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  1. Warframe Builder

    Stoi84, big fan of your hard work. The site has grown so much, and is probably one of my most used warframe resources. However, I have a query for you. What are the formulas you are using for enemy values? Armor, Health, Shield, damage mitigation, I'm curious to see if they are the same formulas we've been using for damage calculations, or if they have been changed in a fix under our noses. I would hugely appreciate either a response or a pm if necessary for the formulas used. Thanks once again!
  2. Hotfix 14.0.4

    DE, the arc traps. Please remove them from Mercury, and please fix the issues with reviving our kubrows. We are unable to right now, and when they get killed by arc traps hidden UNDERNEATH the tileset floor, it gets a little annoying.
  3. Warframe Ability Changes

    Very interesting changes, thank you for the Ash ones though. They are needed
  4. Thanks For Watching Devstream #28!

    Loki plushieeee~
  5. Enemies Of The Tenno: Infested Submissions

    Name Suggestion: (1-2 words max) Sleeper Behaviour: (max 200 words) They sit and stand almost in a dreamlike state, appearance wise they look very much close to their hosts, for they have only recently have been turned by the infestation. So if Grineer, he'd have a few infested 'eyes' like Charges do, appearing across his chest, poking through his armor. And if corpus, a third arm would be protruding from its stomach, but would be to small to reach it's face. These creatures are already under the control of the infestation, but still are aware of what is going on. They stand in random places around a tileset, looking sadly around at each other, or at passing chargers and leapers. They need to make a sad sobbing noise, or something to throw off the Tenno, when approached. Attacks: (max 200 words) The moment a Tenno get's within a certain radius of one, the eyes flex on the grineer, and it springs with a surprising speed to try and tackle the Tenno to the floor. If the tenno wasn't knocked down, the creature then bounds away, again using unusual strength and agility, to a location with cover. Yep, cover. From here, they will fire upon the tenno, and have pinpoint accuracy. The tenno can return fire, but if they try to run up and melee, the Sleeper will either knock them down again, or evade by leaping a long distance away. Environment restrictions: (max 20 words) They would need to be set in specific spawns in larger rooms. (Optional) Art or Reference Images: (Max 3 images).
  6. Warframe Builder

    Your Algorithem says that for the exact same build, I should have this: Link: I don't think it takes "Split Chambers" effect into consideration Maybe you should go over to the side of the data and check the checkbox that reads: Multishot. .-.
  7. Coming Soon: Devstream #25

    Will warframe ever have questing done with starmap missions, and each one being unlocked corresponding to a story segment? And if it isn't going to be done in this format, what is the end product going to look like, mission wise, to us a year from now? Will it still be mission nodes on a starmap? Or will it be quests laid out with a story that links them together? For example, you might be tracking Vor on the mission of Elion on Mercury, and as apart of your next quest you have an option: Try to seek out Vor's hideout on a nearby Grineer asteroid mining facility donned the Tolstoj? Or defend Orokin technology from Grineer forces on Lares?
  8. Steel Charge Update

    woah... that's totally unexpected, but sincerely appreciated. Thanks DE! I knew I could count on you guys :D You're going to make us S#&$ our pants with Melee 2.0, I can just feel it. #HYPEINBOUND
  9. Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    I don't understand. My brain can't comprehend... The Dual Broncos have a better DPS overall than the Brakk... how is that possible... Has everything I have come to know a lie? WHO AM I? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE.
  10. Hotfix 11.0.1

    What if you already bought the Valkyr pack? Do you get the restraints?
  11. The Gradivus Dilemma Has Ended, Tenno

    *praises the booty*
  12. Hotfix 10.5.5

    Thank you so much DE, you are the best!
  13. Hotfix 8.3

    THEY TOOK MY SUGGESTION!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god oh my god, I am so fricken happy. They took my Rhino suggestions!!! The roar, UGH XDDDDDD FINALLY RHINO LOVE
  14. Update 8 Related Work

    I say screw it, not only for my own selfishness, but also for the fact that, if people really find resetting their hard earned mods and weapons and accounts just to exploit once, that's on them. But of course, this is just coming from me.
  15. Update 8 Related Work

    Steve, can you please give us an ETA on resets. Some of us want to use it, for other reasons than exploits. I got multishot for my rifles yesterday and I am really starting to debate it with in me. I need dat reset soon, please.