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  1. There's no ETA because it's at the top of the priority list and Empyrean is currently being delayed to make it happen, right? Kidding. Good luck trying to make Floofnaro work!
  2. This is a nice addition, but can you please copy-paste the entire search system from the modding screen to the Trading Mod-search menu? @[DE]Pablo In Modding, I can write any word present in the mod description to find it. "Multishot", "Combo", "Punch", "Radiation" now, etc. In Trading, I have to remember the exact name of ~1000 mods to get the one I want.
  3. If this mod is working as intended, I'm curious as to why it was made. Like, what specific purpose does it serve / what inspired Priming it? Amusing that it shows up right after Primed Animal Instinct, a mod that many people consider a must-have and are very happy to see Primed - yet this one is possibly one of the top 10 mods that never needed to be primed at all. A strange way to create a balance if that's the intention.
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