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  1. Clan Ravenfox is recruiting again! We are a PS4 Shadow clan first established in 2015. We are looking for friendly team oriented players of any Mastery Rank: new players are welcome. We are active, competitive, friendly and helpful. We have a 30 day inactivity limit, but we offer full research and an award winning dojo (Winter 2019). Contact THREEKLAW on PSN to get an invite!
  2. We are honored to have competed and placed: our clan has been working in our dojo daily for the last 6 months. We did not place in the original remaster competition, and although that was disappointing at the time, it drove us to push our designs further. Much respect to all that entered. You all have done amazing work in your dojos. Congratulations to the winners as well: I'm looking forward to visiting your dojos! To DE: Thank you for judging this in a panel this time as well as taking more time. Much appreciated! Have a great night all, Warframe rocks!
  3. Dojo contest results tonight? That was announced in the contest thread. Let us know please, although if you aren't announcing tonight, please let us know when. Warframe rocks, Thanks Space mom and Space aunt!
  4. Real talk: PS5 is on the horizon, so is the next XBox: what will happen with Warframe? We've built a lot of weapons, gear and items, not to mention decor in our dojos and orbiters. What is the plan? Warframe rocks!
  5. CLAN: Ravenfox PLATFORM: PS4 TIER: GHOST CLAN ROLE: FOUNDING WARLORD VIDEO TOUR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_moe7emJuU PHOTOS AND FEATURE IMAGE https://imgur.com/a/O8FhMbO ADDITIONAL DETAIL IMAGES https://imgur.com/a/POVgObB Here is Clan Ravenfox's entry into the Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest. We have always spent a large amount of time making our dojo the best it could be. It is a collaborative effort between myself, SFC Kurgan and Sussex-Luzifer. We have so much to share, but unfortunately, 3 minutes is not a lot of time for a video. Not shown in the video are over 25 more rooms that are extensively decorated: I chose the most iconic spaces for the video. we create beautiful and harmonious spaces, and we also make spaces that we hope seem authentic and plausible within the context of our dojo. We pay close attention to detail as well as scale. All of our constructs are meant to be explored by Tenno, in or out of Frames. Cockpits fit Tenno properly, and in the case of starships, those have fully decorated interiors. We have also tried to remain faithful to the original designs of iconic starships. The Millenium Falcon has a complete interior, and so does the Starship Serenity. (Serenity's cargo bay holds our clan vault and a trading post, with plenty of room to spare. Hadley's Hope, from Aliens, is a fully explorable diorama that includes plenty of hidden details that fans should recognize and enjoy. The reason why we put any of these things in the game is because most of us were strongly influenced by these films and shows: they are a part of our identity and we love them so much, we wanted to have them in the dojo. I think the attention to detail we put into each room shows that love clearly. As for any of the other rooms, they are a reflection of our character: Generally speaking we are creating spaces that we would love to visit in real life (if we could). The Dojo has been a continuing and important part of our collective experience in Warframe, and we continually work on it, finding more to put into it each time. It is a continuing work in progress then, and it's progress marks our Warframe journey. When people come to our dojo, they are surprised at the multitude of ways that things can get constructed: if they only knew the hours put into lining up angles and forcing one piece into another. But we have been at it for a very long time. There is a lot of love put into our dojo. Love and Gallium. We hope to be featured, not just because of the win, but we sincerely want to share our creations with the community, to show what can be accomplished with time, dedication, and truckloads of Gallium. In the Video: Main Hanger- Includes the Sky Temple, Pilot briefing area and LUA lounge and Bar (not shown in video) This is where everyone arrives: we always wanted it to be a hanger, to add to the immersion. Temple of Honor: Our Ronin watches over our clan trophies: we've been on the leaderboards since the Mutalist Incursions, and we are proud of our wins! Hall of the Bells: A Mars themed rock temple with two full sets of bells. A second set of Trophies, the trading post and all the Labs are here. This used to be our spawn in room, and it is the main room everyone spends the most time in. I've taken great pains to transform the look of this hall to a completely natural space. Hall of Meditation: Sussex-Luzifer's Pandora themed Meditation room: it is serene and beautiful. He placed those floating discs long before the dojo re-work: took a long time to line up under the old clunky system. Actually anytime floating discs are seen in our dojo, odds are they were placed a long time ago. (Remember the days of low capacity rooms? Discs and totems were used to great extent back then.) Garden Hub: The central hub for our garden areas. This is also a memorial room. This room's theme is the cycle of life, death and rebirth. North Gun Battery and Exterior: We thought it would be cool to have a realistic