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  1. Are you are just trying your luck at getting the different ephemera? The only weapon bonus that should be ignored is impact as it actually makes the weapon worse. And if you must get the ephemera for impact it might be better to just trade for it.
  2. Why am I not surprised that it was a toxin lich. Yes, it is overpowered compared to other elements and it can get seriously annoying to deal with one. It's not worth it to kill it with anything other than one of the meta methods, and I wouldn't mind if DE nerfed it.
  3. Are you talking about the lich's grab attack? I am 90% sure that ignore all DR and armor and only having your total shield + health being a bit greater than 1000 can even save you.
  4. You're not the only one that doesn't like it and DE is going to make changes to it. If you have no reason to bother with the Lich system just avoid it for now and wait for the quality fixes that DE will implement sooner or later.
  5. I think some people just really do not like some of the consoles and it has nothing to do with the players using them. And if people do hate someone for using a xbox or whatever it is rather a juvenile attitude.
  6. Plague star does have forma as a reward and at least that is something worth doing a few runs for.
  7. Slash damage works best for the officer and what works for Grineer works for all the other units. I normally use a Sepfahn Nikana, with a Primed Smite Grineer mod along with a pure critical damage slash build and then uses charge attacks. They die in 2 charge attacks and i do not bother using viral.
  8. The carried players tends to at least attempt to contribute and it is possible to get them to help out if you ask.
  9. It would likely help if DE changed the color of crewship's marker. If they made them bright orange (or something) it would be easier to spot when it is alongside all the other red markers on the radar.
  10. Why not just take a break until DE fixes it? Is there any reason at all to persevere with the current system?
  11. I believe they said it didn't make much of a difference preventing one shots (I could be wrong). Looking at how it works in Railjack i can see some issues with it but I am sure DE could rework shields to be more useful if they tried.
  12. I would expect DE to rework all of them to fit within their new system.
  13. Exo eviscerator has enough burst damage to kill a warframe with 1243 armor, 1070 health and adaptation in two burst shots without reloading.
  14. That's what you get when you double your post size with an edit. I know you will never change your mind about CC so whatever If DE doesn't fix systems that interact at the same time they will only shift the meta and end up with nothing to show for their effort.
  15. Does removing counter play from your opponent make a healthy game? Have you ever played any group mission in this game ever and had nothing to do because the Ai's brain has been removed? Or played a mission where everything is unable to act because the entire group is invisible? Do you want your cake and eat too? Should the warframe's keep their CC and other gimmicks if ehp normalize to a narrow range? If a glass cannon no longer has significant issue why would any ever play anything else?
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