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  1. I got the same thing. Half of my loadouts are #*!%ed up. It's not like I got used to my colours and have been using them for months.
  2. What about bigger spawn rates for solo players? Is this going to be a thing?
  3. No new actual gameplay content. Sadface.
  4. While you're revisiting Kuva in Kuva fortress thing I believe that it is also necessary to address the randomness of Rivens. Farming Kuva for hours only to be rewarded with no progress (by getting terrible re-rolls) isn't the most fun thing to do.
  5. "Temporarily disable" - just like Dark Sectors were disabled actual YEARS ago.
  6. How are syndicate buffs going to work with dual wielding? Will we be able to get two buffs at once?
  7. No. However small the PvP team is, instead it could be working on projects that are connected with PvE. There are plenty of issues that they could focus their attention on. -sorting out single status mods (melee prowess, rifle aptitude, etc.) -buffing up stats of older weapons that are ONLY mastery fodder right now -figuring out new game modes So yeah, time and resources wasted.
  8. Oh, look, a new Orokin map! >PvP Pffft. Waste of time and resoruces. Time developing that map could have been spent on something that MAJORITY of the playerbase enjoys and plays = PvE.
  9. Not being able to buy separate items is a real disappointment. I was ready to spend some plat/money on Misa Syandana but 60$ for 3 items that I already have (frost, latron, reaper) and 2 that I don't need (avatars, extractor) is a dealbreaker for me.
  10. I fully support the idea of auction house or market stands in relays that let people search for an item they want and they will be presented with offers. Staring at walls of text in trading chat is hardly enjoying at all. What I want to do is post few items for sale and be able to play the game at the same time as well.
  11. I would recompensate the nerf (aka removal of serration/multishot mods) by adding elemental and physical mods. Because let's face the facts - even if DE increased base stats or made weapons gain stats with level ups the damage output would be much lower than pre-nerf.
  12. I always pub everything and I have yet to come across anyone that would be: a) using Mesa outside of void defense missions b) anyone hating on Mesa Maybe it's a region thing? I know that 2348237 people will get offended by what I'm about to say but there is more butthurt players in America region than Europe. Whenever I have to swtich to America region (because there's barely anyone on recruting very late at night) I always come across weird folk. Either complaining about other players' loadouts, commenting on people's playstyles or playing the general - "player A, take frost, player B, spam desecrate more often, player C what the f*** are you doing" etc. Whenever someone is using Mesa and spamming 4 in Europe region everyone is always happy because they can chill and get some easy exp and loot. It's logical here that if you don't want all your kills stolen by mesa you don't play pubs or you play solo. Or you grow up and don't care, you are getting exp either way.
  13. I'm not bashing anyone and I'm asking this just out of curiosity. Prime Kubrow has appeared on PS4 and in the past we've seen Void Trader weapons before they were released. Is it because someone forgot to untick something in a build? Or maybe we should get our tinfoil hats on and presume they are intentional to build the hype?
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