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  1. Elemental Ward for me on most frames, because it's so versatile. It can grant health, shields, armor or reload speed depending on what I need, it helps me apply an additional status to enemies, which helps scale up the damage granted by corresponding mods, and it can provide a little, if somewhat negligible extra damage.
  2. Nah, man. You're not gonna play a 60+ minute run on one account and at the exact same time play a different 60+ minute run on a different account, all at the same time. If everyone was in the same group and the same missions together 100% of the time, maybe, sure. But we're not. We also solo, play different stuff independently of one another at the same time. It's really obvious and easy for anyone with log files to see we're three different people. Or maybe an octopus, who can handle playing up to three different missions at once. Not entirely sure what the license agreement says in this case. Also, if you wanted to go REALLY overboard with this: Different spelling and grammar, different phrasing, friends, vocabulary. Like, if someone at DE was super paranoid about me just hotboxing accounts or whatever, I'd have to invent multiple personalities just to fool them when looking at chat logs. :D
  3. Eh, I try not to think anything if I team up with randoms. Everybody has the same right to be on here and play any way they want. If I don't like how others play, I can always solo or group up with friends.
  4. I also wish we could stop health-gating already. "You can only reduce this boss' health bar by X amount during this phase". Seems to be a 'balancing' method they employ now in order to stop power creep and insta-nuking bosses, but it's just so clunky and not very elegant.
  5. To be honest, I've never given it much thought, because that situation never came up. In our case, it would be incredibly easy to prove, though. All of our accounts are being frequently played at the same time, in the same group, for the same missions, but we also split up every now and then and everybody does their own thing while we're all on there. Pretty difficult to fake that, especially if my only goal was to use multiple accounts in order to trade with myself. I don't think it's very far-fetched to assume their support has gameplay logs, an overview of our recently played missions, loot or something to that effect. I think it would be rather tricky to simultaneously play three accounts and have all of them run individual 60+ minute marathons. With that in mind, I cannot say how or why those other users you mentioned were banned for doing exactly that. All I know is that it never happened to anyone in my family.
  6. For the most part I'm a pretty big fan of the new arcanes and galvanized mods. Falling in love with my Supra Vandal all over again.
  7. I can only speak for myself, but my partner and I have been playing since the closed beta days, in the same house, using the same connection. We trade with each other all the time. Mods, arcanes, platinum, you name it. My son joined us with his laptop using the same connection, absolutely no problems. So I dunno. Maybe we've been extremely lucky in over 8 years now, but not once has any one of us received a warning, let alone a ban of some sort. Maybe the folks claiming they've been banned over this are doing something differently, no idea.
  8. I love the new arcanes and galvanized mods, but I agree, the over the top AoE spam meta right now is neither fun, nor in any way challenging. Joined a few public random Kuva fortress missions yesterday, and pretty much every group had at least two guys with fully maxed-out AoE weapons just nuking entire spawns in a second or two. I don't mind everything getting turned to atoms in random crappy low-level missions, but once you reach a certain level, maybe the time to kill should no longer be instant? I feel they're a bit overtuned right now.
  9. They're not gonna let you log on to the same account simultaneously from multiple devices. As for IP, I've got three people here in my house all playing with the exact same connection, which was never bannable to begin with. We're constantly trading amongst each other, too. I've logged on to my Warframe account from various locations and devices just fine. Never had any trouble when, for instance, visiting family and using my Warframe account in their house. Maybe I'm naive, but I'd assume that, once cross-progression becomes a thing, they'll especially account for the fact that people will be accessing their accounts from various devices and/or locations. In regards to your thread title, DE will never stop me from playing with myself.
  10. People who specifically ask for titles and special roles tend to abuse them. Like the aforementioned guides of the Lotus. And even the world's greatest mentor can't stop new players from getting overwhelmed by how overloaded this game has become over the years with features and systems and partially undercooked, unpolished content. I had loads of friends, who tried to get into Warframe, some of them several times, but they never last longer than maybe for a week or so. If you wanted to make this game more accessible, you'd have to trim, prune and streamline, which I'm sure wouldn't be to the liking of many existing players.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I love you.
  12. EDIT: nvm, misunderstood the context of 'pity' and posted before the message above showed up. Getting better drops after a long serious of garbage loot sounds good. Not sure DE would go for that, though.
  13. Eeeeeh. You know? Eh. I don't care about MR. I'm not interested in owning and maxing out every single item in the entire game. I use and upgrade the weapons and 'frames I like, I play the content I enjoy and that's that. I've completed the story content that's there so far, I can hold my own in Steel Path, I've got a decent mech and railjack, and if I absolutely, desperately wanted to, I suppose I could grind out liches or sisters for specific weapons. But I don't have to, so I'm happy. I think I'd go insane if I felt the need to 100% everything. I like Warframe, but I don't need it to replace my life.
  14. I know I'm in the minority here, and I'm being terribly boring, but I really don't care about the crewmen or anyone else, for that matter. I don't stop to think about whether or not some rando I killed in a videogame had an imaginary family or hopes and dreams. I care more about the stuff he drops and whether I can turn it into platinum. Which isn't to say I'm not looking forward to seeing their point of view when the new content update finally arrives. It's just not gonna make me feel sorry for them.
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