defense array, including a roof (BFG) Rail cannon. Lightning strikes charge capacitors outside, while inside, linked ammo is fed into rocket guns. Everything appears to be slaved to a central command console, while the Railgun has it's own dedicated gunner's chair. Space Dock and Concourse: Here is a concourse styled after modern airports, uncomfortable benches and planters included. The requisite (Frame Fighter) arcade machine sits off in an alcove, ready to entertain passenger's waiting on their flights. Here is where the "Serenity" is docked. Serenity is a fully realized Firefly class starship, we have kept close to the design and scale. It's massive and lovely and authentic. SFC Kurgan rebuilt the interior three times to get the scale and position correct! Grand Council Hall: This room is meant to be dark, icy and serene: it is the meeting hall for Ravenfox's most honored. I always wanted a dark and moody hall, it was awesome when we finally got the new lighting system. Spacehenge: A Tennobaum year -round celebration. Come join the snowmen for the ceremony and beat the drum! Elder's Watch: floating lanterns evoke a magical space. In the center stands a stone temple and monument. Quick Reaction Force Launch Bay: The ships on deck to launch are inspired by "Viper" designs from BAttlestar Galactica, while the small VTOL is an original design. I wanted this bay to have the feel of a docking bay with "magnetic" shielding open to view the skybox around it. Docking Bay 327: a collection of iconic ships from Star Wars: all the cockpits are detailed out, and the "Falcon" is properly scaled and can be walked through. Hadley's Hope: A diorama lovingly crafted as an homage to the movie, "Aliens." So many hidden details here. Kudos to SFC Kurgan for leading this project! The Sacred Mountains: my tribute to 1700's Chinese watercolor painting, and an interpretation of the mountains in the Wudang Province. Whether or not we win or place, it is awesome to be able to share with DE and the Community. Thank you DE for giving us this opportunity, as well as this game. Thank you to Ravenfox for all their support over the years. Thanks to my wife for enduring the sound of me contributing to decorations over the years. About Ravenfox: we are a multinational group of players. Ravenfox was started by U.S. military veterans who wanted a community that was centered around honor, family, kindness, equality, tolerance and acceptance. Our motto is: "We are not Soldiers- we are a family." -Threeklaw, Founding Warlord, Ravenfox
  6. Just coming out of the Dojo rework contest, so have some dojo specific questions! -It was mentioned awhile back that we would be able to change the skybox around the outside dojo: is this still happening, and if so when (ish)? -I realize we have as a community built in places that were never intended, but there are some areas outside that lighting doesn't extend to. Any plans to fix this, or perhaps give us an outside space to work with officially? -Building in the dojo is a lot like building with legos, but only with specialty pieces. Any plans to give the dojo decor some basic "bricks?" -More decor pieces to build with please! Thank you for the awesome game, Warframe Rocks!
  7. Clan: RavenFox Tier: Ghost Platform: Playstation 4 Role: Threeklaw, Founding Warlord. We are RavenFox a ghost tier clan that has been around since about four months after the launch of the PS4. Our clan dojo is large, but we have made an effort to create something that is unique and represents our clan well. We have created spaces that are beautiful, harmonious, and meaningful for our members. We strive to create environments that look like they could actually exist with decor that is contextually complementary. We also create on a scale that is consistent with the size of the Tenno- vehicles are to scale and equipment is as well. We want to as much as possible create an environment that mixes natural beauty and technology seamlessly. There is a specific mood to our dojo, it is dark and serene, warm in some places and lonely and cold in others. The video represents the most decorated of the rooms, but we put the same care and intent into all of our spaces. We do not attempt to throw too much in each room, but we do try to best decorate each room in a way that enhances its beauty and presence. To that end, some rooms,like the Hanger are unrecognizable as a garden, where other gardens have fewer, yet very specifically placed decorations. There is definitely a strong Asian influence in our decor, but we always strive to achieve harmony and balance everywhere. There is no Orokin grandeur in our dojo- conversely it is a space that evokes tranquility and serenity. It is also an evolving work: as a clan, the architects and myself have put in hundreds of hours, and we continue to build and decorate. Over the years we have shifted dojo configurations four times, and we have thought forward to provide plenty of room for new expansion as DE creates new spaces in the dojo. In short, The RavenFox Dojo is most of all a representation of our community. We stand proudly in the halls of our home in the stars. For Honor. For RavenFox. Also Space ninjas rule, and Warframe Rocks! -ThreeKlaw, Founding Warlord. P.S. When are we going to be able to use different skyboxes with the Dojo? RavenFox formally requests to be parked in Jupiter orbit.
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