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  1. I found some near the Manga. They were nowhere near the call point. Were like 130 meters away, floating in a group of 3, over the hills by Mother. I spotted them by flying up in archwing and desperately looking down for movement in the air. Hope this helps those stubbornly trying to find them.

    P.S. The tracking point can also spawn in a cave near the Prospect. I've had more luck when I find that node.


    Addendum: It seems I may have just run into a wild group as a coincidence, rather than the spawned creature. Apparently they spawn wild in groups of 3.

  2. 12 hours ago, TheGreenFellow said:

    FWIW, comparing with my experience here...
    - I 'died' in the final explosion too, but revived as per normal right after and everything was fine, was able to archwing back to fortuna and still got all the goodies. Did you use up your last revive or what?
    - There were periods where it seemed like it was difficult to get her to heat up at all, but I just kept trying and it seemed like eventually she either started heating herself up or doing what I was doing (eliminating summons and continuing to chuck stuff at her) started to accumulate and work. Perhaps you shoulda just kept going?
    - The door thing is the same as any other 'transition hall', it's wonky - you have to leave it completely and re-enter it if you try to enter it and exit it the way you came, same as Fortuna and Cetus. That is something I hope can be changed....
    - I imagine you checked thoroughly about Exploiter not spawning outside? Is it the doggone host-connection issues kicking in again...cause that seems like a constant nagging problem with like, everything at the moment...if that's a consistent issue that's going to lower my enthusiasm for replaying this in 'pub' groups.

    Also, I'd like your idea, a means of doing this mission from within Fortuna would be nice. (goes for the thermia extraction event too, cough cough)

    Yep, last life. It was not clear how big the explosion would be, so it got me. The heat did not go up or down. It did not even show (it was still grey) when it was suppose to switch to that part of the fight - for several minutes. The doors are wonky indeed. Walking away and back as a group worked. Flew all around were it should spawn and around the path to Fortuna and Fortuna. If that's not through enough, I'll still hold that as a fault.

  3. First run (solo): Had trouble understanding instructions a bit. Went fine. Picked up loot. Died in final explosion by hiding behind a wall instead of running. Run Failed.

    Second run (solo): Got two hatches down and she stopped heating up at all. Run aborted.

    Third run (team): Managed to get the audio to trigger out of order. Had a lot of trouble opening the door to the outside. Exploited did not spawn outside. Run aborted.

    Fourth run (team): Ran smooth up until heading outside. Exploiter did not spawn. Run Aborted.

    The first run was fun, but I'm not having fun now. Please do something about this.


    PS. Add bounty for this like with the eidolons. Also, allow us to skip Zude and Exploiter dialog: there is a lot of it in this mission.



  4. 12 hours ago, Mokunen said:

    I disagree. I believe utility equals value, I don't believe rarity equals value. I don't believe Warframe should become yet another online game I don't play because the gear that "gates" higher level content is a horrid un-fun slog to earn. I believe every player should be able to earn their gear reliably and with reasonable time+effort expense. I don't believe getting stuff in the game should be a matter of luck or wallet.

    I believe Warframe should be about being agile and shooting stuff, not about chasing shiny carrots-on-sticks, and I will not accept drop rates and grind levels continuing to approach those of MMOs I will not name, as if "getting the thing" was the only thing to the game. I backed this game years ago because I saw it being different from all that; I saw it as an investment. And with every time they add more grind, smaller droprates, and other blockages, it feels more like it was a misled, unwise investment.

    Well said Ser.

    12 hours ago, -.SP.-G43riel said:

    sorry to disappoint you but even in real life thats the rule for most things, it doesnt matter how dumb or useless it is, all that matter is how rare, old and unique it is in order to have a really great value.

    But this is not life. Its a game.

