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  1. So the player chooses to use it as a syandana or ephemera! :D
  2. One think that I really DON'T like on Octavia is the white visual feedback on the crouching. That thing can get pretty annoying quickly and we can't even change the color. Wish feedback was different though, maybe something on the UI close to the crosshair? I also agree with OP that she isn't interactive. It consists of press 3, spam crouch because her constant waves is easier and best, press 1, maybe press 2, and sometimes press 4. Her skills effects are also not that well communicated and too tied to her 3 in rather stiff manner. The symbols need labels, so we know what the #*!% ea
  3. Any plans to activate a promotional code like FREESWORD used to be? Newbs could really use a decent potato weapon at the start. Take into consideration!
  4. These small annoyances are common in warframe, in the following image the Warfan idle stance covers the reticle. You can't see it, but behind the Quassus there is a Hyekka Master. Some of the attack animations, heavy attack in particular also disrupt visibility. It would also be nice to have alternate idle stances, that have the weapon lowered instead, including for heavy blades and other weapons. Also the Aim Glide on warfans would be nicer if they were both spread out like wings!
  5. Sounds fun! Could some of these improvements be applied to other one handed weapons? Perhaps with this also give a buff to dual and two handed versions. Kohmak + one handed melee VS Twin Kohmak. etc!
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