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  1. Please take into consideration the issues and suggestions in this post
  2. Thanks for the update. Please try to consider the game economy before making such decisions going forward. If you had run the script immediately after the hotfix dropped, you would have prevented most of the active playerbase getting angry at you, as well as a few nasty comment in that thread. Please also note that the current difference between the two rewards is a whopping 120K standing, a difference that less experienced players have no way to know when prompted with the rank up reward.
  3. When it was first introduced, the animal conservation system was an optional activity players could engage for badges and decorations, as well as another way to get standing for the main syndicate on free roam maps. Now that it's been integrated in the main gameplay loop of the newest update, Heart of Deimos, its current state cannot be justified any longer. Let's consider another free roam system's mechanics, mining: Minimap shows nearby veins locations HUD shows the distance to the nearest vein under a certain distance Audible clues let the player know if they are
  4. The concept is cool, but as it stands now it's a glorified built-in set of pads. Putting now an anchor point to return back to after a few seconds just doesn't fit most of warframe gameplay: unless you're playing defense, chances are you'll be sprinting forward for the whole mission. You'll rarely need to go backward through the level. Temporal Anchor feels like a clunky gimmick not worth using most of the times. Moreso, abilities that group enemies together allow her turret to gain a much higher multiplier, thus a higher damage output.
  5. Can confirm, it has been happening again ever since the fix for self damage in archwing. As for the arming distance, it has been known to be problematic when moving towards the explosion. Same thing would happen with stuff like the Acceltra.
  6. One of the recent updates broke affinity when going from Operator > Necramech I have only experienced it on the arch-gun but could be the case for the Necramech and the exalted weapon too. There is also still the issue of the warframe "disappearing" and being unable to go back to it.
  7. Fairly sure they still don't spawn in the vaults unless you go solo.
  8. I suppose all players who got to rank 5 (spoiler: most active players did already) will have to spend an extra 120,000 standing just because they did it before this update...
  9. Reminder that Scintillant only spawns inside the vaults if you're playing solo.
  10. I get that it's an unintended problem and needs to be fixed, but was it really better to fix this first rather than address the issue with enemy Necramechs (Storm Shroud having very low cooldown and starting from ability's cast rather than uts depletion, as well as the lingering invisible slow)? And while you're at it, please consider reducing the timers for the various sections in the vault bounties: stage 1 should be reverted to 1m, stage 2 is just 3 long minutes of boredom killing infested copiously (if they spawn anyways), in phase 3 Loid/Otak goes waaay too slow and takes forever to
  11. I understand the increased difficulty, but not the increased Bait Defense time. The bounty already felt long enough as it was, it should have been shortened not elongated. Especially, the part with Otak takes way too long for them to get to the points and then back to the vault.
  12. Revivng a player now sotlocks you. Honestly at the moment we might need a kill command other than the /unstuck command.
  13. I received the Lemnas Staff skin, but not the Necramech statue. Can anyone confirm the same problem?
  14. The whip appears significantly larger in the idle animations. Also when applying the animations on another warframe they use the default model. Is this intended?
  15. I believe this hasn't been fixed. Both Whipclaw and the idle animations still use Khora's default whip model.
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