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  1. This disgusts me. Steve isn't responsible for what DE corporate does. Nor is Rebecca, Sheldon,. Mynki, Geoff, Pablo, Dorian, Megan...any of them. We aren't sure who has a say in the deal, or what's involved in the deal. If you can't be patient and wait for a few days for an announcement, you are not Tenno.
  2. Can we all take a chill pill, please? After reading this thread, I'd like to note several things. 1) The choice isn't up to the Warframe developers. Digital Extremes has been around and Warframe isn't their only game. It's really up to DE corporate. 2) Even if there is a deal going on, it might not be a buyout. We don't know how many shares PWE owns. 3) We know nothing. Just be patient, quit the speculation. DE heard our message, and it'll stick in their heads when offered to sign a paper. Have faith in DE, they know what they're doing. Oh, and please stop asking about U14 for PC and 13.7 for PS4. There are other threads for that, and frankly, they'll be here when they get here.
  3. Two questions. 1) Is there any news to share on account migration? I've been eager to play PS4 with all my PC gear; please note I understand the last time we talked about it, it was in Sony's hands. Still; anything to share? 2) This one's kinda far out there, but I wanted to post it anyway: will we ever get a proto-glaive (the old glaive design from dS) to match our Proto-armor? I posted a thread on here, and it seems to have gained some following. Just thought I'd share.
  4. Not even any ponies in this update. I don't even see why it's worth it.
  5. Where are we with hubs? What about player ships? Don't need a specific update title, maybe just an ETA? Also - with the tease of the Red Veil - what other information can we learn/expect about factions featured in Proxy Wars? Will specific factions tie in with skills in the focus system (Warrior, Guardian, etc...)
  6. Not at all. And it doesn't surprise me. Because...it's DE_Steve...
  7. Are you feeling it now mr krabs
  8. I'm just gonna put this here. Note: It's really hard to play with the camera flipped (so the Lotus was more visible) and without a HUD. But it was so worth it. LOOK AT HIS FACE. Alternate captions I thought of (not part of submission): That's NOT what I meant by use your head! This is a military mission, not FOOTBALL. Quick, use GRATE PRIME. and because I couldn't resist.... Looks like a heavy unit is approaching.
  9. My submission, with the classic Glaive. Welcome back, Hayden. Note the Karak as the Lasrian rifle, and the Sicarus as the agency's pistol. Tried to get the color scheme as close as I could to the original Hayden Tenno and Glaive. IGN (PC): NearlyDedicated
  10. Go here for a friendly interface that reads RSS feeds: http://www.feedreader.com
  11. I remember I joined with 2012's Easter update...I felt so weird the following weeks when the Grineer DIDN'T HAVE BUNNY EARS. And the Easter Eggs were missing, I couldn't find any chests! Thanks DE for giving us a small-company experience with such a huge game!
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