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  1. Hunter munitions build with faction damage double dip probably.
  2. Bad weapons can't be saved by rivens because they have bad base stats. One of my favourite weapons have always been the Viper and its Wraith version. Even with a 5 star riven disposition and a mathematically perfect riven installed they are worse than rivenless kitguns.
  3. Well, if they didn't spend all their time nerfing things instead of making S#&$ty weapons better, maybe we wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place.
  4. All rivens roll the same base numbers, they are just multiplied by the disposition of the specific weapon. So yes, old rivens are changed retroactively.
  5. Gosh they are just so mad the good guns are good. "Why do people use the good guns? How about, instead of improving other guns, we just make this weird side end-game portion suck for the good guns?" "Couldn't we just make game modes that encourage weapon types? Like, a level where you don't want to shoot certain enemies, where Arca Plasmor and the Ignis are less desirable?" "no" "What about an enemy like the nullifier that requires lots of tiny individual hits by capping damage or something?" "For the last time, we're busy making another sandbox nobody asked for, we can't actually improve the game. SO shut about making energy leechers have tethers and help me record this voice line we'll mangle in post processing."
  6. How about they buff other snipers so they can compete instead of bringing the best one down repeatedly? Making weapon X worse isn't going to make me stop using it if the weapons Y and Z are still trash.
  7. Good thing we don't have riven mod limits so I can just switch to whichever weapon I want. Oh wait...
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