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  1. Yeah, I agree, it's largely a case of something that wasn't broken being fixed. The new layout is clunkier to use than the old.
  2. What does it have to do with Twitch for that matter.
  3. If you get Energizing Dash it's actually potentially better energy flow than the old Zenurik passive - except that it's interactive, i.e. you have to slip into Operator now and then to Void Dash. Which might have been clunky, but it turns out that slipping into and out of Operator is now more fluid (tap 5 instead of press 5) so it all works out just fine. In fact, they might have to tone Energizing Dash down now, as pretty much everyone has it, and people are constantly providing the bubbles in missions, so everyone's pretty much topped up most of the time now - which renders frame
  4. Isn't there a confusion here between the "white" alarms (you've been seen, more enemies will be about, looking for you) and the "yellow" alarms - lockdown due to oxygen loss as a result of a window being blown open, for example. I would agree if you mean the latter - which FORCE you to hack a console to turn them off. It's really annoying when you get 2 or 3 of those in quick succession. But the "white" alarms are good - essentially they mean more mobs to kill. When you're solo ofc it can be fun to roleplay and treat them seriously. But in teams, they're of no consequence, or ac
  5. Yes, for the same reason. Operator switching is now so fluid that it's really easy to void dash now and then to keep energy topped up. It's the same as the old Zenurik only with a bit more interactivity really. But actually I've been finding that the Operator energy regen and pool are just as big a boon. I'm able to spam void dash much more in combat and zip around. And since the slowness of the Operator was the biggest turn off for me, it's made Operator gameplay much more enjoyable.
  6. It used to be Grineer doors that were the problem for a long time in Warframe - you'd go down a corridor and the round Grineer door in front of you would be as if it were brightly lit, out of kilter with the dark tone of the corridor. Now that doesn't happen anymore, and it seems to be Corpus doors (and some Corpus "cabinets" in ice tunnel tilesets) that have this problem.
  7. The title doesn't "accuse Octavia players of being toxic trolls" either. If people read the title and think it's "accusing Octavia players of being toxic trolls", then their education has failed them ;)
  8. He didn't do that, he said that Octavia is another type of frame that lends itself to players who want to troll. Which is obviously true. He also said someone trolled him, which might or might not be true - the trouble is, the player might have just been following him because it's a co-op game, but Octavia is so annoying anyway :) The game seems to give lots of these hostages to fortune, and while obviously most players don't take advantage and play it straight, and even tone down things (e.g. bright colours) to avoid irritating others, a few players will take the piss. But nothing can
  9. It doesn't halt my progress, but it's given a minor bump to my enjoyment. The Braton Prime was one of my favourite weapons, now less so. #firstworldproblems and all that, but it's an annoyance.
  10. Yeah, well change isn't always necessarily and inevitably a good thing, there can be changes for the worse, and this is one of them.
  11. Did anyone ask for this change? As I recall, nearly every single thread that's spoken about the Braton Prime has mentioned that one of the reasons people loved the gun was because of its sound. I understand that it's perhaps a bit more "realistic" now, but it's lost a lot of the character that made it "the Braton Prime". It's no longer "bra-ta-ta-tat", but now "Pa-pa-pa-pa", a much softer and less characterful sound. Please don't "fix" things that ain't broken.
  12. Excellent ideas, but I do think the game isn't really designed as a persistent world game, and I don't think the tech is situated for it atm (though of course all things are possible). Basically to do what you want, I think they would have to run servers like "proper" MMOs do. The game does need something to replace the challenge of the endless missions though, that's for sure. I can understand DE's rationale - the game was "overheating" and builds were being focussed on endgame content that the developers can't possibly balance for. But that has to be put beside the fact that end
  13. I'm in a phase of perfecting all my warframes gradually, so I'm pretty much rotating them all nowadays, but I think my most used are probably Volt (now Prime) and Nova (now Prime), followed by Banshee.
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