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  1. New skin is awesome. Period. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8l3Z2x
  2. It's only for left shoulder... which is strange. Maybe THIS is the bug.
  3. *there should be a laughing pepe face, but modders nerfed it* Yay! More wasted time! Solo players are VERY grateful for addition of Command Intrinsics to negate this huge unreasonable nerf.
  4. I just lost Shedu part because of CTD. Whole day hunting for that fokin' sentient ship are waisted. I hate it too now.
  5. Then add a visual markers for those rsources and avionics for gods sake! At least in 1000m radius. I don't want to break my eyes looking for tiny barely seen somethings on space background made of stars that looks exactly the same as drop!
  6. Sigma Engines MK1 not giving any bonus to speed while claiming to add +10 km/h.
  7. Insane wreckage repair costs which literally forces you to buy those friggin drones. And those drones ONLY FOR PLAT. Nice plan, but I figured you out DE.
  8. I've waited for Nova Deluxe you teased us on poster and NOT SHOWED US IT! Bad stream :(
  9. Still no fix for: Railjack orange female crew member have broken textures.
  10. 500 kuva is too much, to be honest. 100 (boostable) sounds more fair (just like demolysts in fortress). But please, put it back!
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