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  1. Highest dmg single shot no riven is probably still going to be Lanka. I know Rubico prime seems to be used more for eidolons now but that's mostly because it has almost as much dmg but no charge time. Even no riven if you take advantage of Maduri or adarza kavat or warframe dmg buffs like volt shield or chroma one shorting limbs can still happen.
  2. I don't remember ever seeing relics as a reward at all much less new scaling ones, edit I looked it up I guess they are in the reward pool just never notice or just somehow never gone one before...
  3. I've logged in quite a few times and never seen this before... After accepting it you can't even tell if you got anything
  4. Hybrid plague zaws before melee 3.0 were pretty much the best melee weapons around, but since the Melee 3.0 changes there are a lot of things that out perform them quite a bit. They're not bad now there's just a lot that is better.
  5. It's the only time of year that I use Titania. Arcane velocity and Max up her Dex pixia and she obliterates the thing. You can put shattering impact on a sarpa to destroy the armor too if you want but she kind of doesn't even need it to kill it pretty quickly. Also her razor wing melee kills the infested very quickly and bounces around fast from Target to Target to get it the spawn fast.
  6. For me the fastest TTK for them has been with the kronen prime viral/slash, it seems to kill them a bit quicker than a corrosive build. They have a ton of hp and armor half it and slash it. Or just sleep arrow hammer finisher with ivara.
  7. It was the sentient that approved the release it's their job is to demoralize and eventually destroy the tenno...so good first shot =p
  8. If you take your ship in a pub match with randoms just expect to solo. Typically what I do is join a crew I immediately leave the ship and spend 100% of my time in archwing I kill crewships as soon as they pop up. That's the least likely thing someone in a random mission is going to do if I'm doing it other people are likely doing something to kill fighters. that being said if no cruise ships are off or all of them are already dead I kill fighters too.
  9. I used to almost always put a D on every new frame for vitality.. Then umbral vitality happened so I redid alot of those.
  10. I think it's going to end up being a major part of some future updates so it's going to be worth it to eventually. I put in the effort now so that when future updates come out that involve it I'll be ready.
  11. A 90+ reactor was the last thing I was farming for in railjack I have all the avionics and top or very near top rolls of all the guns. I have a 77 vidar on now which will become the 90+ I wanted and Ill be done with railjack for awhile till new stuff comes along... though I guess I don't have the ephemera either I might try for that sometimes too but that is one of those things that is sooo low a drop rate its kinda not worth the hassle.
  12. I got rid of a 36 and a 48 vidar, but still using the 77 roll so now I just have to wait. I was definitely starting to get pretty burned out on doing gain point
  13. I know they've always said this isn't possible because of the longer certification process for console, however somehow they got a update through cert in like 2 days recently. 27.0.5 hit console only a couple days after PC. If they could do that consistently cross play could be on the table again. I don't know how it happened if it was just a Christmas thing or what. cross saves could be good to I wouldn't mind having access to my PC account on my Nintendo switch... The dells Alienware UFO could be an option in Future 2 if Nintendo doesn't sue the crap out of them and they actually release it one day
  14. the last thing I've been farming for is a 90 + vidar reactor I've had three of them 36,46 and a 77. Now apparently all I got to do is wait and I'll get the last thing I wanted in railjack.
  15. A large percent of people still playing railjack are doing so for ephemera on the anomaly or to get a good roll vidar reactor, neither are drops in space so I can see why people largely ignore them.
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