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  1. First of all I must say that I really enjoy the fight but I feel that it needs to be more challenging but by that I mean challenge our player skills/reactions/parkour and not our mods/weapons/frames. Suggestions: 1. Give more hints regarding what you need to do, barely on my 3rd run did Alad V 'suggested' I bring the ropalolyst to the generators (took me a bit to realize that and by then it was too late) 2. The electric cables when trying to reach the generators, make it more difficult to reach the generator... right now it's very easy and predictable... make the ropalolyst spawn those electric surges more frequently and depending on where the player is standing instead of a predefined path, make the boss adapt to our moves Also loved the parkour as you need to reach the extract point, I want more of that. Keep up the good work!
  2. Would love to see a dramatic play dead animation. The moa would let out a small cute screech or other fitting sound, raise one of it's legs as if grasping for something and then flip on it's back, all dramatic and lay dead on the floor ONLY to quickly raise it's head for a moment to check and see if we're looking at it before flopping back dead quickly and recovering after a few more seconds. If you've ever seen any videos of dogs playing dead, those were my inspiration.
  3. Tried it then but it was nowhere to be found, same for my team mates. It's all good though, I just defeated Profit-Taker twice now and got the toroid so it seems to be working. ^^
  4. Thank you! Although I must ask if the Crisma Toroid is been worked on, I did two missions with a team and none of us got the Crisma Toroid after defeating the Profit-Taker.
  5. Oh gawd yes please! The new version looks horrible! Or at least give us the option to revert between the old version and the new one so everyone is happy!
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