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  1. You can. The Switch version has a surprisingly large amount of settings for that sort of thing.
  2. I had that and the next time I fired up Warframe on Switch all my PC stuff was just there. Well, apart from Tennogen stuff and Excalibur Prime, but heyho.
  3. Now I just gotta figure out how to upload a clan emblem and make it clear it's supposed to be for the Switch version and not the PC one. 😛
  4. Thank you kindly! ♥ EDIT: Oookay. It said "migrate complete" without ever asking for my Nintendo ID or Switch account or anything and I don't think anything happened at all. What the what now? o_O EDIT2: Nevermind, it's all there. Magic! Space magic! Whee!
  5. Eh, looks like account migration still isn't a thing, so you're not missing that much for now.
  6. Starting the Tutorial on Switch here right now. If you find a migration option somewhere, please let us know how it's done. ♥ EDIT: Apparently it's not in, yet, because premature EU start and all that. Oh well. I love the gyro aiming. The amount of graphics options surprised me. Bit blurry, though. Not as bad as Doom or Wolf 2, however.
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