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  1. Any chance those features could be extended to K-Drives in open worlds? It could be very useful in some terrains to build back momentum rather than jump "in place" to get over an obstacle.
  2. The changes to the movement will definitely help, but navigating around tiles obstacles will still be an issue due to the low maneuverability of k-drives.
  3. Remember when there were cool drops like decorations and other miscellaneous stuff? 'Cause I 'member. In all seriousness though, this week would be faster to actually play the game rather than watch the streams for the same amount of time. Drops could be a better incentive to watch the streams rather than just RNG mediocre rewards.
  4. The Railjack Tactical Menu starts flickering becomes unusable after Electricity Hazard is repaired. This happens when spectating other players' perspective and prevents the use of the Join Warp function. The only fix is to go back to the Dry Dock. How can this bug be reproduced? Receive an Electricity Hazard in a Railjack mission and repair it. Then open the Tactical Menu and tab into other players. What was happening before the issue started? The Railjack received an Electricity Hazard and it has been repaired. Can you provide your build and game settings? Tactical Intrinsic maxed. Happens with any build and game setting. What kind of squad were you in? Solo, host, client? Happened to me as a client. I haven't been able to test it as host but i suspect it happens as host aswell. Can you share any images or a video of the bug? https://gfycat.com/violetlinedirishredandwhitesetter Note that every time the top section of the screen lights up, that is me attempting to press Tab to switch to the next player. This bug has been around ever since Call of the Tempestari update. It's starting to feel like a middle finger to the players' intrinsics grind.
  5. Would it be possible to release a list with all the end of mission rewards and their respective importance "rank"? Note: I know it is an extremely long list and may require some work, but by releasing it for all the players to see we could very easily spot the items that fell through the cracks. Alternatively, you could release a list of the end of mission rewards with a "rank" that is below the most common drops (say mods, common resources, etc..) so that it wouldn't be as long, but would still comprehend everything that fell through the cracks. Furthermore, following up to what @16Bitman said, having a clearly defined list of importance "ranks" would definitely help identifying such problems, as well as generate some feedback in regards to potential items that should be more/less important.
  6. The Soaktron Rifle Skin does not work on a lot of weapons in the rifle category that aren't SMGs. Judging by the cost I would assume it's just a bug. Right?
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