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  1. Disruption on Eris. Every round you get one Juggernaut Demolisher.
  2. Still no fix for: Still no fix for Venari energy color being always default. What is dead may never die. "Thanks" for this nerf, it was so important and gamebreaking to have an ability to keep ONE key for the next round.
  3. When I tried to modify my Moa right after the mission/dojo/relay I got the message that this item not yet loaded, right after it I went into weapon modification and got this again:
  4. Better to add an option to switch from hold mouse button to whole set from 1 to + (3 strings per each fret). Yeah, it's 12 buttons, but why not?
  5. And this just made it solo preferable. Kill assists not grant pearls, while kill steals do - in result one players get +50 pearls while others around 10-20. Very fair, thanks.
  6. What we actually get: It's need to be a separate game mode. Permanently.
  7. Then give us the switch inside customization menu! Not in the options, for the gods sake!
  8. Steam link are gone. Account on main site says it's linked. In-game no tennogen skins or link/unlink steam account options are present. Skins that I already have are still available to use.
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