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  1. I don't know if this was ever addressed, I can't seem to find any threads on this. Has DE mentioned, or even considered how the new gas city is going to affect Kuria locations?
  2. There is nothing more amusing than gullible people on forums
  3. De should offer everyone everything for free just for asking for it on the forums
  4. We should be able to convert unused relics to a maxed riven of our choice with stats of our choice at a ratio of 1 relic:15 rivens
  5. Shield of shadows, equilibrium, despoil, health conversion, vitality, Streamline, prime continuity, intensity power drift, rejuvenate you do NOT need flow, between despoil + equilibrium you will always have enough energy will tons of excess health/energy orbs all over the field. This is multiplied if you only use slash based weapons as well because each severed enemy part is treated as its own unit making each enemy desicratable several times
  6. The real question is what do you consider to be endgame and what are you current goals? If you are looking to MR farm then do what you are doing and keep leveling weapons and moving to the next. If you are looking to sit in MOT by yourself for 6 hours just cause you can then you will need to focus on very specific weapons and builds and can pretty much do that at MR8.
  7. Learn how to use your mods correctly and how to properly utilize your movement controls. I just started an MR0 account 5 days ago and I’m already to Jupiter using only Exalibur, MK1-Braton, Skana, MK1- Kuna, and mostly damaged mods and still doing more damage and taking less damage than people that are MR14 - MR17 there are a ton of YouTube tutorials on how damage works and what builds work best for what ever weapons and frames you are using The only thing I can really say is focus on your main damage mods (serration, point blank, etc) Multishot (spilt chamber, hells chamber) and your warframe vitality mod before anything else. cetus is optional syndicates are optional Forutna is optional as long as you are having fun everything else is optional. With enough Formas and the right mods everything in the game is endgame viable, take the weapons and frames you find the most fun and look up builds for them.
  8. I’m with OP. There is so much in this game that this “artificial longevity” is unnecessary. The cap should be 25k to 30k for everyone reguardless of MR. all the current system does is slows down new players and speeds up veterans. This is why new players feel “soul crushing” and veterins are bored cause they finish a new content in a matter of 2 weeks
  9. If it is broken for you then make a ticket and/or post in the bug section, but don’t come here and vent because we don’t care
  10. Try chromatic blade and kill everything before it is a chance to touch you
  11. didnt see anyone address his question of if it is necessary or not. Maybe they did I just skimmed through thread. but yes, multishot is necessary
  12. He is a *@##$ if you don’t have your archwing mods and weapons in order, which in itself is a *@##$ to do because of crappy drop rates and not a lot of archwing opportunities. Odonata + Grattler with the right build will drop Jordas Golem in about 30 seconds. There is a video somewhere on YouTube explaining and demoing the build. If you are looking for someone to run you through it I’ll give you a hand next time I’m on. Friend me a message me.
  13. Lol. Correct me on the numbers and theory craft which only matters if you are going to sit in MOT for 6 hours, side step the statement about melee bonuses being worthless and all the other benefits Loki brings that no other stealth frame does. Gotta love the people that respond to what they want and disregard the rest... same mentality as Christians picking and chosing what is relevant in the Bible Also, how is Loki not perminvisble but Octavia is?
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