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  1. I wish for TennoBaum : 7 days resource booster Cumulus Syandana Nidina Armor Set Quaro Armor Collection Happy TennoBaum !
  2. About the lich not getting the correct helmet on the shoulders, could it be when you are using a different helmet than the skin ? I got this bug with my Nidus, I used the Phryke skin but I have the Myxini helmet on.
  3. Please allow us to rebind "switch to full melee" I bound weapon switching to my mouse wheel so I can't actually switch to full melee unless I bind something my my keyboard, and then binding it to my keyboard gives me two ways to switch guns, but I STILL have to hold a keyboard key to switch to full melee
  4. could you make the Parazon tied to Warframe in the Fashion department ? I want the Parazon to match the Warframe's color
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