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  1. I'm a bit biased when it comes to Sun Wu Kong. But never used it again after maxing to 30. Skill set was lackluster. Unless you're a tank. Maybe this time, it'll be love that they'll find.
  2. I'm enjoying the Nightwave challenges. I'm not that a veteran player or a high level. I guess only have few suggestions. 1. To add 1 or 2 more daily challenge. Everytime I finish a daily task, it feels anticlimatic. Don't get me wrong. I know there are a lot things to do for a day (Daily Syndicates, Sorties, etc.) It's just that I'm so stoked or hooked with the Nightwave tier rewards I'd like to do more. (setting aside the weekly and elites) It kinda feels empty that you can do no more after finishing the daily challenge but to hope you encounter more Fugitives in your missions while waiting for a new daily. 2. To have a degree or level for one challenge. Let's say the 5 Sortie weekly challenge. Not all can do that since some only have two days a week to play. Suggesting to make a minimum of 2 sortie to complete and earn the standing. Then 5 sortie will give more reward like a few wolf creds or additional standings. Like the endurance challenge. Complete a 30min run. Then additional reward if completed an hour. By the way, for this week's elite, I accidentally completed the "Finish an extermination without being seen." random squad do the killing while I was lagging behind. Awesome. 😄
  3. Wait ... Resource booster for Twitch Drop on Devstream? Will it overwrite the one from Twitch Prime? I just claimed mine earlier. It might activate once I logged in later. As for the devstream, I would really love if Wukong rework news. His skill set seems underwhelming. Or sort of lackluster.
  4. This wearable with non-prime Mesa? Will these be crackable with relics? Or maybe Baro sale? Sorry, haven't read the whole thread yet.
  5. I remember last month after I optimize (with update 23), framerate after that drastically falls to 10-20. I noticed that the DX10 and 11 was not checked. All got back to normal after enabling those in the launcher.
  6. I really ... really ... really, really hope it's Wukong Prime!!!
  7. Show is 1 hour long. You have to watch for 30mins. You only get 1 drop. But this time, they might mean two with "Double".
  8. You beat me there first. I'm already thinking of Ashey Slashey ... groovy ;)
  9. So, Umbra will be the next model line of warframes?
  10. Gonna pre-order Excalibur Umbra Statue to commemorate the Dead Eye twitch drop today. Hope Rebecca's incident wasn't serious. Hope my pre-order will fund the recovery. 😎 Lesson learned: beware of moustache.
  11. I watched Primetime on phone, got the drops. Watched the devstream for the first time on pc, didn't get any. Well, that's on my case. For the sniper theme .. A sniper based sentinel or companion? But this gets stationary when aiming.
  12. Haven't checked if the Twitch Drop was received. But, what can I get with that amount? I don't know anything about baro and his wares. Edit: Already logged in and i received the ducats. Maybe I'm receiving the drop if I wath via twitch android app? Got no inbox from dev stream. With 350 ducats...my only options are primed mods? Aside from grinding prime parts.
  13. "new melee weapons"!?! And here I am, farming to craft my very first zaw. -_- Need to sell some prime junks for plats.
  14. That reminds me of these .. sorry for being a kid. DJ gun -- sword or gun with DJ disc. Sword with audio visualizer.
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