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  2. I was just setting up clan stuff in the MOTD. Research stuff is all. But it was the healthj restore packs from the infested labs. it read somewhat like this (TO my memory) [Medium Health pack restore] Now I remember that it wasn't purely just the item, and that the next words 'And from the grineer lab' (From what I remember) was also connected with the item. and clicking on it would cause it to crash. Forgive me if this wasn't helpful. and that it came so late
  3. agreed
  4. If you have a item listed for clicking in the MOTD you can crash your game. I have the medium team heal up for it, Don't know if other ones do that.
  5. Um...DE this one person (a friend who plays with me all the time) is glitched because we can't send invites.
  6. Can we have a First Person mode {DE} Please?
  7. Did anyone see a excaliber defauilt colors in your Chat for lotus
  8. Got all alerts