod no longer was around. A different mod brought the point to 0 but the warning will always exist. Likely make it so I'll never get on a test server.
  9. Depends. What are you leveling? Is it a primary kitgun with a barrel you already leveled as a secondary. Or a alternate named kuva weapon. They will only count once.
  10. No reason to bloat employee numbers. More bodies don't always mean more productive. 9 women don't make a baby in 1 month. Just look at telltale. Went from around 125 to 400 in 4 years. The second the gameing compass swung the other way the whole studio went under.
  11. 1. Well, every point of damage for nukors 5x crit really shows. And Bramma needs all its extra bonus damage it can get because impact is just bad. It is at a decent % though. It can already be overkill as it is depending on rivens. 2. Getting to 60% is pretty much locked at a total max of 10 fusions with a minimum of 2. Since it always takes the highest % and adds x1.1. That 30% plus 50% is 55.5. A 45% plus the 50% is 55.5. Your 50% nukor will always take 2 fusions unless you get a 55% to drop next.
  12. Typical game companies wont tell you how they caught you cheating, just that you did. So the cheater can not adapt with a new system of cheating. Harassing support with multiple tickets and or language will also get you cut off completely no matter what the initial problem was. People in the wrong will also avoid telling the whole story and there is no way to verify the complaint in the court of public opinion that cant do anything for them anyway. Its a complaint for complaints sake and will not last long on their home forums.
  13. All they need to do is plop some of their 'big' creature boss designs into a purpose built map. Eidolons and Orbs are basically raids. Specially part one Exploiter Orb. Just the rest of it is extra boring flat arenas. Have the map play a more pivotal roll, and you have a classic raid.
  14. You're in a pod pretty much always in spite of our powers. We still use it because It's about convenience.
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