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  1. Volt Augment Idea

    Volt's 1 is now changed into a channeled ability. He now shoots a continuous stream of lightning. Dealing 1% of an eneimes health. Spreads to other eniemes. Scales with Power to increase percentage. Duration to make it have a longer radios, lower energy cost, it also governs the duration of electric proc. Energy begins to scale p every 5 seconds by 0.5 a energy Please leave your opinion's down in the comments. Adios!
  2. Update 14.10.0

    Um...DE this one person (a friend who plays with me all the time) is glitched because we can't send invites.
  3. Hotfix 14.9.2

    Can we have a First Person mode {DE} Please?
  4. Did anyone see a excaliber defauilt colors in your Chat for lotus
  5. This Week: Back To School Alerts!

    Got all alerts