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  1. Invictus13307

    Mastery Rank Up

    The entire point of the cooldown is to make you take the test seriously since you can't just brute force it. The entire point of the wiki having video tutorials and the relays having practice mode is to give you the tools to get good at the test before you take it for real. If you're having trouble with it, you should be asking us for advice, not demanding immediate changes to a system that's been in place for years and has had thousands of people progress through it.
  2. Invictus13307

    Teshin in mortal kombat

    Kung Lao is basically his equivalent. Warrior monk? Check. Weapons-grade hat? Check. Training a new generation of warriors? Check. Affiliated with a Lotus (White Lotus Society)? Check. Hell, they probably have the same favorite flavor of ice cream.
  3. If a player is in a vault by themselves and aborts the mission, the vault should reset. I personally don't care if people leave, I just want a fair shot at salvaging the situation.
  4. Invictus13307

    Be thankful that you fools are still breathing M Y A I R

    This needs to be a glyph.
  5. Invictus13307

    How does one unviel this riven?

    Infested don't trigger alarms, so find a non-survival Infested mission and kite them around until you have more than enough, then cling to a wall and nuke them. Both Eris and the Derelict have non-survival Infestation missions. You can get to Eris through the star chart, and the market has key blueprints you can build to access the Derelict.
  6. Invictus13307

    best places to farm the unvaulted relics?

    /u/xPrinny put a useful guide on Reddit: At a glance, I'd say you want to run Orb Vallis bounties when it arrives on console, and Cetus bounties until then. Hepit (Void) might be better than Cetus if you're specifically targeting Lith M2s, since captures are faster than bounty stages, and in this specific case Hepit has better drop rates than all but the last bounty stage. I would say in all other cases, open world bounties are the way to go. This is the first I've ever heard of that, except for obvious edge cases like console not having Fortuna yet.
  7. Invictus13307

    Clan Hierarchy Help

    Sounds like he got auto-assigned Founding Warlord from a recent update. Definitely file a ticket for it -- if he's inactive, you'll easily get it back. If he's active, you still might be able to get it back since a lot of clan-related things are logged, and if you were doing everything yourself there should be a ton of evidence that you were the one actually running stuff.
  8. Eventually it throws down with a Raknoid, and we get this:
  9. FYI, if you file a ticket with support, they'll assign Founding Warlord to someone who's active. I had a similar issue -- my clan's Founding Warlord hadn't logged in for about a year. I filed a ticket explaining the situation and shortly thereafter I was promoted to Founding Warlord. Your clan isn't bricked just because the founder's AFK.
  10. Dojo only and it's a research chain, so you're not going to see the Ocucor for about a week and the Battacor for about a week and a half. I ended up caving because I was this close to the next MR level. I honestly like the Battacor and Ocucor, but I think Uno's right that they need some buffs. Especially since Fortuna's open world puts a spotlight on the downsides to slow projectile and short range beam weapons. They feel better suited to the star chart, where more chokepoints and tight spaces let you take advantage of their unique mechanics. I'm not a fan of the Kreska, but that's because I don't like the machete attack animations, rather than something specific to the weapon. (They all have that slow windup -- Primed Fury helps, but it still feels pretty kludgy.) Why not a hybrid system? i.e. it takes X seconds to charge, but each kill takes X/3 seconds off the timer.
  11. Confirmed this is still happening. I just cleared out my last regular alert and the dialogue disappeared, even though I still had an uncompleted Arbitration alert. Before completing the Cervantes alert: Alert popup shows over Navigation prompt, Alert dialogue shows both regular alert and Arbitration alert. After completing the Cervantes alert: No alert popup over Navigation prompt, no alert dialogue, no alert icon in toolbar.
  12. Invictus13307

    About the big 6 reps.

    You need to grind rep every time, but you only have to sacrifice items the first time you get promoted. This is true even if DE changes which items need to be sacrificed. (They've changed prime part requirements before, for example.) Note that hated->disliked and disliked->neutral are considered promotions, and you'll need to offer a sacrifice the first time you do them.
  13. Invictus13307

    Suggestion:Host suitability score

    I feel like in-match monitoring would be the next step after host benchmarking. Keep an eye on things, and if host quality drops below a certain point, migrate to another host before the first one drops completely. Might even help with some of the migration issues that keep cropping up, since it's a controlled process instead of an emergency reaction.
  14. Nothing major, it'd just be nice if we could use a cipher without entering the hacking screen.
  15. Invictus13307

    Overwhelmed new player! Please help

    Good points. I'll edit my post to clarify that I'm talking about early game, rather than what they should necessarily use for end-game.