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  1. If a player is in a vault by themselves and aborts the mission, the vault should reset. I personally don't care if people leave, I just want a fair shot at salvaging the situation.
  2. Invictus13307

    best places to farm the unvaulted relics?

    /u/xPrinny put a useful guide on Reddit: At a glance, I'd say you want to run Orb Vallis bounties when it arrives on console, and Cetus bounties until then. Hepit (Void) might be better than Cetus if you're specifically targeting Lith M2s, since captures are faster than bounty stages, and in this specific case Hepit has better drop rates than all but the last bounty stage. I would say in all other cases, open world bounties are the way to go. This is the first I've ever heard of that, except for obvious edge cases like console not having Fortuna yet.
  3. FYI, if you file a ticket with support, they'll assign Founding Warlord to someone who's active. I had a similar issue -- my clan's Founding Warlord hadn't logged in for about a year. I filed a ticket explaining the situation and shortly thereafter I was promoted to Founding Warlord. Your clan isn't bricked just because the founder's AFK.
  4. Nothing major, it'd just be nice if we could use a cipher without entering the hacking screen.
  5. Invictus13307

    The very simple reason I'm disappointed with Arbitrations

    It's not the first time content has been gated behind progression. Alerts, Invasions, and Void Fissures require you to at least have access to the mission node, Nightmare missions require you to have cleared the entire planet. Kuva and Sortie missions are gated behind The War Within. Tridolons are effectively gated behind amp, focus, and Quill progression. Arbitrations requiring full star chart completion isn't a sudden change in direction, and it isn't even a difficult requirement. Playing the game, doing quests, and killing bosses will get you the vast majority of the nodes, and by that point you'll have the tools to easily solo the remaining ones. Arbitrations just require you to make a conscious effort to unlock them, instead of being something you can get by hailing a taxi or sitting at Hydron for a couple weeks. It's not a bad thing.