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  1. This is such a glorious joke, a joke, a slap in the face, the amount of idiocy in this paragraph is outstanding. It sure doesn't feel right to have a bad pvp mode that is nothing, but jank that no one wants to do or play, except a small majority that screams the loudest. This yank is horrible, and unprecedented, specially since it's no longer "Universal" it should be "Selective", so the item makes sense. I'm sorry DE but no one wants to do conclave, and every time you've made it fun at all it was changed back into obscurity (Lunaro), etc etc. Also, on the mindset of "especially towards those you have actively played Conclave to get their Standing" then this medallion shouldn't exist at all, since "meh cetus grind", "meh fortuna rep(s) grind", literally any farm, grind, etc, becomes a argument of "I did it first, they shouldn't have it easy", it's a flat out, bad argument, specially for a bad game mode that's been almost universally downplayed upon.
  2. Thank you for wasting a hour of my time troubleshooting a controller for a family member DE. And everything failed, your "Fix" to for controllers does not work, restoring default does not work. I am not sure how hard it is to break controller support. considering it is pretty simple to have binds to a controller. but since this melee rework (At launch & and at hotfix) we've had to rebind everything again, since every update that involves controller supports restores it to default to begin with, must be a great trend, and this is getting frustrating. Not sure how you broke controller support, but thank you for ruining a night of gaming.
  3. Melee still functions perfectly fine. You can still only use melee with weapons equipped, pause combos still work fine, just hold rmb before or while pressing E or whatever your melee key is on. And it works on polearms. thanks. Also for another note, Tenno are supposed to be "Masters of gun and blade" so this change is DE trying ot make that as true as can be. However would be nice if you could still pull out your melee specifically.
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