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  1. Yep, last life. It was not clear how big the explosion would be, so it got me. The heat did not go up or down. It did not even show (it was still grey) when it was suppose to switch to that part of the fight - for several minutes. The doors are wonky indeed. Walking away and back as a group worked. Flew all around were it should spawn and around the path to Fortuna and Fortuna. If that's not through enough, I'll still hold that as a fault.
  2. First run (solo): Had trouble understanding instructions a bit. Went fine. Picked up loot. Died in final explosion by hiding behind a wall instead of running. Run Failed. Second run (solo): Got two hatches down and she stopped heating up at all. Run aborted. Third run (team): Managed to get the audio to trigger out of order. Had a lot of trouble opening the door to the outside. Exploited did not spawn outside. Run aborted. Fourth run (team): Ran smooth up until heading outside. Exploiter did not spawn. Run Aborted. The first run was fun, but I'm not having fun now. Please do something about this. PS. Add bounty for this like with the eidolons. Also, allow us to skip Zude and Exploiter dialog: there is a lot of it in this mission.
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