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  1. Archwing affects my experience because I need to drag myself through missions that I find extremely boring because I care about my mastery rank. PvP affects everyone because of conclave points and how it influences future events (tactical alerts) making us not use the things we would actually want. And regarding PvP that made you lol: this is just my experience I've had so far with PvP in Warframe. On numerous occasions I would try playing this game mode only to find me and my teammates obliterated by teams full of Ashes with Acrids. Maybe it was just bad luck but this always happens t
  2. I actually would like to see two features removed from the game. PvP and Archwings. I believe that the time spent developing these features could have been used on improving the core gameplay of Warframe. And yes, I am aware that there are probably different teams working on different things but that's the case here. Just imagine more people and resources spent on creating new maps/weapons/game modes etc. Instead, we have two gamemodes that barely have anything to do with the gameplay we like and are used to. PvP is all about who has the best slash/toxin weapons and warframes that can
  3. What? Do you know what reading comprehension is? I have never said that there are weapons that are not suited for clearing the star chart. Show me in which post I said that and I'll give you a cookie. I could argue about everything you are saying but after you started implying that I don't understand English and you keep using "your" instead of "you're" I'm assuming you are a troll and I'm not going to engage in conversation with you again.
  4. There are no weapons that would kill faster than certain abilities (we're talking about star chart and missions like original poster has mentioned e.g Kappa) I never said that I find weapons boring and judging by your use of English it seems that you simply didn't understand me. There are weak weapons and players tend to use them while effectively slowing the process of killing enemies. For me, this is boring but I don't make threads like "weapons are stupid, everyone should use abilities instead". I don't mind people nuking everyone around - it means that I'll be getting experience and sy
  5. The same I can say about your style of gameplay. Using boring weapons and taking ages to kill dudes. You need to remember all of this works both ways.
  6. Not true. I find obliterating hundreds of enemies with one skill incredibly fun. I'm sick and tired of all these games which throw you into the shoes of some pansy. I'm a freaking demigod in Warframe and I love it.
  7. Mesa isn't NEW? This update is only 10 days old as of writing this post.
  8. You still can't apply ruinous extension on (synoid) gammacor :(
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