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  1. I'm using Win 8.1. I've ran Malwarebytes and regularly scan my laptop every month so I don't think it's a virus. A HDD problem would just randomly delete a chunk of your file instead of targeting a specific folder no? I verified through the launcher.
  2. Checked with HDD Sentinel and it's surprisingly still healthy. Although I have no doubt it's already damaged in some way considering it's been 5+ years. And yeah it could also be because of Steam since I've also had problems with games uninstalling in the past due to forced reboots
  3. Long story short, my laptop is plagued with problems like random crashes and screen statics. One such crash just had to happen while I was trying to log in. Upon trying to start the game again the game was on a seemingly endless download, so I tried verifying my cache only for it to take forever too. Wasn't until I opened the game's directory did I find that I had a bunch of free space... And Warframe with only 12GB of files in it. The game is refusing to download whatever files are missing right now so I think I'm just gonna reinstall. But I feel like this is still worth reporting? I've had my in-game settings resetted a couple of times due to forced restarts like this, but having 2/3 of my game files deleted just seems weird.
  4. Mercy kills feels pretty bad now that it's unaffected by melee swing speed. The animations need to be sped up significantly. Also give us a way to opt out of the heavy melee change. The game registers mashing E as hold melee sometimes and it's infuriating.
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