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  1. Yep, just made it again thinking of maybe keeping it this time, but very faint gray tracers that can't really be noticed most times. That's boring, won't bother investing on this weapon.
  2. TYPE: [In-Game.] DESCRIPTION: [Was testing the new weapons Mausolon and Sepulcrum in the simulacrum with Mirage, she doesn't get stacks for the alternate fires on doppel kills] VISUAL: [] REPRODUCTION: [Use mirage, her hall of mirrors and one of the new weapons with charge on kill mechanic, possibly applies to trumna as well.] EXPECTED RESULT: [The alternate fire should fill with every kill, including hall of mirrors.] OBSERVED RESULT: [The alternate fire didn't fill with some kills, the ones by the ability.] REPRODUCTION RATE: [100%] Unrelated, sepulcru
  3. Immunity to status effect is no good. Ignoring a core mechanic like that is never good design and things should be consistent. Stuff that gets thrown at us having little to no counter play or no indication of source is also a problem, visibility and pacing tend to be issues too often in this game, its not a problem for a projectile to be fast if the launching animation is clear with the timing and direction, but enemies don't do that very well in this game (with things like a Lich grab while at its back, and the lich just "spins" in place). Many here saying the "difficulty" is fine often
  4. I find it clunky... Can't it be made more usable? Not being able to do anything besides clumsily waddle while "holding" for a rather low multiplier, right now its nothing but a nod to the video. How about making it give damage reduction? allow melee? allow actual movement? Those 3 would be perfect. But melee and movement at least?
  5. Agreed, like the Prince of Persia series. Rewind on demand, maybe consuming energy per second?
  6. A nerf already? due to "player feedback"?? Hah, typical.🥱 At least it isn't after we spent resources like in the kitgun Tombfinger primaries right? Nevermind those frames and materials farmed and waiting in the foundry.... MR change might help players open slots, so its cool.
  7. Well of Life and Blood Altar are now too similar, and redundant on helminth. I suggest switching either to Link or Bloodletting. Also, could make Warcry use Roar sound effects on male frames, and vice versa.
  8. A suggestion, for Equinox Rest and Rage, how about making it tap and hold instead of tying to energy color? I might rather not have a sort of graveyard on the game...
  9. A suggestion: Give us a little animation where we extract a little Kuva cloud from the Warframe prior to sacrificing it, to say we keep the little Oro/Self it has or might have developed while we had it.
  10. What?! So DE is making the Xoris trash? It can't work with skills like other weapons?! Can't you just nerf the amount of combo it can get? Why trash it completely by making it INFERIOR to any and all other weapons????
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