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  1. Then where is my Primed Flame Repellent?
  2. But... 90% ranged damage resistance...
  3. Okay, I'll remake it completely. I have a really nice one this time.
  4. If you talking about 1 - it's not, it needs to accumulate damage first. If 4 - just nope (and it's not ONE button as you mentioned if used above spores). Maybe. I don't understand what YOU trying to prove? That Ember needs to be OP as before? She was 1-button joke before rework. She is even worse now.
  5. I am. I just use 2 (+25% pow), then 4 (fire mult for whole party boosted by mods+passive), then 3 (adds fire damage to projectiles for anyone inside ring, also boosted by ults mult) and take fire based weapon (Ignis or in my case 14k fire damage crit tuned Catchmoon). What nuke do I need in this case? Your turn.
  6. If you can't understand this synergy, then there is no reason for further talk, neophyte.
  7. 2>4>3>Catchmoon. You failed here. It's a fire based frame, duh. What else did you expect? It's fine with this set. The only thing she looses here is her press-and-forget mechanic.
  8. Please do. Or what? Making you push buttons (one button - 4) more than 1 time per mission is traumatizing?
  9. I got it. I'll try again: 1. Melting - Ember covers herself up in flame (no self damage), converting all her ranged weapons 25/50/75/100% of damage to fire damage for 10/20/30/40 sec. Any enemy trying to hit her in melee suffers from 200/300/400/500 blast damage with 100% status effect. Affected by duration and strength mods. Augment - Heat - ability can be cast on allies with 20/30/40/50% of it's effectiveness. 2. Accelerant - radial 7/10/13/16 m flash that stuns enemies for 1 sec and reduces their fire resistance by 25% for duration of ability. Increases all outcoming fire damage by 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.25 for 10/15/20/25 sec. Affected by duration, range and strength mods. Augment - Accelerator - every ally inside cast area (including Ember) gets 25% boost to reload/movement/cast speed for 2.5/5/7.5/10 sec. 3. Inferno - Ember melts air around herself in 5 m radius, converting all incoming ranged damage to 25/50/75/100% fire damage. Any enemy inside ability range suffers from 150/250/350/500 fire damage per sec. Duration 10/15/20/25 sec. Affected by duration and strength mods. Augment - unchanged. 4. Dancing Flames - creates a fire particles (2/4/6/8 particles) hovering around her seeking enemies in 5/10/15/20 m radius dealing 300/400/500/700 fire damage in contact and creating another 2 seeking particles active in 10 m fixed radius and dealing 50% of original damage. Enemies can be targeted multiple times. Flow ability: every particle costs 10 energy and respawns in 5/4/3/2 sec. Ability can be charged for additional 50% damage, double particles spawn on impact and double energy cost. Affected by strength, range and duration (number of particles) mods. Augment - Hell Flies - alters impact effect, creating fire vortex that sucks.enemies inside constantly dealing 50% (75% charged) of ability damage per sec for 2/4/6/8 sec in 10 m radius. Passive - permanent 30% fire resistance. Immune to fire status effect. If that's one bad, then I dunno...
  10. Steam link are gone. Account on main site says it's linked. In-game no tennogen skins or link/unlink steam account options are present. Skins that I already have are still available to use.
  11. That's weird decision. And it's bad. Literally. Especially for those with connectivity problems. They used to trade in featured dojos, because some of them are providing it for some reason.
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