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  1. Like I said time and again, I got mine before disposition was a thing.
  2. Ah come on, man, that's just sad. You started out arguing so well and now you are responding with "I give up" catchphrases. Better luck next time I guess.
  3. I will. I do it every time. If they aren't going to change anything on their end, then I won't change anything on my end either. Lets see who is more stubborn. And honestly I love how you are somehow personally offended by this. Never change.
  4. I got my rivens day 1, before the announcement. They have applied changes retroactively and announced said changes after I've already invested. I want my rivens back or my money back.
  5. Apple and Samsung weren't sued by individuals. As a person living in a third world country I can't realistically be expected to pay, let alone win a lawsuit against a company that makes in a month more than I will make in a lifetime. That's why groups that protect customer rights exist. In any case I'm not personally interested in a lawsuit since even if I win it, it will only make the lives of the devs worse. I want my money back or my stuff back as it was originally and there are no channels to resolve this through.
  6. The idea of a lawsuit being possible is supposed to dissuade people from doing something that will get them sued. I got my rivens before they announced they will change them and before disposition was a thing. I still got #*!%ed over. If you don't like the lawsuit for making a product worse after it was bought angle then how about rigged gambling in a PG-13 game lawsuit?
  7. You misunderstand the purpose of a lawsuit. It's a deterrent from #*!%ing paying customers over.
  8. You buy/farm/roll a riven expecting certain results. DE changes it and changes are applied retroactively to the stuff that you already bought/farmed/rolled. If it wasn't applied retroactively, then the existing rivens you rolled would stay as they are and only new rivens rolled after the patch would be changed. Europe sues companies for making real money purchases like phones work worse, Canada not so much apparently.
  9. A bad thing doesn't become any better just cause you do it all the time. Also gaze and tysis aren't meta.
  10. Ah, well, you see, 1.31% at MR14 is too much of an outlier. Can't have that. Too strong. Hands tied.
  11. Every time you change this stuff retroactively. Thanks, I guess. Can you retroactively refund the plat difference on these changes too?
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