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  1. Most (if not all) AoE weapons have this problem too, any chance you will look into it?
  2. I believe this still doesn't apply to the glassy area(s) on her helmet.
  3. Hopping after sliding with a Necramech also severely disrupts the flow. Could we please have that changed too? Also reminder that holding RMB for hovering rather than spacebar is very clunky on mouse & keyboard.
  4. Please revert the hovering imput to hold spacebar for mouse and keyboard. Right mouse button is way more clunky to use than holding space. I understand the change for controller users, but M&K should have remained the same.
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cracks in Deimos bounty "softlocks" when done repeatedly: After repeating the new bounty "Cracks in Deimos" a few times, one of the fissures does not close after killing all marked enemies, making the bounty impossible to complete. Worth mentioning that when this bug happens, the only enemy spawning from the fissure is the Jugulus. Perhaps this could be related to the issue? Any following attempt meets the same result (even after failing the bounty and activating it again from Mother). VISUAL: Will upload if it happens again. REPRODUCTION: Pla
  6. While we're at it with mech changes, can you revert the hovering imput to hold spacebar for mouse and keyboard? Right mouse button is clunky to use.
  7. Kinda off-topic, but While we're at it with mech changes, can you revert the hovering imput to hold spacebar for mouse and keyboard? Right mouse button is clunky to use.
  8. If I understand this corrrctly, does that mean players who polarized those slots will simply have the polarities swapped with universal, rather than get additional ones? Because if so, it would be a punishment for players who simply couldn't know there were supposed to be polarities in those slots. If that also removes the damage reflection, this would make enemy Voidrigs so much more enjoyable to fight. Far from fun, but still.
  9. Isolation Vaults Generally speaking vaults pacing hasn't been impoved. Loid & Otak now go faster, but they have a longer path to cover, which defeats the purpose of the change. Furthermore, in order to access the underground bounties one has to sit through the isolation vault bounties: in the case of a T3 bounty, this means spending at least 15 to 20 minutes to simply access it and start farming. That is, not considering the actual vault opening, which is something most players Deimos Delicacies The Juggernaut is still pretty slow and stops very often to attack. The pat
  10. This changed hovering on mouse & keyboard to Right Mouse Button. Can it be reverted? It's very impractical.
  11. A note on the Nexifera, how does one get a perfect capture? It seems like simply hitting it at the top lowers the capture to "good". I'd wager the issue will persist, especially in groups where teammates don't know what to do. Simply put, the objective doesn't go well with the usual "kill everything that moves" philosophy. Furthermore, may I ask why was it changed from 5 on the test cluster to 3?
  12. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Necramech arch-gun does not gain affinity if Transference is used from the Operator. Works fine when Transference is used from warframe. VISUAL: N/A REPRODUCTION: Summon Necramech Transference to Operator Transference to Necramech Kill enemies with the weapon. EXPECTED RESULT: The weapon should have gained affinity. OBSERVED RESULT: The weapon does not get affinity. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always when using Transference from Operator. Note: this happens since before update 29.5.
  13. While that is definitely nice to hear, the mechanic is still far from enjoyable and requires a lot of effort to max them out. Not to mention the need to pair a warframe with specific weapons in order to use Theorem effects at all. I would suggest (as I did in the public test) to combine the Theorem and Residual effects together and make them available as kitgun arcanes. The result would be one arcane for each Theorem effect, with all 4 elements selectable. I mean, the only difference between the Residual arcanes is the element and damage amount. I don't see why they couldn't be fused
  14. Sure, but can we please get glass fissures to happen less frequently, or even in the form of alerts? It's getting annoying to always have to deal with those enemies even when they're not needed.
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