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  1. Does this work with the mobile apps? And what's the procedure?
  2. I'd like to say something in regards to the weapon stats, which showed that only a handful of primaries and secondaries are taking up most usage in the whole cateogry: There is clearly a correlation between the fact that the most used firearms have an AoE effect or just do a lot of damage, and the fact that Warframe has slowly evolved from being focused on gunplay to just be focused on dishing out as much damage as possible in every direction. Simply put, most weapons can't handle the current meta. Most semi-auto weapons are too slow at taking down hordes compared to the top weapon
  3. Thanks for taking interest in fixing the issue. I'm gonna make an uneducated guess (since i don't know Warframe's hit detection code) and suggest that a straightforward way to fix it could be to make the LoS check also include the camera's perspective. More specifically, i'm referring with how Mesa's Peacemaker works, which targets any enemy within the circle even if Mesa herself is down a slope. That way Whipclaw would still not target enemies behind walls, but won't get stuck under weird geometry.
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