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  1. Bans feels way too heavy handed for this kind of thing. Its not like the people that did this used external cheats. I support the reset of their score, and the suspension should be only for people that abused it too much. No bans over something that is not really that damaging or malicious!
  2. How do we remove a polychrome? As far as I know we can only "remove" by applying it.
  3. Just cast 3 while Blade Storm is ongoing, you join in the fun.
  4. How about having only the upper body play the animation while in the air? in Trinity's case for example. Just turn the whole body like she kinda does already, but keep the legs in the "Jumped" position while the hands and upper body do the Link animation! Also have Rhino's passive trigger on first ground contact when Air casting directional Stomp!
  5. Hello, I just got Hildryn today and I have some feedback that I hope could be useful. Identified Issues: Her 4 restrict us out of one of the best parts of warframe that is freedom and power of movement, to make us slowly float around in the air while restricting access to our chosen arsenal and limiting us to either just float there or use haven and/or balefire consuming our shields even more, balefire isn't even auto equipped and the second one doesn't do anything. Her 1, 2, 3, 4 stop shield regeneration, that is the great advantage of using shields for defense. Her 1 doesn't have interesting stats to play around, the only way to mod is raw damage, and limits our movement, and replaces our chosen arsenal and the explosion effect is inferior to Staticor in coolness and even Opticor in usefulness. And charging it doesn't present benefits over spamming it, in a cost vs benefit scenario it is worse to charge. And her 4 apparently only works on a 2d plane, as enemies in a different elevation or platform are often NOT affected by it. Suggestions to improve would be: Her skills no longer stop shield regeneration and don't delay activation. Only enemy fire does it. Her 2 now regenerates a base amount per enemy affected, including health only enemies, while keeping the LoS condition. Could be related to her own armor. Her 1 no longer slows down movement or equips upon only tapping, and charging increases damage to 50% more than it consumes and equips it. Critical Chance and Critical Damage increased, but only on the enemy directly hit by the projectile. Explosion keeps low or no Critical Chance as is. Perhaps explodes backwards like Tombfinger every time it pierces an enemy and the explosion upon hitting a surface? for the cool factor. Also needs a bit more interesting VFX to show the area, perhaps similar to Staticor? Her 4 now accelerates the farther she is from the ground, speed slightly inclines Hildryn forward, allowing it to perform as movement tool and adding to warframe's mobility game instead of limiting it, Balefire is auto equipped and receives double firerate from the second hand OR allows the use of arsenal weapons, perhaps even Archguns OR only them and Balefire. Her 3 now affects herself? And provides energy to allies, however her 4 stops generating energy orbs and her 2 now works while in her 4 but only on enemies not affected by it's crowd control. Let her use melee slam to end her 4! Slam and melee slam both happen as expected of each. Alternative change to balefire would be to eliminate its charge shot, and instead have it grant a weapon damage buff upon charging that continually consumes shields until deactivated and allows Hildryn to challenge Bosses otherwise immune to warframe abilities! Remove the ceiling on her 4 along with the increasing mobility. Doesn't need to challenge Archwing or even K-drives speed and activating either immediately deactivates Aegis Storm and equips the summon normally even mid air. Fluidity is really nice in warframe, its good to preserve and improve on it. Edit: Just thought of this but, allow Hildryn to LARIAT enemies with her shift dodge, similar to how we can use ctrl mid air to kick enemies! :DD Other know issues: Shield regeneration related arcanes *exist*. This has the potential to break the management balance of her shield as a resource. To other frames shields are merely the first layer of defense upon being hit, to Hildryn this causes inexhaustible resources and defenses. If they are considered when allocating power to her concept, she is negatively impacted limiting her potential and perhaps making her reliant on them. A perfect solution for this is not know to me, perhaps re-balancing them now or when other frames maybe also receive some sort of shield gating? Restricting Hildryn's access to them would negatively impact players that went out of their way to acquire them, but only Hildryn really values them. So reworking them to perhaps only triggering when health damage is received. And for example arcane barrier, the effect being to trigger a regeneration over say 5 to 10 seconds in the value of % of shields, total lost shields or even base shields instead of being instant total restoration. So that enough damage could still offset the regeneration. Allow Hildryn all the Valkyrie glory she can achieve! 😉 Best regards, have a good day and tranquil sleep!
  6. "Implemented fixes toward briefly being unable to Melee after an Aerial Attack, which breaks the flow of battle." Can we have it be even lower? I test just now with a Mios and there is a brief window of like 0.5(?) seconds that we can't melee again while in the air. How about letting us slam right after? near animation cancel levels of quick! 😄 But thanks for what you already did! "Fixed being able to Quick Melee when you equip an Archgun with either a Primary or Secondary equipped before that." Someone above suggested that could use the arching initial slam, I think some version of that sounds pretty cool! Have a great day!
  7. "Fix Magus Repair (...) applying to Operators." Hey can't we keep this? 😧 Please? I didn't know it was a bug and thought it was pretty cool and fairly useful for eidolons etc as I don't have Vazarin yet and for the foreseeable future... This was nice little help for a 250 hp operator! Please?
  8. "Fixed the Cyngas becoming an auto-burst weapon in Atmosphere Archgun mode." Can't we keep it auto-burst? Better yet, give us a "Auto fire while holding" option on gameplay! Can't really use Dual Toxocyst or the Akbolto weapons comfortably as it is 😕 "Fixed MOA Companions with the Security Override Mod no longer hacking terminals in Spy missions." Good, my moa was wonky while doing Razorback, hopefully this fixes that too! "Fixed issue with Clients not being able to accept the vote for Orb Heist Bounty in Fortuna." good. "Fixes towards Rescue Targets moving while downed." Good, hope it fixes defenses like Sorties and Arbitrations too, if it wasn't fixed already.
  9. I would like to see Blade and whip animations, the charge attack as well! and do we still have that light attack before the charge attack? would prefer if not. Also, does it mean that melee glide/block is gone?
  10. Saryn, 27 Hello! I work with sterilization in a hospital as my main job so I'm a bit of clean freak, I accept personal cleaning requests as side-gig btw, there's nothing like returning home from corrosive toxins and viruses and taking a hot shower to molt a long day and feel refreshed! I do cosplay! I also take requests for modelling in different attires as "side-hobby-gig". Keep the credits rolling to invest in platinum! Jokin, actually I donate to help patients in the hospital get platinum biomedical devices! I like to read, game and watch series and animes to chill.
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