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  1. I think air casting would be a step in the right direction. And yes, a few teaks to the animations here and there would be great.
  2. somewhat unrelated, but i think the thermia gathering events will be a lot more fun if enemies wouldn't continue their cc ability (harpoon, stomp) even after they themselves are under the effect of a cc ability.
  3. Question: Will this new system affect the invasions in any way? Or will the invasions remain as is/a completely separate system from the alerts?
  4. thank you for clearing that up. always nice to see you can count on your fellow tenno. ^^
  5. @[DE]Danielle my partner and I both play warframe and for the past couple of days a strange bug has been affecting her. every time she enters the game audio from the Nora Night can be heard, I can tell it's this character because she introduces herself as she begins speaking.
  6. Q: is this phorid rework thing still gonna be a thing?
  7. Here's my entry for the movie poster competition. best of luck to all the competitors. ^_~
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