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  1. I'm sure that with this skin many more people will play Baruuk. Thanks for the support!
  2. Same feeling here, don't know what to do so they notice it. Thans for the support.
  3. I posted there as soon as i could, seems to me it wasn't noticed... Will keep trying.
  4. Well, i hope this make it to the next one:
  5. Hi, any chance that this Baruuk skin get noticed in Prime Time? Crossing fingers!
  6. Let's keep it at one of those, a mix, or just a new feline species😉 As i mentioned at the original post, i like to draw without references so i didn't look at any photo. Glad you like the Skin, thanks for the support.
  7. I see. Thanks so much for the information, sadly i cannot use reddit...😭
  8. Thanks so much! How to make it to Prime Time? Last time it was posted, it got more than 1500 views and really good opinions. I was too busy working and cannot check it for a month. It got archived... (didn't even know posts could be archived here), it was really dissapointing cause i wanted to update it. Never got any message from DE. Another user asked me permission to post it in Reddit, and he told me that the same day it received a message from Rebecca(DE), never knew what message... Tha made me feel confused, in the official forums never gets a message, in Reddit after a few hours. Does DE look the Fan Forums? Many people really liked the skin. It should be in the game. Needs more support or diffusion, but living in china i cannot open many webs... it's frustrating. I only can ask for player support.
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