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  1. Steel Essence should be in reward table for Tier 6 bounties.
  2. Still no fix for Crown bearers spawning on evac point and dying there (because my sentinel oneshots them), preventing to retrieve the coin.
  3. Still no fix for Venari ephemera color always being red and left emblem doubles itself inside it's body.
  4. Can't login. An updated version available and bla-bla-bla...
  5. 1. Copy - Copying (hold) first ability of ally warframes and uses them as it's own (click). Alternatively (if no allies present) can copy an eximus special ability to use against enemies. 2. Absorbtion - Toggleable radial ability, that heals by 1% per cut body part lying around. Every heal costs energy. Parts not dissolve, but can heal only once. 3. Golem - Assembles golems from all parts in radius to fight as allies. Each golem lives 30 sec (fixed time). They weak, but numerous (1 golem per 5 parts). Up to 12 golems can exist at once. 4. Gargantua - Assembles living enemies to a giant carcass around warframe so they become it's shield and weapons (up to 8). Every attached enemy becomes a puppet: absorbs incoming damage and attacks their allies with their weapons. The carcass itself floats around warframe and due to it's size restricts bullet jumps and rolls (only bullet jumps and rolls). Passive - Can set another's warframe ability on 1 from start. Only from aquired warframes. Also energy pool raises warframe armor up to 200% total (example: 150 with empty pool and 300 with full).
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