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  1. I don't really see why not. They were plain and dull skins sure. And it's not like they haven't done goofy skins.
  2. Railjack is off inside as a needs to fit all skins.
  3. Plans and priorities change. The giant melee saw also from what I remember, proved visually unwieldy and didn't fit current mechanics either. Like the lunaro racket as a actual weapon. All this stuff can come eventually. One thing we are not, is hurting for weapons. Skins maybe. But not so much weapons. And I believe we got the Nox gun.... Kinda. I think that was what the dog days water cannon model was taken from.
  4. Archwings are getting reworked with the modular system. Soooo. A bit early to add more junk outside the original scope. Let them fix the current equipment. Smaller mid size fighters/bombers should be mini railjacks for solo or duo railjack missions in the future, or as support equipment for something like railjack raids.
  5. Have you played Warframe? Have you seen the enemy AI? Cold day in hell I'd accept them spending more time on a lunch project that has better AI than the main game.
  6. And they are still changing. And haven't been completely implemented. There is the possible railjack expansion to new versions of lich. And the likely parellel corpus and infested versions of lichs. This is all moot as it's not going to change.
  7. Because it is kuva related. Kuva is old orokin ritual stuff and the requiem runes are for interacting with it. Whatever they were originally use for, we don't know, but we weaponized them. Just as the grineer weaponized kuva instead of using it purely for reincarnation.
  8. Salty investers that played the stock market and it played them.
  9. Naw, thats too obvious. Umbra primed chamber set paired with a crit mod.
  10. About time Baro sold a new mod. To bad the mod is trash.
  11. That's all that list does. Scrolls you to the start of names starting with the symbol. Both # and @ tend to not have enough names before seeing "A" names.
  12. # Names that start with numbers 1_noob and @ names that start with symbols [DE]kickbot.
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