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  1. are you just preemptively begging them to not nerf him for no reason?
  2. Just enable virtual super resolution or w. e your brand happens to call it and you have universal SSAA. That said Temporal is an evolution of FXAA (created by nvidia I believe?) it carries some of the blurring issues with it but to a lesser extent. It is designed to reduce aliasing in motion and still which current AA methods simply can't do. The trick is balancing it so it doesn't blur the image to hell. Temporal is the better method when tuned right as it eliminates far more Aliasing than most all methods but SSAA which has a massive performance hit and TBH is like killing a m
  3. What? Shooting fire in every direction with obnoxious range and ignoring terrain in between isn't broken? When I first did an ODE after the update me and a clan mat got reked so hard by a scorcher we didn't even see and he ended up being 3 tiles away. Only thing we knew is we just suddenly burst into flames and died, that's with 925 health Oberon with steel on (forget shields, like 500ish). That's disgusting and broken to say the very least. Otherwise I demand to be able to nuke a map with ignis in a similar fashion...
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