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  1. 3 minutes ago, (XBOX)JB Fenix 88 said:

    Plus the fact that it's still timed doesn't help. I personally have never enjoyed the vaults and now they say you have to do them and then hope it rolls the gun you are looking for.

    yes, and its painful grabbed the first sister i could get my hands on because of how much time i already put into the granum void to get her to spawn


  2. ik this is likely constantly complained about so far, and probably gonna be frowned on, but is it possible to decrease the difficulty of the coin to the mid one, not alot of people are gonna have builds and be able to do that difficulty constantly to get a roll on a weapon or to get one to spawn 

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  3. 12 hours ago, (XBOX)TheOtterVII said:

    There are still problems with matchmaking too, and given how important the coop is on this game, you can bet it is their top priority.


    It's just much harder / takes longer to fix than the few little bugs being patched in this hotfix.

    indeed, ik things can't be rushed but greatly want match making to be fixed 

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  4. Greatly appreciated the ability to remove cyst earlier than it use to, this system adds a great amount of flexibility to modding and replacing what people would consider useless abilities biggest gripe is the material consumption but still a wip, hopefully some of the abilities will be streamlined to feel a bit more fluid with other frames, for example umbra with valkyr's warcry was really hoping it would keep the umbra howl but pretty funny to hear the sudden pitch change 

  5. Mechs feel fun to use however the lack of constant energy and healing can be quite frustrating, being able to use archguns with it add more to their flexibility however the base gun far out powers the rest of the arch guns, the mods however feel incredibly rare that after quite a few vault runs have only obtained one mod.
    increasing the mod drops would be much welcome and a slight rework on some of the archguns would also do well for it as the are easily eclipsed by the mechs base gun adding transference to the main bar would be nice for those who don't use the ability menu using controller 

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  6. 28 minutes ago, Teliko_Freedman said:

    Railjack controls? Why are you in Railjack controls?


    Try replacing every option on controller with gear wheel 1-10 first, then edit Railjack controls.

    i have in every controls, the issue is rb is ability wheel in railjack and the game is confusing it with normal controls because its still an ability wheel i think 

  7. i have a similar issue but not exactly, my controls were recently reset and now i have the rb thing for the gear instead of being able to open my consumables and seeing all of the corresponding items to what i am using and dont know how to toggle it back


  8. 8 hours ago, Teliko_Freedman said:

    Remove ability menu from the control layout, and choose consumable?


    i have, its not apart of my general controls but i cannot unbind it from railjack controls 


  9. So recently my controls got reset and i recently noticed that when i hunt my consumables don't go to the consumable wheel for that item, but instead wants me to use an ability wheel, is there anyway to fix this instead of having to use the ability wheel? its wanting me to press rb to open the stuff but melee is that button and i can't seem to find a way to redo it 

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