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  1. I think you are drifting way off-topic here. The point of the original post was "This enemy, which isn't a heavy unit, is way stronger than it should be. This is a problem." and not "Please help, this enemy is too hard for me to deal with". Whether you can avoid getting hit by it or not, or you have countermeasures, doesn't change the fact that the enemy is too strong for its type. If you want to keep going on about a gameplay issue, you should think about inexperienced players facing this problem without extensive knowledge of the game or enough ressources (mods, warframes, etc) to deal with it. Your comments do not help in any way, nor are they relevant. On another note, I do agree that having an enemy that strong damage-wise can pose a real problem. I also think that the fact that their shield isn't affected by punch through promotes the use of explosive weapons over conventional ones even further in the game. Which is another problem but still worth mentioning.
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