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  1. Why did I touch on this topic I'm an Ember fan and I really don't like visual solutions of ability. I don't like meteor shower(Inferno) - falling stones from the ceiling .. the outside is still bearable, but even with outdoor looks not very. I would be glad if there were just explosions. I don't like Immolation - Fire sphere and sprites inside the body (You can get rid of effect by painted black, but it will change the color of all abilities) And I am sure that there are those who like the current version(meteor,immolation). And I think that a change in the choice of “visual of abilities” will appeal to many. (maybe)A method of obtaining can be performed by the steelpath or for platinum 100-200pl.(change method can be added to the menu where the button is to insert the form) This possibility has long existed in the game only tied to deluxe skins and prime versions of warframes. (I think it would be nice to remove the binding) exmpl -Rhino palatine delux Iron skin or Rhino prime golden iron skin. -Oberon prime plantains or ordinary grass of common oberon. etc PS Also a Wisp with its Motes.. these flying things (maybe make its look like luminous spheres by ability changer, so that when you painted the abilitys in black it is not visible)
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