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  1. trunks013's post in Kuva lich trouble was marked as the answer   
    No problemo tenno ^.^
    If you want to tag it as answered you can by clicking the arrow up ( left part to the left of the profile picture ) on the desired answer if you don't want a bunch of tenno to still try to answer this question in the future ^.^
    Have a nice day ^.^  
  2. trunks013's post in have not received drops from tennocon 2021 stream was marked as the answer   
    Hi ^.^ 
    you claimed them on twitch right ? and they never showed up ?
    Can you make a screenshot of your twitch and send it to support ? https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/
  3. trunks013's post in Knock down immune Warframes was marked as the answer   
    for frames 
    for abilities
    Immovable –  Atlas
    Valence Block –  Lavos
    Nimble –  Valkyr
    for mods with abilities
     Icy Avalanche
     Negation Swarm
     Purifying Flames
     Shield of Shadows
    for reference : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Knockdown
  4. trunks013's post in More Planets? was marked as the answer   
    The Second Dream is automatically made available upon completing the Neptune Junction. The Quest can be activated in the Quests section of the Codex.
  5. trunks013's post in What's this symbol? was marked as the answer   
    Its a guy that will arrive friday to the relay and sell stuff for ducats you dont know him ?
    but in game he looks like this
    and in meme 
  6. trunks013's post in Twitch Drops was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ 
    Yeah technicly you can get it by dropping it ^.^ What part did you missed ?
    The Stahlta's main blueprint is a possible reward from defeating the Jackal. Components can be acquired from within the Granum Void; the Receiver from Rotation C, the Stock from Rotation C of Extended Granum Void, and the Barrel from Rotation C of the Nightmare Granum Void. The main blueprint is not tradable, but components are however.
    source : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Stahlta
    Drop Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed Main Blueprint
    (Jackal) 15% 6 – 7 kills 43 ± 14 kills Receiver 22.22% 4 – 5 C Rotations 27 ± 9 C Rotations Stock
    (Extended) 29.63% 3 – 4 C Rotations 20 ± 7 C Rotations Barrel
    (Nightmare) 29.63% 3 – 4 C Rotations 20 ± 7 C Rotations
  7. trunks013's post in Getting in my Account was marked as the answer   
    Ha i see then he must contact support because the bound email may not be the right one ^.^ 
  8. trunks013's post in is there new patchnotes? was marked as the answer   
    it is a  huge update 
    "We expect the download size to be 7 GB  with an estimated 3.6 GB of savings overall, meaning the game just got 3.6 GB smaller in file size!  These numbers may vary slightly. "
  9. trunks013's post in Is it normal for centinels to be missing precepts? was marked as the answer   
    Welcome to the forums tenno ^.^ 
    Ammo Case is obtained by crafting carrier its exact.
    Assault mod is a drop-able mod but its for all sentinel ( its a global one ) you probably have it already.
    Looter is from Simaris ( was always  75K quite pricey come to think of it )
  10. trunks013's post in just got banned where do i appeal? was marked as the answer   
    as a link ^.^ :https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
    you rock ^.^ 
  11. trunks013's post in The New Unreal Tournament bundle not having the syandana that was suposed to be included in it? was marked as the answer   
    It is they are working on it tenno ^.^ 
  12. trunks013's post in Is there there going to be a Warframe 2 was marked as the answer   
    Warframe 2 is quite just a theory and been labeled as the release of plains of eidolon by Mogamu a long time ago stating that POE released is like warframe 2.
    To be honest i highly doubt its coming soon so yeah you can buy the prime access in peace ^.^ 
    Welcome back home tenno ^.^ 
  13. trunks013's post in When does Halloween/Day Of The Dead start in Warframe? was marked as the answer   
    Well technicly if we look at past years 
    2013 - from October 23 to November 6
    2014 - from October 27 to November 3
    2015 - from October 28 to November 4
    2016 - from October 27 to November 10
    2017 - from October 18 to November 1
    2018 - from October 17 to November 1
    2019 - from October 2 to November 1
    i really wonder when its gonna show up but my guess is before october 28th ^.^ 
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