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  1. You only need this for a frame you intend to use all 3 umbra mods. There were only 4 total frames where I had a build where I used all 3. Of those only 2 of them have been primed so far. First one went to Frost Prime, second to Chroma Prime. The other 2 were Khora and nidus... Nidus prime will probly get my next one one day... as for khora that 3 umbra mod build is now outdated, at least till they nerf Accumulating whipclaw. I see alot of saryn here which doesn't make sense to me...I could see this as viable if they add an umbral stretch but if your playing saryn you have better options than umbral steel fiber for her, and if your not using all 3 you don't really need the umbra forma for the optimal build.
  2. I immediately leave whenever camping comes up as a suggestion in survivals. I Play video games to have fun, camping is not fun ... So I'm not doing that.
  3. Warframe's were created from controlled infection of humans so their size is relative to human size for the most part. They may have had other weapons like this but they wouldn't have been war frames, also size isn't everything the eidolons are colossal in size but a single Warframe can wipe out an army of them.
  4. I think there's a pretty reasonable chance that this game will eventually be on Google stadia if Google stadia ends up taking off instead of crashing and burning which is also possible. They've already mentioned that they're interested in getting Warframe on as many platforms as possible in reference to Google stadia. Though to be clear I don't think they've made any hard plans to put it on that yet. Stadia if it works as advertised would allow you to play on your phone.
  5. I only do public or solo for them recruiting chat for them is a hassle... inaros at least has a sniper, Ivaras Artemis bow can be quite effective versus eidolon. I see Excalibur umbra quite a bit public eidolon fights. people think because he has the towel resistance and umbra mods he's the go-to for killing sentients. If you're going to a pub eidolon fight just be ready to solo if they help fine if not you're ready, that's what I do.
  6. Same here. I can only guess the patch/login server made have gotten overwhelmed they did a hot fix on all systems during peak play hours ....
  7. yeah I can't login at all after the last hotfix. At first I was getting login fail check your info. Restarted then I got unable to connect check to see if you have the latest version of warframe installed(I do) I got this error several times now its just frozen at connecting screen. Just a guess they did a hotfix during peak player hours everyone had to log out then back in... maybe login server is getting overwhelmed
  8. they fixed my ability to log in after the last hot fix on ps4 I can't login at all just unable to connect check to see you have the latest version installed. which I do I was on just before the hotfix downloaded that and its dead now.
  9. I spend 100% on nitain I have all the aura's and the helms I want the other stuff can all be gotten in other ways... but nitain is a pain to get any other way than with nightwave points so I only use them to stock those up... I probly have more than Ill ever need but who knows there could be a new hema type weapon in future that requires 5k nitain to research for no reason.
  10. Nope just one doma worked. When I killed it I got the 4500 points for killing a thumper... I was mad because it was a doma and thought it didn't count but as soon as the thumper one went off the screen the 7k doma one poped up both counted for the one kill,, this week over all turned out to be one of the quickest to max out for me on pc and ps4
  11. I did it on PC and on PS4 it went the same way... Click solo got level 5 bounty not in my archwing flew around less than 5 mins founded a doma killed it done. I did a thumper first, on PC, entering just a random poe instsnce then the above for a DOMA. On PS4 I decided to do the doma first and found out if you do it that way it counts for both.
  12. I've had it happen to me before ...though not recently I thought that bug got fixed a long time ago.
  13. I just went in with wisp just because her haste mote speeds up archwing, shevmade it so I could search the plans very quickly I found it within 5 minutes. Killed it pretty easily with a lanka. The thing stops itself very frequently when it does it's thumper thing.
  14. Mr caps for this type of stuff isn't warranted. It just leads to elitism. I started a PC account a while back I got to mr5 I got my second dream done unlocked sorties, And was doing them fine no issues. I even had one instance it was a Mobile defense on Earth I went in no one else was doing it so I was the host and Solo someone came in halfway through defending the first terminal they saw there was only an mr5 Excalibur he quickly got mad and left I soloed the rest of the mission without a problem. Sorties are not hard if they got through the second dream they can handle it. As for spy missions a lot of people of all Mr levels are freaking terrible at spy missions. I play on PC and on PS4 by far PC random players are far worse at spy missions than PS4. what I typically do for those as I go in one-time public if it works out great the second time I just go solo. Doing this strategy about 70-80% of the spy missions work out on PS4 on PC it's below 50%. Although if it's Uranus or Lua spy that's straight to solo. Uranus has that one archwing vault that people mess up all the time and lua ones are a little more complicated than normal spy vaults. Bottom line both solo and recruiting chat exist if you go in with public random is expect random stuff if you're not okay with it you have other options.
  15. Space cats are just more loyal than space dogs. Venari's lore kinda shows that. And you still have to maintain its DNA. Also in my opinion kavats are substantially better than kubrows... Smeeta and adarza both have way more useful ablities... Kubrows probably need a buff.
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