  5. 12 hours ago, Lootin said:

    I disagree with the majority of the OP. I LIKE the fact that this event is geared more toward the players who play intelligently, and think about their warframe/weapon mod choices. This event actually has a degree of real difficulty and a danger of dying, something you almost never experience in this game unless you're playing deep into T4 void missions. It's a gladiator match, it should be fitting that we have to fight for our lives. I agree that the grind wall to get to boss is pretty harsh, but at the same time I can kind of understand that maybe they're trying to give the mods obtainable from it more substantial value, which I kind of like. I don't think that anyone in this game should be able to get any rare drop without lots of time and effort put into it. In almost every online game there are rare items that are very powerful and thus require a lot of cooperation and skill and/or knowledge to obtain. Many players probably wont come  across these items exceptif they earn the money to purchase them. I don't think that's a bad thing.  

    We're too spoiled in this game. Even raids which are supposed to be the pinnacle of end game content requiring the most cooperation are a breeze most of the time. It just requires a good squad setup and for players to know the role. This is similar.  Good on you DE for giving us a challenge. 

    If the rollers are giving you a challenge, bring some crowd control. We shouldn't be able to just jump into an event with any warframe and any weapon and be able to blindly shoot our way to the end.

    My clan does daily four man nightmare raids, We do Sortie every day and sometimes solo or duo it. And we run infinite mission types past 2 hours. Doing so is fun to us, its challenging, its rewarding, it lets us work as a team to overcome adversity, and we enjoy it. This event is not challenging but its is annoying, its not rewording but grinding, its not fun for a team because the damage of the mobs is too high for most  frames and it does not play like normal missions, and we don't enjoy it. We CAN do it. The problem is we don't enjoy it.

    And if not for the grind, I personally would have enjoyed it. Not everyone has the time or patience for this kind of thing. In fact, I would guess most don't nowadays. And they should not have to.

  6. The only frame I could relay use was Valker. My Frost got taken down in under a second by one of those drones and it is my third toughest frame. Taking any non invincible frame to this is insane. And not every one has invincible frames. Even my 5 star, immortal build,  Valker was struggling to keep up. I thought the mission was fun at first. And I thought the boss was something new. At first. But the thought of how many mindless slogs I would have to run, and the thought of doing it all in hysteria with no mixing things up just to survive is not one I relish. I'll do it, because I cant stand missing the mods for my collection. But I will HATE playing this game once I am done. Even if the mobs were not massively OP, hunting them down, again and again, and again, and again is so mind numbingly boring.

  7. Yah, maybe tone it down a bit uzkan. But I like the idea.


    I just think it would be too over the top.

    maybe its just me, but id actually like to have a little more darkness and seriousness inside the warframe universe, not less.

    it would just break my immersion, if my enemy's suddenly get bunny ears.

    We got to have bunny ears last Easter. I want mine back.

  8. For a decked out player, its a toy and little else. My boltor prime puts out at least twice the dps and does not have a charge time. The boltor P is also easier to aim and penetrates many types of defense. The passives are not too good. Spend 600k focus to get a 120% elemental damage mod equivalent. That amounts to just a couple hundred more damage on my weapons that alredy do 1-2 k damage a shot. And I hear the laser does not level well. In my own experience, I never use the laser when I actually need to kill things, only when I'm playing around. To me, its just a cool looking toy and little esle. Witch is sad as it was the path I took and I was hoping for some kind of masive aoe. Better taking vazarin for instant revives, naramon for invisibility, or zenuric for its stun and energy abilities. I actually regret taking Maduri from a gameplay perspective, even if it is the path I should like the most.


    Edit: It is worse than I thought. Each rank of the Madurai passives has an increasing cost. According to the wiki, it would take a total of 2,175,000 focus to max these buffs. And all that gets me is 120 more damage on my boltor and 140 on othos prime.

  9. Each crash was preceded by a black screen while I could still hear my friends on Skype for a moment followed by an audio glitch and then the computer would crash. I was then forced to restart. Windows 7 reports that I crashed to blue screen but no blue screen ever popped up before restarting was required. This happened even when I was not using a chat program. It also has happened eight times now and each time in a sortie mission. I am beginning to think the the sortie missions are causing it as I have spent several hours on other missions without crashing in them.


    I have checked my memory integrity, verified through steam then the launcher, perform a clean reinstall, verified again, checked my driver updates, and there is no way my video card or cooling system are not up to handling this game.

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