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  1. That's the part that I don't understand, because there's already the "Abort Mission" option for singular players wanting to leave. In the instance I described, did the player who pushed us all into dock actually get more of his rewards from the second mission, than if he simply aborted alone? Because if so, this isn't just problematic design, it's malevolent. Players who want out would literally get more by choosing to screw other people over. If this is the lesser of two evils, then something is clearly wrong.
  2. I don't post here often, so apologies if this is a common thread, but this boggles my mind. TL;DR in bold. Just hosted and played a Public mission on Veil Proxima - Flexa. We were on our second run, with some people joining and some leaving. We killed all necessary enemies, finished 1/2 of objectives, and I went down to the Galleon to help kill the Captain and finish the mission. Someone decided they had enough and sent us all to the dock while two of us were fighting it. Nobody responded in chat when asked, no warning, just a sudden "I don't want the rewards so you can't have them either." Why is this still a thing? I can't imagine this happening in any other game mode for more than a week without people rioting about how Public is completely unplayable. There's a bigger discussion to be had about Vote systems in Railjack, and the way that "Abandon Mission" doesn't really explain how "You already finished the last mission, you can leave this second one safely alone without going back to the dock", but this is as simple as disabling the option for random people to hijack an entire squad and deny them all their progress. Is there a design reason for this I'm unaware of, or is it unintended and just hasn't been a high priority fix?
  3. Good steps forward, but if Kuva Liches are still a completely isolated island, then they're not a Nemesis System - they're a repeatable quest with no new content.
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